Guitar Instructor in Tulsa | Thursday Night Meetings

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Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about wonderful things, about music. And so one thing I want to talk about today is our Thursday night team meetings, because they are so awesome and they definitely apply to our piano lessons, a guitar instructor in Tulsa and vocal lessons and a variety of other music lessons that we have at Curtis Music Academy. So normally on a Thursday night, around seven thirty, we gather as a team and we usually eat an amazing meal prepared by Kelly. And we just begin to talk about the week. 

And so normally we talk about the best thing that’s happened to each and literally we sit around a table and talk about music lessons. So it’s like it really feels like the Curtis Music Academy family. And so so we just talk about the best thing that’s happened to us this week and celebrate the joys of life, whether they’re small or great. Sometimes people will say, I’m graduating college. Sometimes people will say I made a great meal last night. Our guitar instructor in Tulsa thought so, as well. And so it’s just fun and it’s celebrating. Great things are happening. 

And so then we have a segment of time where we talk about our student win of the week and we just celebrate with our students when they accomplish a goal during their music lesson, whether it’s big or small. And so sometimes it’s something like my student really practiced this week and I can really tell other times it’s I introduced a new concept and my student just shot through the roof and got it and applied it and is doing really well. So we just like to celebrate with our students and with the other instructors so that we’re just recognizing kind of like the last podcast I made, the law of recognition. When you recognize something positive, it will grow. 

And so we fix our eyes on the positive things that are happening. You know, if you’re always looking for something negative in your eye, hooks into that, that is actually what’s going to begin to grow and bear fruit in your life. And so we definitely don’t want that. And so as we’re having our team nights and we’re eating and we’re chatting and we’re laughing, we’re also celebrating the positive that is occurring in their music lessons.

And then we you know, Ron, who is the leader at Curtis Music Academy, he will often just go through a list of announcements so that we’re all on the same page and maybe some trying some new things to implement, or maybe it’s just some housekeeping things about locking up at night or just different things like that. And I really appreciate that, too, because he’s telling us all as a group and we really feel like we’re in the know. Like if I just came to work and taught my music lessons individually and never had any interaction with Ron and Kelly, a guitar instructor in Tulsa, I would feel really isolated, even though I was teaching students all day long. 

And so I really feel like I belong with the family at Curtis Music Academy. I really feel like I’m in the loop, so to speak, because I don’t feel confused. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of things our guitar instructor in Tulsa doesn’t know. I just really feel confident that everything is happening well and everything is organized and set up in a proper way. So I just really appreciate that. And so then we go around maybe officially or maybe unofficially. I don’t think it happens every week. But we also talk about our student concerns of the week. And not every instructor has someone who they’re concerned about during their music lesson.

But I really love this area, too, because we can collaborate and get some good ideas to help that particular student in their music lesson. Sometimes it’s I have a guitar student and they’re not practicing or sometimes it’s I have a piano student in there just not understanding the concept that I’m trying to give. Or it could be I have a really young student and I just can’t hold their attention. Or it could be I have a student who is doing so well, I don’t know what to teach them next. And so all of these things have been collaborated at our team meetings because we so value our students. 

We want to give the best experience possible and we want our students to leave the music lesson feeling like they love music, they love their instruments and are well able to. Go out and do what they want to do when it comes to their instrument, so I really like collaborating with good ideas too, and we’ve seen this happen with some students of our guitar instructor in Tulsa. Sometimes I’ll bring in a concern about one of my students and we might talk through it and get some different ideas. And in the weeks that followed, I implemented the ideas that were talked about around that table on a Thursday night team night. 

And I’ve noticed tremendous change. And so I feel like I’m not in this alone, that I’ve got a group of people who in a sense have my back when it comes to music lessons. And it’s almost like, you know, I have a certain number of good ideas and so do, you know, the four or five instructors at  Curtis Music Academy. And when we pool all of those good ideas, we now are so much better and so much stronger and so much more well equipped to be good instructors. And so it’s fun to look back and see how I’ve grown in excellence as a teacher. And it’s also fun to look back and see the different ideas that I’ve implemented. 

Lastly, I would like to point out that sometimes we play games and just act super goofy at weeknights on Thursday nights, on team night, and it’s just so fun. Our guitar instructor in Tulsa is also very fun. So there is just so much laughing, so much joking and so much crematory and just fun. And so we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate big events and we just have a great time on Thursdays. And of course there is just talking about our students. But even with that, it’s with great joy. And so I always look forward to Thursday nights. And I just wanted to give you the listener a glimpse into what Thursday nights at Curtis Music Academy is like. Thank you for tuning in to this podcast about music lessons.