Playing with Passion During Excellent Music Lessons in Tulsa


Hi, guys, is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another awesome podcast about everything, music, and so usually my podcasts relate to music lessons, guitar lessons, vocal lessons, because those are three main lessons that we offer at Curtis Music Academy. Now, this particular podcast is going to be about playing with all of your heart. And so it’s one of those things that it’s really inspiring to me when I see somebody who’s just put everything they have into what they’re playing, whether it’s just regular excellent music lessons in Tulsa or if they’re just playing at the piano just for just playing, you can definitely tell the difference. 

If someone is just playing, distractedly thinking about something else or if someone is playing with all of their focus, all of their intent. And so it reminds me of when I was in college many years ago and one of our professors actually said something I will never forget. This professor said most people go through life holding back some of their efforts and that’s really not a great life to live. And so it actually made me think about it. Yeah, like most people, when they’re at their jobs, they might give 75 percent of their efforts. You know, when they’re in conversations with their friends, they might be 75 percent there and, you know, whatever percentage distracted or kind of doing things half heartedly. The same can apply to excellent music lessons in Tulsa.

And how much different would our lives be if we put our whole entire heart into everything that we did? Probably a lot different. That is really interesting. So I do have some students that come in and when they play, when they touch the piano, it is like 100 percent passion, 100 percent purpose, 100 percent focus. And I just think that’s really inspiring. And then, of course, because we’re all human, we have other students and they might be distracted or they might just be kids, which is fine. That’s you know, that’s just a normal part of growing up. But they just might not really want to do it. Or they might. They’re just playing because I told them to play this song during the excellent music lessons in Tulsa.

They would rather be running around outside, playing, laughing, joking, you know, all those different kinds of things. And that’s totally normal being a kid. But I guess my point is, now that we’re at now that I’m an adult, I’m just kind of using some musings and thinking, what would it be like if everything we did, we put 100 percent of our effort into and that includes excellent music lessons in Tulsa or guitar lessons or vocal lessons. Another question to think about. How much different would we be at the piano if every time we sat down, we gave it 100 percent of our focus, 100 percent of our passion, 100 percent of our will? And the answer to that, we might be at a different level of talent, you know, because I am just like everyone else. 

How to Add Emotion to Your Excellent Music Lessons in Tulsa 

There has been many times, maybe even most of the time when I sit down at the piano after a piano or excellent music lessons in Tulsa, it’s more of a casual just playing around, not really super focused, just kind of like playing, but thinking about other things. And so and that’s fine. I’m not necessarily pointing my finger and saying any of this is wrong. I’m just thinking, hmm, I wonder what could be is this instead of practicing 30 minutes of practicing with half of my focus spent somewhere else, what would happen if I practiced ten minutes with all of my focus and all of my intent on playing? I’ve been coming across these strategies that help people become better at their trade because I’ve noticed that I’m just with a lot of studies of college students, people actually can have a better strategy to achieve more. 

When thinking about excellent music lessons in Tulsa, there was a particular study done of college students and how they study. Normally if a college student is studying for an exam, they’ll spend several hours cramming in all of these details and all of this knowledge. And actually the studies show that it’s actually not as effective as what it could be. So there’s strategies to help them study more effectively. And that would be studied very intently for a very short amount of time. And then take a five or ten minute break. Literally something that’s helpful is leaving the room, going to a different room or going outside, maybe taking a lap or two around your house or apartment building, coming back in, and then that focus spending another short section studying very intently. 

And so with that strategy, people notice that they’re more successful at taking these exams. And so I’ve just noticed that it’s not necessarily about it’s not. How often you practice, how many hours you practice every day? It’s actually about the strategy and the intent and the certain like skills that you use to master the piano during excellent music lessons in Tulsa. And so I think the intent and focus is one of those things that is most beneficial to students. 

So I think instead of like doing it half heartedly, I just want to challenge myself and those listening that when you sit down during your excellent music lessons in Tulsa, doing guitar lessons, do your vocal lessons, or if you sit down at your instrument throughout the week instead of thinking, I’m just going to sit here and play 30 and 45 minutes and just do it like half heartedly, why don’t you sit down for a shorter amount of time and in that time really focus and extend your energy and extend your intent and do it with all of your heart. Another thought I’ve had is another thing that most teachers have is sometimes you have wiggly kids that you’re teaching the piano to, and that’s fine. 

That’s just part of growing up and part of being a teacher, part of being a student. But sometimes it’s like they’re not focused and OK. I say let’s just play the song and it really takes like maybe four or five times as long for them to get through a simple song because they’re not focused. And so anyway, this is just something I’m studying to help them, because I’ve realized if they would focus and just do it and do it with all their heart, they would actually be done with the song maybe 20 or 30 seconds, because the songs for kids are very short, but because they’re focused, they’re thinking about going and playing outside, it takes them much longer. So these are just some thoughts and musings about focusing, playing with all your heart, playing and guitar, piano and excellent music lessons in Tulsa. Thank you for tuning in. I will see you at the next podcast.