Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Documents are the Best 

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Or able to take the song and arrange it in a way that matches the students’ capabilities, that it matches what they’re doing and how far they are on piano. So it uses notes that they’re familiar with in rhythm and we’re able to arrange it and make it just a little bit easier for the student based on their exact skill level. And that’s something that I don’t think a lot of the studios urged could do. Probably just because either they don’t care or they don’t have the resources to do. So I’m going to Curtis Music Academy, we care a ton and we have put the effort in investment in resources to be able to make songs for our students that they can learn the song that they want and not the songs that we want them to learn. 


So it’s a really big deal to us that we are constantly keeping up with their students and being relevant and staying on top of the things that they do want to learn. So another way the documents are useful in taking guitar lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy is that we will often give documents to students who are confused when practicing. So if you get home from your music lesson and you don’t remember where your hands are supposed to go, you can just text us, give us a call, whatever you want to do it. 


Just say, Hey Ron, I am having a hard time figuring out where my fingers are supposed to go. Can you help me? Well if you give us enough time we will be able to send you a video of us playing the piano with our fingers in the raised spots so that you can see exactly where they’re supposed to go. Things of that nature at guitar lessons in Tulsa. That one might not be a document, but it is a resource that we have that we use to help all of our students out. Make sure that we’re setting them up for success when practicing. 


Sometimes there are things that you think that you understand, but then you get home to practice them and you realize that you don’t know what you thought you knew. So you’ll get home and you’re like, Oh Dang, I actually don’t know how to play this. What am I supposed to do? Well, that is where we come in and we are able to provide documents for these are students. So today Ron actually made a document that shows exactly how to read a guitar, all of the parts of a guitar and how tabs work. So this document is super awesome. I’m looking at it right now and it shows a guitar and it shows all of the strings and the front and they’re all numbered. It shows you how to read tabs and even what it stands for. So this document is really awesome to give someone after their first guitar lesson. 


Another document that we provide to beginner students with our B thing would be things like the guitar anatomy or all of the notes on the piano or different rhythms, stuff like that. Want to make sure that firstly in a guitar lesson that the student knows how to hold the guitar and it’s what all think of me because it is a little bit complicated at first. You’ve never had any encounter with a guitar. It’s really important that you are provided with resources to help you learn and understand what the guitar is about and what all the things on it mean. Personally, it would be really incredibly helpful for me if I had the document like that to explain all about what the guitar is and what it does and how, where to put your fingers, things like that.


Cause it’s not easy at all. And we want to make sure that our students are given the best resources to help them. Because I’m one that we talked about was for the piano and for the piano sheet, we’ve got a sheet that shows the order of the keys. So while the Ar in alphabetic order, you have to kind of know where to start and you’d be able to find all the cs and the eps and the ease and whatever note you might be looking for you to be able to find all of them and know the pattern. Because it is a pattern on the piano. 


It’s not just straight alphabetical, but there’s also a pattern to it. So this piano document really helps us to hone in our students’ specific needs in guitar lessons in Tulsa and help them learn the piano at the most accelerated rate as to get the most out of their investment in taking music lessons. Whether they’re taking a 30 minute or hour long guitar lessons in Tulsa, still really important that we’re letting them maximize their investment. They’re giving them all of the resources that they might need to practice to stay on top of their work. Because that’s how we’re able to set our students up for success when they’re at home practicing and they don’t have us. 


So a lot of times students don’t have lessons every week or maybe they’ve got a biweekly or whatever their set up might be. Not every student is the same and we recognize that. So we never want to put our students into a mold and try to make them exactly what we want them. To me, we want them to come in and we wouldn’t help them be who they are and who they want to be. So it’s really important to us that we do this through providing exceptional documents to all of our students and making sure that they have all the resources that might be necessary when practicing at home and taking any shorter music lesson. So at Curtis Music Academy, we really value putting our students first. And we do this a lot through documents in.