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When you are taking guitar lessons, you want to make sure you are receiving quality instruction. At Curtis Music Academy, there are many studio spaces to help you receive the most quality experience. We have many rooms, which is good for us as a music academy. We have many separate rooms for all of our individual students. But the best part about this space again is that it’s comfortable. It’s clean. It’s a cozy environment. We’ve had students tell us all the time that they wish this is what their house looked like. They wish they could stay here for longer because it really is just that comfortable. We want to be stress free, not stress inducing. So that is one of the things that we really put a lot of time and effort in.

Another thing that I think is probably the most important thing about this is that we tailor every single one of our guitar lessons for adults and our music instruction to the students individual needs, so we don’t have again, some sort of universal curriculum that we use for all of our students, but rather we focus on each and every one of their needs. And we don’t, you know, spend all this time.

We do spend all this time, I should say, focusing on every single student as opposed to having some sort of giant universal curriculum that we use for all of our students. And this does. Like I said, it requires a lot more work out of our student outreach careers, I should say. That means that they have to try harder. It’s not as easy as the music academy as I would say, because they are really having to put in the time and effort for every one of the guitar lessons for adults. You know, they can’t just pull out the book and play the next song. It requires Hands-On effort and that is really important.

But this means that each of our students gets the attention in the lesson that they really deserve because we focus obviously all of our guitar lessons for adults and our students. Most music academies would say that, but we really do follow through here, a Curtis music academy in terms of focusing on them and making sure that they’re getting the best experience possible out of their music lesson.

So it’s really important that we focus each and every one of the lessons on the students themselves. So if a student wants to be a jazz musician, for instance, we need to focus that lesson specifically on that. And they’re not going to have the same lesson experience as a student who is taking guitar lessons for adults just to learn how to play a song for his mom. You know, there’s going to look like two entirely different lessons. And it is doing the student a disservice if we make them the exact same.

So we’re going to make sure that we focus based on what the student wants and what the student needs as a student. So all of our music lessons are definitely growth tailored to each individual student. One of the other things on this list talks about teaching styles. So there are a lot of music academies that we have found that veer in one direction or another. So their instructor, who either, you know, is really slapping on the fingers when you mess something up that they’re strict, they’re cold, they don’t care about you as a person. They only care about your performance as a musician.

Or on the other hand, there’s someone who is super cool, super chill, spends all their time talking to you about personal things. And any time learning the actual instrument that you’re paying to learn.

So there’s a fine line to balance there for sure in a career music academy. I think that we do a very good job scheduling that way and making sure that our instructors care about our students. Truly, we want to be both their coach and their friend throughout any of their guitar lessons for adults. And for us, this means that we focus on the student and who they are as a person and not just on their performance, because we do care about it and we want to make sure that they succeed musically and personally. So won’t it be a resource for them and that and that someone they can talk to. But also we want to teach them what they’re paying for. It’s only fair that we give them the best lesson possible. Actually teaching them stuff, because if we’re not teaching them that we are doing again, doing them a major disservice. And that’s not fair to any of our students.

So in the current music academy, we focus a time on making sure our students have the best experience possible. And we do this in three distinct ways. Because I forgot to talk about the fourth way, but that is OK and I can take that for an ex podcast. But we focus on our students in three distinct ways. For one, we have created a space that is comfortable, warm and inviting, and it’s a place that is conducive to learning. Our students want to be here and they want to learn here. Secondly, our instructors are both their coach and their friend. There’s someone who the student can talk to, but they’re also going to teach them and teach them very, very well. And the third thing is that all of the guitar lessons for adults are tailored to each individual student instead of universally. All of our students enjoy this. We believe this is the best possible outcome for all of our students at Curtis Music Academy. Feel free to call us or even send a text message. We would love to speak with you and hear about your goals for getting started with guitar lessons for adults. In fact, if you call us sometime in the next 50 years, we would love to give you a guitar lesson for less than two dollars.