Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | A Comfortable Space

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Today we are going to be talking about the interior of Curtis Music Academy and why it is so important that we have a clean, comfortable space for learning. So if you have never been to our guitar studio where we teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, we have a home studio. It is exactly like it sounds, it feels just like home. So when you walk in, we have a studio to the right where we teach guitar lessons and this big open room with lots of windows. There is a piano in there and several guitars for taking lessons. And we also have a piece of furniture right when you walk in, and there several plants on it. And then when you continue walking in, we have a big open waiting room where we have comfortable couches surrounded by windows and lots of bright natural light and our little waiting room, living room area.

We have lots of magazines on the table and having magazines on our little table there is
very important for us because it keeps the parents and the people who are not taking the lessons, it keeps them occupied. So while we are teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa, there are typically people who come in with the student whether that be their parent or their sibling or their friend. There are always people who come in and wait and are comfortable living area while the student is taking a lesson. So it is really important that we have something in there to keep them occupied and keep them busy. Something interesting for them to read too. In addition to the magazines, we also have some of our business cards so that they can have our number and information that they might need or be able to pass this business cards along with their friends and we also have information on other services that we offer, whether that be guitar lessons in Tulsa or piano lessons, vocal lessons. All of that is right there in our comfortable living space that we call the waiting room. And like I mentioned earlier, our studio house is full of plants and there are one, two, three…we have six plants inside the living room waiting room area and we really feel like these plants give a nice, comfortable, warm environment to our guitar studio because having plants inside, it’s just very comforting, very natural and makes you feel like you are in a warm environment that is not sterile like a bunch of other music studios. There are a lot of other music studios in the area that are often stuffy environments and they’re actually difficult places to learn when you are in an environment that does not feel like home. It feels sterile cold and dark.

You are far less motivated to be interested in what you’re doing. You’re less motivated to want to sit down and practice, and you just genuinely don’t feel as comfortable. So that is why we have been very meticulous about creating a space that is warm, comforting, and inviting. Our studio space in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a space that people enjoy. We have had so many of our students come in and tell us that they love coming to take lessons here almost specifically because of the comfortable space that we have created that feels like home. In fact, one of our students, Dale, he comes in every week, 45 minutes to an hour before his lesson starts just because he likes to be in this warm environment that we have created. He says that it’s comforting, that it’s clean, very well kept and it’s relaxing for him. So we found that when you create this warm, inviting homelike environment full of plants and oil diffusers with calming scents and magazines and comfortable couches, that students are more relaxed in what they are doing.

It really tends to calm people’s anxieties before they start taking their piano lessons or guitar lesson or vocal lesson because they are already calm and relaxed and they’re excited to learn. So our studio space where we teach guitar lessons in Tulsa is not your typical stuffy studio that causes anxiety the second that you walk in. But rather we have designed a space that is warm, inviting and all around comforting. So that is something that we very much pride ourselves on. It is a clean space and this is also important because with less clutter there’s less things that actually clutter your mind. So there’ve been a lot of studies that show that clutter and having too much stuff around you causes a lot of subconscious stress that we are not even aware of. So here at Curtis Music Academy we really focus on being minimalist in our design.

So that means there are not a bunch of flashy posters, artwork on the walls. There are not bright colors everywhere. Everything matches and is cool, calm and collected and everything has a place. And this actually sincerely helps to alleviate a lot of stress. We have coffee and tea and water as well in our comfortable home studio. And people are able to come in, take a deep breath, relax before their lesson. They can get a cup of tea, Cup of water, a cup of coffee, just sit down on our couches and wait for the guitar instructor to be ready to teach them. So when you start out your lesson in such a calm and relaxed mindset, we have found that it sincerely helps. The lesson goes smoother. People are calmer and more motivated to learn because you learn a lot better when you are relaxed and when you’re in a comfortable environment that you actually want to be in.

And that is why we have focused so much on keeping the decor minimal, keeping the windows open, keeping comfy couches, lots of plants and lots of amenities that most studios cannot offer. A lot of parents will come in, grab a cup of coffee from our machine and sit on the couch where they read a magazine and they have told us that it is one of their favorite parts of their day because they can just relax while their student is taking a guitar lesson or a piano lesson and it is a comfortable place for them to wait. They don’t feel like they have to wait outside or in the car but rather they will come into our comfortable studio space and relax while their student takes a lesson. Being a small space as well. It is very easy for the parents to feel calm about where they are sending their child because it is so clean and well kept that it gives our parents a lot of peace of mind because they know exactly where the rooms are. They can see one of them has glass double doors right by the living room and they’re able to hear the whole time what’s going on. So it gives them peace of mind and they are already in this relaxed state for being in our comfortable environment. And our students as well, it very much alleviates their stress, gets him in a relaxed and excited state of mind before their lesson. So that is why it is so important for us to keep a clean, organized home studio.