Guitar Instructors in Tulsa | Importance of Weekly Lessons

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Today we’re going to be talking about the importance of a weekly lesson for your students. So throughout the course of teaching lessons, one of the biggest things that I realized very quickly is that the easiest way to get students to start losing interest in taking lessons or for them to feel like they’re not progressing quickly enough is by either canceling your lessons or through your students not being able to make it to their lessons. So if you are one of the guitar instructors in Tulsa and your student is not able to meet for their lesson on any specific day of the week, that means then they are stuck for an entire week, which is seven days in which they are either practicing the same thing that they did the week before that they should have in an ideal world already mastered.

Or the more likely scenario is that they have not been practicing for probably seven days by the time that they have their next lesson, which is 14 days after their previous lesson. So what ends up happening is they stop practicing for seven days and then the content that they want new really well seven days earlier is now kind of foreign to them because they assumed that they had already mastered it. So this is a problem as as simple as it may seem. Oh, just canceling a lesson. It actually has very, very bad results when we’re talking about students and their weekly progression in taking lessons. So for this reason, Curtis Music Academy never ever cancels lessons. We will never be the one to call you up late, maybe even a few hours before your lesson. We will not call you to say we are unable to meet and if for whatever reason one of our instructors gives us very late notice of a canceled the lesson.

This is a write up and we will be writing up our instructors if they are unable to meet for the lesson that they have given. So for this reason, if one of our students has to go out of town or if they, sorry, if one of our instructors has to go out of town, if any of our guitar instructors in Tulsa are unable to meet for their students in any given week, we are not just going to cancel that lesson for our students. We are either going to give them a different teacher or we are going to reschedule that lesson so that they can indeed have a weekly lesson during that time in which we will make it up. And if we do have to schedule that student with a different teacher, it is not an ideal situation because one of the things that we really strive for at Curtis Music Academy is being not only your coach but also your friend.

And so there is a very real connection between our instructions and our guitar instructors in Tulsa and our students and we want to have our students be connected to our teachers and when they walk in the door to be excited to see them, not just for the sole purpose of learning to play the piano, but also just so that they can get to know this person and see them as somebody that they can look up to. So if our student is getting taught by a different teacher, it’s not ideal. But the way that we make this happen in the most seamless manner is that we will give our instructors the exact information of where that student most recently left off in their previous lesson with the original instructor. That way there isn’t a long period of time where the substitute teacher is trying to figure out where this student is at or where they are trying to figure out what the students should be learning. So because of that, throughout the course of time you have these guitar instructors in Tulsa that are giving students an adequate and a very, very nice weekly lesson regardless of where they are in their weekly practicing.

This helps to prevent students from feeling like they’re not progressing well enough and it helps them to feel as though they are getting enough instruction throughout the course of the week. And if you are someone that is interested in taking lessons, then you can be confident that at Curtis Music Academy you will consistently get your weekly lesson and you will not be burned out by having an instructor consistently flake out on you. And you will not just get a random substitute teacher that just sits there and texts on their phone while you just play through some of the things that you have gone through in the past. And they will not be asking you. So what are you working on right now? What’s show me all of your hard work. I’m just going to sit here and listen. We will have our instructors give you feedback and constant instruction regardless of who it is that is teaching you.

And that is the point that we try to make with our guitar instructors in Tulsa because we trained them to be awesome people who are amazing at connecting with students and helping them progress throughout the course of time.If you are interested in taking lessons, go ahead and fill out the form on our website so that you can take a weekly lesson throughout your period of time that you’re working through. And lastly, if we have a student that consistently is canceling their lessons, then we will have to have a discussion with them. Because in all honesty, we don’t want to continue receiving money for lessons that are skipped. So if you skip your lesson, we are unable to reimburse you because we want you to value your lessons. And if you are cancelling your lessons, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow as a musician throughout the course of your learning.

So make sure that you are attending your lessons. That way you can receive the full benefit of your lesson with us. And we want to give you every single reason to be successful throughout the course of your time with us. So go ahead and make sure you make it to your weekly lessons. If you are one of the guitar instructors in Tulsa and as you are growing as a musician, make sure that you are practicing and making consistent progress towards reaching your goal so that you can indeed be the greatest musician that you are striving to be throughout your guitar. Lessons.