Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Looper Pedal

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A topic that we had discussed in one of our guitar lessons Tulsa this week with a student was about using a looper. And a really cool feature about using a looper is the fact that you can play the guitar lessons tulsa and then as you continue on with your song, you can actually loop this song and then solo on top of it or add additional guitar lessons tulsa parts to the song while being a sole member of the band. So if you are a one man band or if you are limited on the personnel of the members that are playing with you, then you can invest in a looper pedal to make your guitar lessons tulsa sound sound much more folder and better. So throughout the course of my performances and playing live music, I have found many different ways to utilize a looper to benefit the ability and the longevity of a performance and hold the interest of the audience much longer through the use of a looper pedal.

So in our lesson, it was a really fun opportunity because I was able to show this student exactly how to loop and utilize the ways that a pedal can be used. And this student had never used a looper pedal in their life. However, by the end of the guitar lessons tulsa, this student was well on his way to master the looper pedal and although this student did not own a pedal, he was able to go through and feel confident enough with his ability to use it that he has decided that he would like to purchase this pedal to help his music stand out. And another thing that is really awesome about utilizing a looper pedal is that it’s also very helpful for practicing. And by having something to play on top of it can help to play the guitar lessons tulsa in a way that is more enjoyable and does not require you to play scales in a boring way and forcing you to play exercises that are super boring.

If you have a looper pedal, you’ll have something that you can play on top of so that your exercises and your scales aren’t as monotonous and boring to practice. So it can actually help you to progress as a guitar student because you won’t be so bored with the fundamental techniques that require you to be a guitar player. So if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these, then go ahead and give us a call at Curtis Music Academy because we would love to help you with your decision making on making this purchase. We can help go through all sorts of different styles of loopers and we can go through some of the different ways that you can be successful with your guitar practice. Throughout the course of learning an instrument, there are different reasons why you might feel unmotivated to practice and you might experience some situations where you just aren’t as excited as you once were within [inaudible] instrument.

One way that you can help to develop that interest is by getting a looper pedal and this pedal helps to make things that are more enjoyable to play and practice. Furthermore, there are some songs that you may have always wanted to learn and perhaps you have been interested in giving your repertoire a face lift by learning some new songs, but you just don’t know how you would make that happen with your current setup. A looper pedal can help you by allowing you to learn songs that you would not have been able to learn without it. Because many songs have very recognizable multiple guitar parts and although you could play both guitar parts, it’s not technically a challenge for you, but you wouldn’t be able to play both of those parts at the same time unless you have four hands.

So because of that, if you own a looper pedal, you can start the guitar one part, let that loop, and then you can start the guitar part, the guitar to part, which will allow you to play the song as it is intended to be played. And people will be able to recognize it. So if you are trying to think of a few different songs that you would like to play, then one thing that I would recommend that you do is get a looper pedal to help you learn some of your favorite songs and to play them well. A lot of times the songs that we play are just picked and strummed and very boring when they’re played alone. And one song that I could think of, this is a song by the googoo dolls and it is called black balloon. And if you listen to the beginning of this song, it starts with an electric guitar part and then as the electric guitar part is playing, this strumming comes in afterwards. And this would be impossible to do if you are playing the guitar lessons tulsa by yourself.

If you are playing the guitar and you’re playing one part of the Goo goo dolls and afterwards you decide to go into the strumming, well then you are losing the electric guitar part that was originally there. And if you would like to play both of them at the same time, that is very hard to do until you get a looper. And then you can loop that electric guitar part and then after that you can fade out the loop so that the strumming comes in during that electric. So though, and it’s all great, that is a very useful way to utilize the looper. Do not only have different exercises to play, but also to have your songs sound even better and even more full than they ever were through the use of utilizing a looper pedal in your guitar lessons. Do you have any questions about this? And you are not in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, please feel free to contact your local guitar instructor. And I’m sure he will advise you on how to play your songs with a looper pedal in a way that will make it very enjoyable and very exciting to listen to. And if you’re a guitar instructor has no idea what to do, then give us a call at Curtis Music Academy because we do offer online lessons and we would be happy to accommodate to make that happen for you.