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Hi, guys, welcome to another article from Curtis Music Academy. We are here with a special guest for our first ever article interview. We’re going to be doing some questions and answers and just some reminiscing and some interviewing on Mikhaila. She is a musician of 20 plus years. She is awesome, incredibly artistic and creative and is just amazing. So, McKayla, tell me, how did your musical journey start? Well, my mom put me on piano and electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. That is incredible. Did you like electric guitar lessons when you first started?

I am so glad that you liked guitar lessons, so do you remember doing recitals and that kind of stuff when you first started your electric guitar lessons in Tulsa? Yes, my recital was actually a disappointment because I was playing the Roger and great costumes. La Cucaracha. Yes, I remember that song. It’s the Spanish song for the Cockroach. Yes. And we’re supposed to dress up in cultural outfits. And my mom put me in a Dutch outfit because that’s the one we have and it saves money. But it’s not an outfit you wear for a Spanish song. That is hilarious. McKayla, thank you for sharing that special story about your musical journey. Ok, so you started with taking electric guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Obviously, what happened within those next couple of years of your music experience? So, McKeyla, have you always enjoyed music? Yes. That is wonderful. Yes, so it’s been a part of our family. So what’s your favorite performance that you ever did when it comes to music? Oh, probably. Oh, holy night when I sing in my junior high. Christmas concert. Was it a solo? It was a solo. Did you feel well prepared for that solo with all of the music and electric guitar lessons in Tulsa that you’ve received up to that point of your life? Well, if you’re asking if I was confident, I certainly was. Yes, I think I remember that and. And then. You know, as confident as I was, my sister was a little bit of a downer.

No, I know. And she was telling me not to go for that hug, even though I knew I could hit the hug even while walking up there. She was shaking her head no to me. You know, I was going for that hug and I hit the hug. You hit that high note. McKayla homered. Home run. That is awesome. So other than electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. Tell me about some other things that you were involved in with junior high and high school music, junior high handbells. What is a handbell like an individual, though? OK. The higher the smaller ones are higher and you can hold more and the bigger ones or bass and you can only hold one at a time.

It’s like playing the piano, except each finger is a person holding a note. That is the best explanation I’ve ever heard anyone say describing handbells. That is really cool. What was your favorite song when you were playing handbells? Oh, it’s a song called Glory Dance. That is amazing. Yes, it’s a fun, active movie as well. So you went from a very classical setting with classical training in piano, choral training, singing vocal solos, playing handbells. Oh, you also played drums in a band setting, is that correct? Yes, that is amazing. This started when we moved snare school when taking electric guitar lessons in Tulsa

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This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Yes, that’s true. I started the band where we were just a band. It was not that well developed, but it was the first year. Right. So that kind of started the experience for the drums. Right, every move, you know, I’m sick of all the formal musical stuff, right, had more of a relaxed Springsteen and I started playing the drums there and it’s kind of good for all. Started with the drums, not only the drums set. I distinctly remember you playing the bass, even during electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. I did play the bass. I haven’t played with these for a while and have to relearn it.

Better be quick. Easier. You were kind of a baddie back then. Oh yeah. With the drums and the bass. Yes, Sullom on the keyboard but. Yeah, but you could pull it out if you want to. Yeah. Well I played the keyboard for my church. Bass for my school. Oh. So you’re in two bands at the same time it wasn’t you. Well, there was a moment when I was in three bands that one weekend that was me and asked me during electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. So if you had to rate the quality of those bands worst to best, what would they be? Well, the school would be probably the worst.My church would be second best. And the third best would be this band, which I was invited to, one that is most excellent.

The coolest albums weren’t great and were all great. Were they the talent level of the church? That was great. But at the same time, the praise team at the Christian school also knew there was something we were building. And when you’re building stuff, you build the talent. That’s exactly right. It was coming. Pioneer it was Pioneer. Mckeyla, thank you so much for joining me for this awesome podcast about electric guitar lessons in Tulsa

A little look into your life. So it seems like in the junior high years, you were more very traditional music, classical, and then because of the transition to a new school, you got to experience some different types of music and some band settings and kind of more rock style and things like that. So I just want to from the bottom of my heart. So thank you for joining me for this podcast about music and promoting Curtis’ Music Academy and their amazing electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. Thank you guys for listening to this podcast about guitar lessons. We will see you at the next podcast furthering our deep look into electric guitar lessons.