Golden Connections in Music during Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Bartlesville

Welcome to Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about anything music related. And we talk about it all. We talk about piano lessons, vocal lessons, guitar lessons here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and anything that remotely relates to those topics. This podcast focuses on intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville. So one thing I was thinking about recently is all the people who have impacted me over the years in regards specifically to music. And so I’ve actually had a lot of people who have impacted me. So I’m just going to kind of go through a quick list. And I’m sure that when you’re listening or reading this podcast, you will have people in your life who’ve really inspired you as well in regards to music. 

So one cool exercise that we did recently at our Thursday night meetings, and if you’ve listened to some of these other podcasts, you would know that every Thursday night at Curtis Music Academy, all our guitar instructors gather around a table. In fact, all of the music instructors, and we just collaborate good ideas and we just chat and have a really great time. So it’s a highlight of the week, definitely. But one of the recent nights we actually talked about golden connection. So who has been a golden connection in your life? And this particular topic could have been any golden connection. It didn’t have to be about music. But I was actually thinking about music for my life, I’ve had many golden connections, especially when it comes to intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville.

So one of the first golden connections was actually when I was really young and I was in kindergarten and first grade, I had an excellent music teacher who really inspired us to sing and to love music. And just I could probably talk the whole entire time about her because she actually took, I think, the second and third grade. So I actually didn’t get to go on this, but they were part of a big children’s choir and they got to go to a state competition and they actually won. And my older brother was in that group. And so it was so inspirational to the whole elementary school, because even as kindergarteners, we were always copying the songs that they got to do during intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville

So we were wishing and hoping that we would have been in there as well. But I remember in music class, we got to play the xylophone. We got to sing at the top of our lungs about my country, tis of thee. And she really had a spark that really inspired me to love music and to teach us about different things of music and rhyming. And I remember we did dancing even for our performances like our spring concert. We did them in our intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville as well. Old dance is like the Duke of York, just really fun stuff for young elementary school students. So another person who has really inspired me music wise is my mom, who is also a musician, and she studied music in college. 

Connections during Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Bartlesville

My mother was an awesome singer throughout her childhood, even when she was like, I think four or five, her and her older sister would travel around and sing at these events and in their churches and also just community events. And they got to perform and be recorded. And I think they sing mostly gospel or country music at the time. And it was a really big hit. And so they even had newspaper articles, at least one I know of, and got to audition before this big country band to audition for something I’m not quite sure. But anyway, she’s always loved music. And so even just around the house I would have lots of music and just singing with the passion that’s often not there in most homes. 

And so I’m really grateful for that. She encouraged me in all my intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville. Also, my grandmother, who is my mother’s mom, was also an amazing musician, more so for her piano playing. And so she was classically trained. And the cool thing is the grand I guess it was maybe her great aunt who raised her actually went to Juilliard. And so we kind of see this line coming down through the generational line at this awesome love for music. But my grandma is an amazing pianist and she played for her church. The old hymn styles were all the way when I was growing up. So when I would go to church with them, I would hear that kind of music. And she also taught me intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville for quite a while. And I think I remember one time just her accompanying me and I was singing. I think I was like even three or four. 

So just a lot of really fond memories there. Another person that really inspired me musically was my piano teacher in junior high and high school. And she was excellent and actually at the time, I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought this is what the intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville are like. But now, as I’m a piano teacher myself, I just see that she was extremely thorough and we did music theory. We did finger warmups. We did classical music. We did Luxenberg, we did him play. And so I left that. That piano is an experience extremely prepared for a lot of different types of music. And so I’m really grateful for that. 

Another person that really inspired me musically or I guess just more of an opportunity was got it, getting to be involved in music in high school and so choir and other instruments as well, that just really instilled a love of music in me. So it’s really cool to think of all of these different opportunities and how it’s really shaped my life and really given me the love of music, you know, anyone can play a song if they take intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville, they can just play it and learn from discipline, the right notes to play. But the real cool thing is when people actually have a passion for it and it opens up a door in their lives to express love and life and all of this amazing stuff. 

And so I can see that happening in my students as well, which is really exciting. It’s not just about getting the right notes on the guitar during intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville. It’s not just about learning a song. It’s about, um. It’s about really learning to love music, and I’m just going to finish this podcast with a music quote, which is one of my favorites, good music should make you homesick for something you’ve never had. And that is absolutely true, because when I hear an amazing song, that’s exactly how I feel. So think of those golden connections in your life who’ve really inspired you musically? I’m sure you have many, just like I’ve had. Thank you for tuning in for this podcast about intermediate guitar lessons in Bartlesville. We’ll see you at the next podcast about guitar lessons.