Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Celebrations

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Today I want to talk about in this podcast, I’ve talked about it a bunch before but are awesome celebrations now. Celebrations are, one of the things on are amazing, fantastic, phenomenal. Curtis music Academy differentiators sheath typically just shows kind of the differences between Curtis music Academy and everybody else. And it also just shows, you know, why we do what we do and what we are founded on as a company. So that’s one of the biggest things that we do here at Curtis music Academy, one of those tenants, there’s four things on there that we follow when teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa.

One of the four is celebrations and we do celebrations like most recital places I shouldn’t, they were settled decisions, a music Academy, so several of the music academies that we’ve rather attended or been to or seen, they ever said Lowe’s and places that are just not ideal. There’s just free or available or whatever might be. But they’ve got these recitals that are typically and things like hot, stuffy, gross churches that are really old or these weird recital hall. And at Christmas good Academy, we please. That’s definitely not the most conducive place for students to learn in taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So we found through all of our research and all of our work here that students thrive when they feel comfortable in a space that’s just like the one where we talked about a comfortable space. It’s why we put so much time and effort into making our studio space so awesome is because test where students thrive. They need to be comfortable, they need to feel like they’re doing something great in the up space. That’s great for students taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. So Curtis music Academy, one of the things that we do for sure is we focus on ton on having celebrations that are amazing and an amazing locations for our students in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So the one I want to talk about today is our upcoming celebration because I’m actually doing quite a bit of work on that today and this upcoming celebration is going to be super awesome because it’s actually coming up really, really fast. I can’t believe that our christmas celebration, the next recital that we will have is already coming up so quickly. It is truly crazy how fast time has flown. Christmases or subtle is trust and actually three weeks and send them going to be gone this weekend and you know, at school and stuff next week I need to really get a headstart on stuff for that today. It’s kind of what I’m going to be working on today. So I want to talk about this recital. It’s going to be really fun for all of our students in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

We’ve actually had to start preparing a ton for it. In fact, Kelly began, you know, she began baking in prepping all of the food stuff that can be frozen. It’s all then because right after the holiday season, right after, you know, Thanksgiving I’d really difficult to, you know, work on all that stuff and we want to make sure that we had enough of it done before Thanksgiving. That way we wouldn’t have to work on it on Thanksgiving or the day after. You don’t want to spend time with family. Its really important for us here at Curtis Music Academy that we prioritize the things in life that are the most important. We care about our students dearly and always try really hard to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that they are having both a good time and are learning a ton from us in music lessons, whether they are in guitar lessons in Tulsa, vocal, or piano lessons.

So Kelly actually started baking and making a bunch of cookies, different trial runs, and they’re all kind of friends and just to, in preparation for this recital, but doesn’t show you one thing that is for sale is going to be amazing because all of the treats are homemade. So we’re making snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies, all the Christmas treats. And they’re all homemade because that tastes way better, you know? And secondly, we’re also going to be having little cookie bags where kids can decorate a cookie. And so we know that we have a lot of families, like I’ve talked about before, ton of families with small kids and lots of siblings.

So we want to make sure that when we structure and schedule our recitals, that we make sure that we have something for the small kids to do because we know that that if the parent isn’t comfortable bringing their kid, or is it come to them bringing their family, then they’re not going to show up. We’re gonna make sure that it’s a place where everyone can show up and have a good time. So that’s one, one thing that we do differently. But so one of the ways that we’re going to do this and want to ways we’re going to focus on helping small cans and Curtis to music Academy is through having them decorated a little cookie and doing a craft thing while they wait for the spur saddle to go on.

So we’re going to have them make a little cookie. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make these little bags and in the bags there’s going to be a sugar cookie plain in there will be a little pipe frosting that they can squirt out with a cookie to decorate it, a Popsicle stick to spread the frosting rod and then a little bag is sprinkles just so that they can decorate their own cookie. We thought that’d be a really good way for them to keep themselves occupied and busy during the recital so that they’re not, you know, up and moving around and feeling restless. So we’re all about making kids happy at Curtis music Academy and making sure that we are incredibly, you know, helpful and working on helping them actively in guitar lessons in Tulsa.