Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Preparing for the Celebration

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The next thing that I’m going to talk about is what the instructors are preparing for. So every year about four or five times a year, I think four times a year actually because we like to do it quarterly and some third 12 months in a year. We can divide that by four and that means we have a celebration as we call them every three months and we call them celebrations because they are unlike the performances that most students have while other music schools. So these celebrations are not super anxious, they’re not anxiety inducing, they’re actually just really fun for everyone to be there. Everyone has a good time and it’s just a great time where we’re outside and playing music and students can choose to prepare, they don’t have to play anything, they just can go up there if they desire. So our goal is to make these celebrations very low stress and fun for the student.

So this celebration is actually going to be at this place called fuel 66 and it’s outside. There’s a stage, there’s lots of, there’s food trucks, food and drink and it’s going to be a ton of fine for everybody. So the environment is very low stress, very exciting and fun. It’s not a boring stuffy old trick, like a lot of cycles. So do celebrations are just a lot more fun to be at, especially because there will be food and food makes every event more fun. So how are our instructors preparing for this performance celebration on May the 19th you ask? Well they are preparing for it by speaking to all of their students. Firstly they have to go and tell all of their students about this celebration, performance opportunity because we want to make sure that all of our students are able to come with their families because it will be so much fun and there’ll be all the food and it’s outdoors.

So it’s not going to be crowded. It’ll be a good time. So our instructors have to tell all of their students so that they will be there. And another way that they are preparing is by performing songs. So at our team meetings that we have every week where we are able to get to know one another and talk about our ideas and ways that we can improve our guitar lessons in Tulsa and ideas for the celebration and how to make even better. Well another thing that we would do at this team meeting is the instructors will play the songs that they have picked out to perform because at this celebration performance opportunity on May the 19th we will be having a concert for the students who are children at the beginning. So all the kids who take guitar lessons in Tulsa will come up and play when they, so and the first half of the time allotted for this celebration performance and after the kids are done performing, then we will take a break and the instructors will get onstage and perform a concert for everyone who was there because the instructors are very talented and they have worked really hard to prepare songs to play at this event and their concert is in the middle so that it will be easier logistically for people to get in and out.

So if the parents and family members of the students don’t want to stay, they don’t have to, but if they do want to stay then it’s just right after their kids’ performance and they don’t have to stay an extra two or three hours to so watch it. They can just go right after to stay there right after the performance. So, and then our instructors will perform for 30 minutes or an hour or so. We will go through all of the songs. They have spent a long time preparing and then the adult students will play. So we’d like to separate the kids and the adults because most of the time they hear a different performance levels and we don’t want it to be weird where a student plays song and then right afterward a 50 year old man play a song and then a six year old plays or guitar and then the 70 year old comes and plays the piano.

So we like to separate by student kids, students and adult students just to make things a little more normal and that it won’t feel weird for the students or the adults because we think that both of them deserve their own concert time. But like I said, the instructors will be performing their own concert in between this kid’s student concert and the adults doing it in concert and all throughout the performance there will be the food trucks where people can go and get food. And since it’s such a calm, low key, low stress environment, the students and the people who are not performing at the time kid go get food and just listen to the music while they’re eating the food because it’s outside. And so that’s acceptable and it won’t make it weird and it would be really awesome because sometimes concerts get boring, but this one won’t be boring because there will be food.

So our instructors are performed preparing for their own concert that’s in between the kids student concert in the adult student concert for those who take guitar lessons in Tulsa. They’re preparing this by practicing their songs a lot and playing their songs for us at the team meetings so that we know they’re going to do a good job and we can keep them accountable to practice. So at our last two team meetings that we have every Thursday night after guitar lessons in Tulsa where we all talk about the important things and how we can improve our teaching and overall performance, they will play the songs that they’ve been practicing, whether that be or really old song, like a song from Mozart or a medium old song like song from the Beatles and the 1960s and 70s or then a newer song like a pop song. So Ron for example, has been practicing. It transitioned from Mozart to a new pop song called can’t stop the feeling and he does both in the same song and he just transitioned and the middle.

So at our meeting last night, Ron played that for us and we were able to share our thoughts and opinions on how he did have, the transition was, well we can do to make the song even better. So that was really cool to get to hear what he has been working on and we know that it will sound really awesome at the concert because we’ve already made necessary adjustments to make the song even better. So, our other instructors are preferring songs as well. So Max, the guitar instructor who teaches guitar lessons in Tulsa, for example, it is preparing a song by two songs actually won by the Beatles and another one by the red hot chili peppers, I believe. So Max played his songs and we were able to see how he was doing, not just in guitar lessons in Tulsa. We were able to suggest things that would make the song even better. And it’s just a great way for us to share our ideas and improve ourselves because the more opinions that we have around the table and the more people that we have on our side and helping us do better, the better we are as people and the better we perform.

So it’s been really good to get to listen and give instruction and critique to the instructors as they play their songs. They also did a song all together before they did that. Steven, who teaches guitar lessons in Tulsa, played a song for us. He’s going to do a really cool song, but I imagine dragons and while Steven was playing at that cool song, the other instructors kind of chimed in while he was playing and played other instruments at the same time. And that was really cool because inmates, Stevens songs sound even cooler than it already did because the instructors were able to play at the same time cause they are so talented. They were able to just pick it up and play with him despite the fact they didn’t hardly even know the song. So that was just really cool to see all the instructors working together to do something awesome and fun like that.

Hardly also hopped on the piano and played us a couple of cool songs as well. And we were able to give him some critique and help him singing the lyrics and learn all about what he was playing. I’m performing. The last thing that they’re doing to prepare is they are actually preparing a song to play all together. So last night at our team meeting, they all sat down in that you went to the studio room and they played the song together. So one person, it was so moving on the electric guitar, one person was playing piano and singing, one of them was on the acoustic guitar and another one was on the cahone. So it was really cool to hear all of them playing together. And it takes a lot of prep work we’ve been having to do in the meetings. But I think that all of the preparing after guitar lessons in Tulsa that they have done will really pay off.