Interview Questions Before Expert Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hello there, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I have another podcast about amazing, wonderful things, about music and things maybe you’ve been wondering about yourself. And so I’m excited about this particular podcast because it really equips students to start off their musical career strong. It applies to piano lessons, expert guitar lessons in Tulsa and vocal lessons. So normally when we have a new student who comes to take their very first guitar lesson, we kind of have like a little interview process. First of all, we want to make sure they feel right at home and then we might just ask the following questions and not we don’t really ask this like in an interview form, but it’s just helpful knowledge. 

And I haven’t asked all these questions, but I’m just kind of processing like these might be great questions to ask. So questions like, what are your goals now? This one is huge because we want to make sure that our students, that they feel like they’re working towards something that they want rather than just sometimes people come in and say, I just want to learn the piano, that’s good. But some people come in and say, I want to learn this particular song. And so with that in mind, it helps us navigate expert guitar lessons in Tulsa and kind of put them in a direction towards that particular song or towards that particular genre. So that is a huge one. And I have students that came in last week for one of their first expert guitar lessons in Tulsa. 

They say they like Beethoven. And so obviously it’s going to take, you know, several months, if not longer to really be able to play that type of music. But it’s always in the back of my mind that that’s the kind of music that the student wants to play in. So I’m going to make that happen during the piano or expert guitar lessons in Tulsa. I had another student that says I love to play epic soundtracks. And so for him, that’s what we were kind of working towards. I have another student that says I just want to learn how to play chords on the piano. And we started off learning a lot about Elton John. And so and his music is really awesome, has a lot of different sounds. So that was really fun as well. 

So that is kind of like a major question that we ask. Another question that I like to have to ask is, have you had any experience in music? That is, it’s not to say or to shame anyone who’s brand new at music because we have many students that fall in that category and that’s absolutely fine. But the reason why we ask this question is to kind of like gauge and to kind of see what would be most helpful for them. So students who have had musical experience, whether it’s a choir or anything of that nature, that is really helpful, any sort of band experience or even I think I had a student who had some experience in percussion and it just is really valuable during our first piano or expert guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Getting Ready to Take Expert Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

And so we want to make sure to note that into and to use that during expert guitar lessons in Tulsa. And students who have that experience seem to grasp things a little bit quicker at the beginning. And so that’s not to say that students who are new at music in general, they can’t catch up because they can. It’s just it’s learning something very new, which is totally understandable. Another thing that I have never personally asked, but I noticed, um, I was reading something on Facebook, it might actually be a good idea to start asking is do you come from a musical family? Um, this is really particularly helpful with children because sometimes the parents who are musical, they know exactly what to expect when they have a child who’s going to be taking expert guitar lessons in Tulsa, for example. 

And so they know the practice that goes into it at home. They know that they shouldn’t expect their child to play difficult songs within a couple of months. They know all this. But parents who don’t have any experience with music, maybe they want to give their child an experience they never had. And so they signed them up for expert guitar lessons in Tulsa. Well, their expectations might be totally different. They might think, well, it’s been three months. Why is my child still playing simple songs? Or they might think that, OK, my child has to play 30 minutes at the piano every day, which ultimately, yes, that is a goal when they’re a little older. 

But if they’re like six or seven, that’s really not possible at this point, in my opinion with the way we do things. So it’s just all of these questions to kind of understand. Exactly where the studio is, where the family is and that kind of thing, it’s really helpful. Other questions, especially for young children who are just getting started playing the piano, things like what is your favorite subject in school? And to kind of understand what kind of a learner is the student. I have many students who are children and I’ve noticed different learning styles. 

I do certain things with certain students differently within with other students because they respond better. So all of these things, it kind of just gets you off starting on the right foot. And so I think I’m going to start implementing these more and more in my very first expert guitar lessons in Tulsa. And I’m excited to try it and just be really on the same page. If the student is a child being on the same page with the parents and with the student and if the student is an adult. Same thing being on the same page. Thanks for tuning in to this podcast about interviewing students about their musical goals and experience.. See you next time on a future podcast.