Guitar Lesson in Tulsa | Why Scent is Important

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

How to create an optimal work environment based upon one scent. When you’re putting together a space, it’s important not only to think about your guitar students for the guitar lesson in Tulsa, but also their experience during the lesson. People typically think about aesthetics, so how the space is organized, how materials are put together, where they’re located, what the Gen neural on. Beyond us. A room looks like. This takes a lot of salt on the instructor or the space owners end. It requires thinking about a style and to promote the best aesthetically pleasing environment. You have to think about what style and the student will be coming into. Is it going to be a modern style, a farmhouse, casual style, a other type of tile that I can’t think of right now, but beyond that, it’s important to think of how I sent paws. Smell. Smell is a sense that people have that can trigger memories.

So we attach mmm smells to specific moments and times in her life. Smell is one of the strongest scent says that is related to memories. And that’s why when you smell a certain perfume, you tend to think of the person that is affiliated with whether or not you recognize that it is based upon the perfume. So with that being said, we want positive at thoughts when it comes to or guitar lesson in Tulsa to happen when we smell a particular sense. Curtis Music Academy, the way that we achieve this is by having scent diffusers, the music practice rooms as well as the living space. That way when a person or a student walks in to the studio, they should be created by the same scent each time. And by utilizing this sense, it should help trigger the student’s memory from the previous lesson. As crazy as it sounds, it does work.

When I was a teacher in a classroom setting, I would use as a way to help students connect previous knowledge to new knowledge. Um, during a science lesson I would have a diffuser going and hopefully by continuing to use the same scent during the science portion of the lesson, it will help students remember information that they learned from the prior day. With that being said, if the scent is not present when the student walks into the environment, it kind of is shocking. It’s like, wait a second, something is missing. There is a critical component that’s not here. That was your last time. They might not be able to put their finger on it, however it could be related to the missing that in the nostrils. another example is I walked into the studio space and I smell the scent, but something is just a little bit off.

When using an oil diffuser, it’s important to change out the water regularly instead of adding new water to the oil diffuser, even if the same water is being um, and smell is being distributed throughout the space. So what that means is, uh, the instructor or whoever is at the studio needs to recognize the off smell, dump out the diffuser, the diffuser in warm water, then wipe out the diffuser and let it completely air dry. Those, we’ll remove any of the funky odors that are being diffused through the diffuser. So what that means is just let the diffuser out for at least 24 hours on the counter, the for plugging it back in and adding new water in oil. Also, sometimes the oil can go rancid after a while. Um, particularly if the oil is left in the sunlight. That’s why oils for diffusers have a dark bottle like dark glass.

It is to protect the oil from insights from going rancid. However, if the oil is being left in a spot, work in to hit direct sunlight or warm up, it could turn and no longer smell good or have the same health benefits. So make sure that the oil is arming, stored in a cool space to ensure optimal oil support. And this user, is it a good idea to mix up the oil and have different things going? Why not? Maybe for a different seasons that she’d be something that we should consider doing of license is having a different sense per season. So in the winter time we could be diffusing a scent called holiday spirit because it’s seasonally appropriate. And after our winter celebration or recital start a new diffuser sent. That way it can be related to new content, new season, new smell. That’s an idea. Maybe we should pursue that.

What we’re not going to pursue it. Candles. Candles can be forgotten about easily. They are also considered to be a fire hazard and although they radiate a soft glow they might not be the best for a studio space with young kids. It could get dangerous real quick. Currently in the music studio currently at Curtis Music Academy in each studio and in the living space we have the same oil diffuser and every space is pretty neat. They were relatively inexpensive and they were bought from Amazon. The neat thing about having the same oil diffuser is that they are all on timers so we can turn them on remotely from our phone at the exact same time to ensure that all of the oil diffusers are in sync. The neat thing about these diffusers is that they project different colors in the space as they are running and we can also set them to a particular color to maximize the tranquility effect.

In the studio during a guitar lesson in Tulsa. The diffusers do you need to have water added to them. Not Too much. About half of the cover to three drops of oil. That should be a no water and oil ratio to last for a entire day’s worth of lesson. Again, the water should optimally be dumped out at the end of every session and have plenty of time to dry out before adding water for the next day as well as oil. The oil that we use during our guitar and piano lessons is very, very baseline. It is not a fancy young living. Doterra oil is just a basic, I think it’s called Kathy up oil.

from sprouts or natural grocers, full food Akins. Any of those places carry oil that we use. Oil Smell that we use is chill pill. It has lavender in it, which provides a calming effect as well as Kim, a meal, which is a there and it’s just a great overall for our music studio and it should help our students feel calm, peaceful, and ready to dominate piano or guitar lesson in Tulsa.