Guitar Lesson Tulsa | Administrative Assistant Duties

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So today I will be talking about my duties as an administrative assistant here at Curtis Music Academy. Now, as someone who does not play an instrument, I oftentimes get asked what I do in my job while working for a music academy and why I do it. So to answer the first half of that question, my job covers a variety of things. So none of my days ever look the same. So some days I’ll be doing one thing, another day I will be doing an entirely different thing. And that is the thrill of working for a music academy is because no day looks the same as another. For example, on Mondays, let’s say we have a new student who comes in to schedule their first a $1 guitar lesson Tulsa. So on Monday I will come in about 15, 20 minutes before that lesson starts, I will make sure everything in our studio house looks clean and proper, make sure everything is picked up and put it in its proper place to prepare for the arrival of our new student.

Once they arrive, I will greet them at the door with a smile, sincerely excited that they came to take their first lesson with us and then I will bring them inside, let them get settled in while the instructor starts the students first lesson and while they are waiting I’ll typically go over some of the things that make us who we are at Curtis Music Academy, whether that be our core values, our principles, the things that differentiate us from other music schools. I would typically just talk to the parents about that while they are waiting for their students’ lesson to end. So after the first lesson I will go in about five minutes before the end and just chat with them about how the first lesson went. So we will discuss the possibility of them taking guitar lessons Tulsa in the future, what that would look like, how much it would cost, things of that nature, all of the fun administrative sites, things.

So once they get them, we get them scheduled to take guitar lessons Tulsa future. I will come to the office, go on the computer and put their information in the schedule, put them on the sheets, all that fun stuff. Then I will go around the studio house again once they have left and make sure everything is put in place, get all my things in order and then I will go home for the evening. Now on Tuesday maybe I will have some errands to run, whether that be running to the store to grab some things that we need at the studio house or simply going to some office organization things. I ran a lot of errands and that’s actually one of my favorite parts of the job is running errands because I love to go to the store. So I will get gathered my stuff at the house soon, run to the store, get back, make sure everything is put away.

I would go around and water the plants. I’m a great, anyone who is in the old living room fill an empty the oil diffusers and answer any incoming calls that we might get. Wow. I am at the studio. That was another thing that I do on a lot of days is schedule people for their first a $1 lesson. So how that works is they will go online and fill out a form for the instrument that they want to take. Put your contact information. And what I will do is I will take their phone number and give them a call to set up a time that works for both them and for us to schedule that first $1 lesson for them. So once we get that scheduled, I put all the scheduling information that is needed in the computer and I will send them confirmation email confirming their appointment and giving them all the details that they might need, whether that be the address, the time, student testimonials, all of that fun stuff.

So when someone wants to come take music lessons in Tulsa because they want to take guitar lessons Tulsa or piano lessons, they will come here and if they want to schedule it there first $1 lesson, I am the person that they will talk to. So I go ahead and I get them all scheduled, insert all that stuff and then they’ll come in for the first lesson. Like I explained previously about how that works.

Another thing that I do in my job as the administrative assistant, and another one of my favorite parts is I will interview people to pay instructors. So if we’re ever in need of a guitar instructor, Piano Instructor, vocal instructor, I will be the one that’s in charge of coordinating contacting people for that position. So if someone sends us a resume who’s interested in becoming a guitar instructor for Curtis Music Academy, we will meet up and I will actually be the one who interviews them for the position.

Ask them various questions about what they’re looking for in their career, what we can help them with, what their goals are, personal and professional. And then if I decide that they are a fitting candidate for us, if they match and hold all of the same core values and basic principles that we do and they match and have a desire to be a part of this team that is different from all the other music schools in Tulsa, then they will come in and they will be able to shadow our lessons, see what we’re all about. And then we will actually have them teach a lesson with our tried and true instructors present. If they do a good job teaching the lesson, if they are successful at that then they will typically be hired on as staff here at Curtis Music Academy to teach guitar lessons Tulsa. And like I said, doing those interviews is actually one of my favorite parts of the job.

It’s a ton of fun to get to meet the new people who are interested in being a part of our team because truly I sincerely enjoy working at Curtis Music Academy where we teach guitar lessons Tulsa because it has such a great atmosphere. We have so much fun and we are really team driven. So we do a lot of team building. We focus on helping one another up in whatever way that we can. And we also realized that we are surrounded by such intelligent people who are so good at what they do, that all of us are able to learn from one another. So we actually have team meetings every Thursday night where we will all get together and meet and discuss what happened this week. All of the wonderful things, the big wins of the lesson, any big news that we have, whether that be in teaching guitar lessons Tulsa or piano lessons or whether it is personal, we really just want to get to know one another and see how their week went.

So we spend a lot of time focusing on that teamwork aspect of things. And I think that is one of the things that makes us really special. And that sincerely boosts the way that we teach because our instructors are being built up by fellow instructors constantly. We’re always learning from one another and finding ways that we can improve. So of course one of my jobs is to attend those meetings. And while I am not an instructor myself and while I cannot typically relate to the instruction aspect of our meetings, I do get a lot out of them as we get to talk about different strategies, marketing, just getting to know our fellow instructors and seeing all of the wonderful things that they did during the week. I’m at these meetings, we also go over again like our core values and things that we are passionate about and we really try to focus on the things that make us different and when we focus on those things and we are able to a lot of attention into them and make sure that we are doing a very good job at doing a good job and making sure that we stick to those values that we have, making sure that we remain who we are as Curtis Music Academy.

So that’s really, really important for us. In short, my job as an administrative assistant at Curtis Music Academy where we teach guitar lessons Tulsa is never the same. So No, no day looks the same here. I have various tasks and I enjoy doing them all because I love being a part of this team.