Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Documents are Amazing 

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What I want to talk about today is the importance of documents when you are meeting with your students for taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, piano lessons or vocal lessons. So at Curtis Music Academy, I’ve talked about this a ton, but we are really good about providing documents to our students and that would be documents of any kind. So we have a lot of students who are at a certain level but want to learn, let’s say a difficult song serve. Right now Ron is actually working on arranging specific songs for the students to learn that are at their specific level. And that’s one of the things that we do really great year at Curtis Music Academy. It’s like we’ve talked about before, we do growth tailored instruction.


That being said, we focus specifically on the students’ goals from crafting every single one of our guitar lessons in Tulsa. So we don’t just have some sort of universal curriculum that we use on every single one of our students, but rather we let each of them perform on their own and we want them to be able to pick their own specific goals and the things that they want to learn. Because that’s what music is all about. And if you’re constantly forced to learn music that you don’t actually want to learn, like a lot of our students have at their previous instructors or previous music academies, they’re having to learn songs that they don’t actually care about and that they want, don’t want to actually learn. 


And that’s one of the problems that we have found at Curtis Music Academy instead of truly a one size fits all model does not work for all of our students because we recognize that each of our students have different goals and ideas, things that they want to learn. And it’s really not fair for us to push something that we want to teach them onto the students because we don’t have the same ideas of what’s cool, what’s fun to learn, all kinds of that type of thing. So we really want to make sure that at Curtis Music Academy, we’re letting each of our students go at the paths and the pace that they need. 


And that works best for them because students are not all the same. We’ve got some students who are different types of learners. Maybe they’re auditory learners, visual learners, hands on type learners. And we’ve got other students who just learn differently. So I want to make sure that we are accommodating and being accepting of everyone. All of our students who try to help them each individually succeed and work towards their goals because it’s a really big deal for our students to learn like what they’re learning and want to learn what they’re learning because it’s really important that you’re excited about music and excited about taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.


 Because if you’re not, then you’re not going to get the Max out of your investment. You’re not going to have a good time while you’re there. And it really would just be a waste of money with a lack of excitement. Everything will just be bad. You guitar lessons in Tulsa will be bad. They won’t be fun, they’re not going to be good for the student or the instructor. So it’s really important that our students can become excited about what they’re learning in one facet of that excitement is learning thanks that they truly want to learn. And here’s the thing about one size fits all plans. They’re kind of the easy way out. 


They’re a lazy route for instructors to take because then they only have to learn one set of curriculum, one book, one whatever it might be, and then teach it to all of the students. So they ever really easy job in that. They’re only teaching the students from one song one thing. And that’s just super easy. Acura just music academy. We want to make it better for our students and not for the instructors. So honestly aren’t checkers are swamped. They’re learning new songs for every single one of their students who are all at different rates and paces and it makes their job a little bit harder in that they’re having to learn and keep up with all of the different students and all of the different songs.


 But it is so much better for the student to be able to request a song that they want because we are able to provide them that. And we think it’s really valuable that we do so is so one way that we help our students with form of documents would be arranging songs. So actually Ron is arranging a song today for a student who is not quite at the level of playing to play this difficult song, but he really wanted to learn it. So instead of us saying, no student, you cannot learn the song yet because you’re not far enough in the book or you’re not far enough, you don’t know all these things. 


Students oftentimes know exactly what they want to play and that is super awesome because it means that they are super excited and motivated about taking lessons and that is exactly what we want here at Curtis Music Academy because it means that our students are pumped and engaged and excited to take their lessons and that is just amazing. We want our students to be excited and ready to take lessons because its what we are truly passionate about here at curtis music academy is being excited about music lessons because we love music and we love teaching music. We wish and want all of our students to be pumped and excited about taking lessons because it makes us pumped and excited about teaching lessons and then everything is all around awesome at Curtis Music Academy.