Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Administration at Curtis Music Academy

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All right. In this second edition of the Curtis Music Academy Podcast, I wanted to talk about administration and organization and, this is really pertaining to instructors and ways that we as instructors can be more administrative and more organized. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I am an instructor at Curtis Music Academy, teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa and I am a proud administrator as well. 


I help kind of keep the office organized and files organized and just keep the administration and what needs to be done such as recording podcasts and, uploading podcasts, keep that going and trying to create systems and things within the office to help the office function and the, leader, Ron Curtis function better and know where everything is at. That is my job so that he doesn’t have to do that. And so, not only do I administrate, but I, like I said, I’m an instructor and I’ve been an instructor for almost five months, almost six months actually. 


And, I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. I enjoy teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. I enjoy the leadership here at [inaudible] Academy. I enjoy the students at Curtis Academy. I enjoy putting together lessons. I enjoy getting to meet new students, help students reach their goals and help them just enjoy life and music. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. 


I hope you load it to otherwise you can pee in it. So, it is a great joy to be able to teach music and to be better and to learn more. And it only makes me a better musician as well. I think one of the best ways to learn is to teach and so you can jot that down somewhere and keep it in your file or your quotes list if you have one. But to get to the point, we’re talking and talking about administration and organization, mainly organization. But my first point is going to be talking about what we need as instructors who teach guitar lessons in Tulsa. Basically, how an instructor can be successful in teaching the guitar.


Being able to just identify what your needs are, whether that be resources or materials, books, things to help you grow things to help you, processes, systems, things to help you kind of stay organized. And then I know the topic is what we want. Things that we want, maybe what we want to our software or, look like what we want to look like as instructors when we dress. You know, what we want the days that the day to day to look like, what do we want our guitar lessons in Tulsa to look like? How smooth do we want them to be, what do we wanting?


And then the third is going to be labeling everything. And that’s gonna help keep organization and it’ll make administration a lot easier. So the first point we’re going to talk about is needs. So as instructors, we need certain things. We need to, grow as an instructor. 


We need to know as an instructor and we need to be able to teach as an instructor and instruct. So that’s what we call an instructor. We instruct our students, and how to play. And so knowing those needs, you can begin to then acquire the needed materials, the needed files, the needed paper, the needed, processes. Things like that to begin to better facilitate. And to give our students the best guitar lessons in Tulsa as possible. 


So needs, these are areas of needs we have, we need to know as instructors, we need to have knowledge of our instrument or whatever we’re teaching. So knowledge we need knowledge and knowledge can be found in books. I think one of the best forms of knowledge is books. And so books are things that you can get, you can purchase or you can order or you can check out at your library online or from a friend. 


Maybe even from your, music instructor, another music instrument, a fellow music instructor. Even a, maybe your upline or your boss, the owner of your music school. They should have many resources as far as books on the instrument that you are teaching to help you grow in your knowledge and to know exactly, all that you need to know pertaining to your instrument. As instructors, we should be teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa to the best of our ability. So the second area is going to be, growing tips on how to, just become better. Maybe leadership tips, leadership books, other resources that are, are going to help you administer your knowledge better. Maybe a lesson or topic or really mainly lesson templates, maybe how to organize or structure your lessons so that you know, what points you’re hitting, to make your guitar lessons in Tulsa just kind of flow better for you and for your student. 


And then lastly, you know, just, I think another point. So we have knowledge, we have growing and then we have. I think just all areas really are growing to be honest. But as far as needs go, we need to know, we need to be able to grow as leaders and then we need to be able to discuss and kind of talk to, we need to have fellows, we need to have other instructors around this to kind of bounce ideas and to chat with friends, mentor and Mentorship, friends or that’s really peership actually because your peers are your other, your fellow instructors. But mentorship would be someone who is 10 years ahead of you, such as your head music instructor. Which in our case is the owner, Ron Curtis, who is in charge of Curtis Music Academy. So, leaning on, we need people to be able to help us get, go further faster. 


And that’s what the mentorship part, the third part is mentorship. And so using your mentors or people, mentors are 10 people who are 10 years ahead of you or more in your, in your area of expertise. And so they will help you troubleshoot any areas and give you wise counsel as to better ways of instructing the best books on your, your area, your instrument that you’re teaching. And just maybe even just how to better word things as far as helping your student understand what you’re teaching and the guitar lessons in Tulsa can really help you and provide you with better strategies better because they’ve got more experience in what you’re doing. And so, that is someone that is definitely what’s going to help you. A second point is what you want, you know, what do you want your lessons to look like? Feel like sound like, maybe even smell like all that is in is in, and that will goes through my mind. 


As far as the guitar lessons in Tulsa go, we give 30 minute lessons. Mostly I have a few 45 minute lessons, one, a couple even hour long lessons, but about 90% of those are 30 minute lessons. And so I want my lessons to be short, sweet and to the point yet, fun and upbeat. And so in order to do that, I want, you know, if that’s what I want, then I need to structure them in a concise way, in a clear way. And so how I structure them is I actually start with the objective and that is the beginning of my strategy when it comes to, when it comes to writing my lessons or even going about planning my lessons with a particular student, I start with the end in mind. That’s what strategy is about as about, and so I want miles, if I want one, my lessons to be fun or clear and concise and to the short sweet and to the point I want to get information across in the most efficient way and the fastest way possible so that they can apply it quickly and learn quickly. 


And so, I will go about first telling them, stating the objective and then I will have a three point process in the middle point, 1.2 0.3 of what I am teaching them. And then third, their action steps during the week, the fall, the upcoming week of what to practice. And so I do this with every single lesson. I actually use a program called Trello, which helps me organize and know what my students, what students are on, what days and also what that student is going to be, learning that day. And so I, every week on a Monday I go about organizing and structuring guitar lessons in Tulsa and planning the lessons for all of my students. Together, I have 10 students. And so it takes about an hour to do all 10 students. And so each student takes about five or 10 minutes. And so, it makes it very easy, very organizable and very clear and easy to understand. And so, thirdly, we want to label everything. This will help us to administrate much better.