Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | 2nd Article on Our Excellent Studio Space

Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, I’m here with another great podcast involving the love of music and about what we do at Curtis Music Academy and why we do it. So in the last podcast, I described what our excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa studio looks like on the first floor. And so I would like to do a continuation of that podcast and finish describing what the rest of the house looks like. So behind the heart of Ron and Kelly, who are the owners of Curtis Music Academy, why did they choose a house for their studio rather than like a strip mall location or something of that nature? 

Well, the story behind that is that I believe several years ago they started giving excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa out of their home. And so even from the beginning, it was a very home atmosphere. It was like a feeling like you belonged and a connection and not just a business. And so they wanted to still express that when they chose that studio location, it’s not just about a business. It’s not just about making money. It’s about people feeling like they belong and also developing a love and an ability in others that they can have their whole lifetime. 

So we actually embody that in everything that we do with Curtis Music Academy, we go out of our way for every single student or parent that’s in the studio taking excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa. We greet them, we ask how they are, how their week is, if they’re excited for the school year, if they’re excited for fall, we just make them feel like they’re at home. And normally we also offer them something to drink. We offer coffee, tea or water. And so it’s actually kind of normal that somebody’s sitting on the couch. They might get asked once and then someone, another employee might come by and they might ask them again, would you like any coffee, tea or water? 

And actually, that’s great, because we want to make sure people really feel like they belong and they can unwind and rest and enjoy and chat and have a great conversation and all of these things. And so that is the heart behind Ron and Kelly’s dream is to really make people feel at home when they’re at the studio. And I’ve actually seen people do that. They might just even in excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa, have a cup of coffee. And in between playing, you know, I might start explaining something and they grab the cup of coffee and they might sip it and then put it back on the windowsill so that they can play again. 

And so there’s this relaxed feeling like they feel at home and that they can just enjoy. And I really love that atmosphere because it’s not just for words. It actually is a part of who we are. It’s a part of our DNA. So I described the first floor in our last podcast. I’m actually going to go ahead and describe the second floor, which is really fun. And so you go up to the second floor and up there is actually where most of I am actually going to say all pretty much all of our excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa are on the second floor. We’ve got a studio room. It’s bigger, it’s well lit. It’s got some really cool things. 

Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | The Curtis Music Academy Studio

And it has all the guitars up there for excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa, you know, a new student might come in for the first time and be like, whoa, you guys have literally so many options to pick from. And that’s really cool, too, because a lot of our new students actually don’t own a guitar yet. And so they get to try out if they would prefer an acoustic or if they would prefer an electric. And there’s actually different kinds of each one. So they really get to discover what they like and what they appreciate as well. So we have that studio space. Right across the hall is another studio space that’s really used for recruiting and things of that nature. 

So we have an option for her students to record albums and record CDs of them performing, which is really awesome. I know that some of our vocal students have done that and really enjoyed it. And so we can really offer our students something extra in regards to their level of musicianship. It’s not just about taking excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa endlessly, but you do reach a place where you can master your instrument, whether that’s piano, guitar or vocal. So that’s amazing. OK, so in that same hallway is Ron’s office where he usually works. And then there is. Kind of like this room with a tile floor. 

I wish you who are listening could actually see it because it’s pretty cool. It would be ideal for things like a foosball table or a pool table. It’s kind of like a game room slash open area. And through one of the doors in that room, there’s actually a porch where people can sit. And I know that guitar students have gone out there when it’s really a nice day and just enjoyed playing outside, which is super fun. So that is an area as well. And lastly, there is like a back room, which is kind of in some ways like a sunroom, because I think there’s windows on all three sides of the room, which is really fun. 

And I think that room is also used for child care or babysitting or things like that, because there’s a lot of toys in the closet and a lot of fun things to do. And so it’s kind of like a multipurpose room. We do have an occasional excellent guitar lesson in Tulsa in there as well. So those are all of the rooms at Curtis Music Academy. We just are so excited to be filling up more and more rooms. And sometimes we have multiple excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa going on at the same time and multiple rooms being used. It’s exciting. And so I know that when we moved from our old space, we were running out of rooms. 

We had multiple excellent guitar lessons in Tulsa going on. At the same time, the driveway was full and so we were excited to move into a bigger space. And so even to this day, I am excited to keep looking forward and to see all of the amazing things that will come out of our amazing music studio. So thank you for joining me for this virtual tour of Curtis’ Music Academy. And I will look forward to seeing you at the next podcast.