Previous Choir Experience and Fun Music Lessons in Tulsa

Hi, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I am here with another wonderful podcast on the different things that we offer for our students who are enrolled at Curtis Music Academy. We offer guitar lessons. We offer fun music lessons in Tulsa. We offer piano lessons. We offer singing lessons. We even offer things like fun music lessons in Tulsa or recording in the studio. So it’s just a really great opportunity for musicians of all levels. What I would really like to talk today about is how impactful being in a choir is for people who would like to start music. 

So I have a few different adult students who have had experience in being in choir, whether that was junior high or high school, and now they’re adults in their beginnings. But they’ve come in. They want to take fun music lessons in Tulsa. I have noticed that these particular individuals have a tremendous headstart over adults who are totally new to music in general. Now, I have to say a little side note that even if you happen to be a total beginner and don’t have any musical experience, that’s no problem at all because you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the process. And I think that you will enjoy the journey of learning, even if it’s something that’s totally brand new. 

But I have noticed how easily things come to people who’ve had experience in choir when they begin to take fun music lessons in Tulsa. They know how to read sheet music, whether it’s women. Usually they’ve read the treble clef. If it’s men, they’ve usually read the bass clef. And so they understand how notes move in steps and in skips. They understand the stuff. They understand seeing whole notes, half notes, quarter notes. They understand measures. They understand time signatures, three, four, timing verses four four timing. They understand all these different kinds of things that pertain to just reading sheet music. 

That is a huge head start for those who are taking fun music lessons in Tulsa rather than just being totally new to a new different language, which is reading sheet music. Another thing that people who have been in choir before that they are used to is seeing with expression and so dynamic’s piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte or forte crescendos, de crescendos. So all of these things that add so much to music in general, adding in the expressions rather than just playing the right notes just for the sake of getting it right. Another thing that is so vitally crucial is following a conductor. And so that is so helpful. 

Using Knowledge from the Past in Fun Music Lessons in Tulsa

I remember back in the day when I was in choir and we followed our conductor, he would basically be the person that held the whole choir together, especially in those difficult songs that whether we took them to contest or songs that were just more difficult than usual, he would actually be the glue that held everyone together. We would just be watching him the whole time. He would tell us when to get louder, when to be softer, and we would just really rely on his counting. And that’s another thing that that I should bring up is when you have a conductor, you get used to counting with the music. And so whether it’s in choir and you’re just watching the conductor and he’s literally counting with his arms for the whole song.This really helps when a person is taking fun music lessons in Tulsa. 

And so it instinctively puts in you that as a musician, you will be counting the whole time. And so usually for beginners, that is something they have to do very intentionally. It’s almost a little harder to do whether it’s counting out loud with the music or ultimately getting so used to it that you count inside your head. But still you’re always counting. There’s always that inner metronome going on inside of you. Another super valuable thing about being in a choir is actually performing and not just performing, but also just practicing with other people. And so that is so beneficial. It’s not just on your own, but you have to mix with a group of people. You can’t be singing Forte when the rest of the choir is singing softly. 

You can’t be singing flat when the rest of your soprano section is singing right on pitch and so is learning to be a part of a group. This info can be used in the fun music lessons in Tulsa. Usually that helps people rise up to a certain level rather than going down to a certain level, mixing your voice with others, producing harmonies. I guess I could just keep going on to another band. If singing in a choir is learning, you’re training, you can actually train your ear to distinguish if the note is right or wrong. And that’s something that most beginner musicians don’t have yet. But it’s just like a muscle. You have to learn how to exercise. You have to use it. So they have ear training. They also have the ability to harmonize and produce melodies and harmonies and all things like that. 

They usually understand that there’s a main part or a melody of the song, and then there’s an accompaniment during fun music lessons in Tulsa. And it’s the same in the piano or any other time of music lesson. You usually have a part that shines through, whether that’s usually your right hand or sometimes it’s your left hand. And then there’s usually an accompanying part, which is just chords. But the point of the chords is to prop up the melody. So all of these multitudes of things and I’m sure if I was in a group, we could probably discuss even more things than that. One other one really quickly that comes to mind is the ability to memorize your part. 

And I remember sometimes when we were getting ready for a performance, whether it was Christmas or Easter, we would actually memorize the song so that we could perform it excellently. And so memorizing music is so crucial as well. And so all of these different things really come into play. And I’m always just so happy when I know that someone has had experience in choir as they’re beginning their piano lesson. Again, it’s not required. Everybody will learn all of these things in time, but it just helps along the way. Or if the person has had other experience in music, whether playing the trumpet or playing percussion, all of these things really add to their abilities to just go far right at the beginning when they’re taking fun music lessons in Tulsa. All right. Thank you so much for joining into this podcast about music information.