Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Guitar Grill and Chill

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Today, I want to talk about, one of the things that we don’t talk about very often, but it’s something that is unique to Curtis Music Academy and one of the things that really separates us and distinguishes us from other music academies in the area. And this thing that I would like to talk about is called Guitar Grill and chill. So if you can’t tell by the name what guitar girl and chill is is exactly that. We play guitar, we grill outside, eat some good food around a bonfire, campfire and we’re hanging out together. So Guitar Grill and chill is unlike any of our typical guitar lessons in Tulsa. So it is not one on one with an instructor.


 It is not inside a studio room. It’s just a lot different in that guitar girl than Shell is outdoors. It is super fun and it’s a group lesson. So it is a guitar class that’s taught once a week and you sign up for it monthly. So let’s say you are new, you want to take a guitar group class, we can have an intermediate class or a beginners class and you would just sign up to be in that class, any your outside group just for one month at a time to get a feel for it. But Guitar girl and chill is super awesome because it gives people who are not typically the type of students to want to take private one on one guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


It gives them the opportunity to learn guitar with their friends and family members. So for example, we have five students in guitar grill and chill right now I believe and a couple of them are relatively older in their 50s and they get off work and they don’t want to really come in for a sit down 30 minute lesson with an instructor that’s not really their speed, but rather they want to get together with their friends and play fun guitar outside. It’s a much more, it’s more of a relaxed environment and it’s just a lot more fun than guitar lessons in Tulsa. So Guitar girl and chill is really something that we do that is special to Curtis Music Academy and we have been doing guitar girl and chill for a couple of years now and we’ve had consistent turnout and people joining and coming back month after month. 


When we first started guitar girl until a couple of years ago, we started out and we would grill food every single week and we would grow hamburgers, hot dogs, steak kabobs, you name it, we would throw it on a grill and it used to be just a seasonal class, so we would only offer it in the summer and then pick it back up in the following summer. That way we could have a bonfire outside, know that it would never be rainy or cold and it’s just a perfect atmosphere for grilling out. So it was a lot more of a laxed and casual back then when we first started and we would eat food together every week. 


It was just a ton of fun. And now that it’s kind of grown and we see that our students have more of a desire to learn the guitar at a more accelerated rate. We have stopped only offering it in the summer and now we offer this group guitar lesson every single week throughout the year. So land we have for about two years now, maybe a year and a half. So we have the class a little bit more often these days since it is once a week and kind of switched up the format a little bit. So obviously as the name suggests when we first started we would grill outside every week and do that kind of stuff.ike I said, it’s a monthly thing, but typically we have the same students in it from the month 


 And now we’ve kind of adapted and since it is year-round, rather than grilling outside every week, maybe we will grill once a month in the summer just because growing food for a bunch of people does indeed get very expensive and take a lot of time out of the lesson that these people are paying for. So what we have decided to do instead is since it is year round, we move it inside during the cold months and outside during the warm months. And when we are inside we have opted to age, just a small snack as opposed to eating a full meal together and just to save time and money and energy. 


So we eat a small snack, whether that be some cheese and meat and crackers like a meat tray or chips in case. So chips and salsa tonight you’re having some pizza and it just is a really great opportunity. Like I said, for people who typically are not inclined to take private guitar lessons in Tulsa. So the five students in our class, and like I said, a couple of them are a little older. One of them is probably in his forties. And one of them is the daughter of one of the other men in the cost on. 


It’s just so casual and relaxed that we have found these people have a really great time in their guitar lesson. They genuinely really enjoy it and have a lot of fun because it’s just a different environment that we have not found out a lot of other places. So just like in private guitar lessons in Tulsa we also like to have little celebrations and get togethers slash concerts for our guitar girl and show people meaning that maybe every six months or so we will have every six to eight months I would should say we will have a mini outdoor concert where we ask the students to invite their families. 


She was just a small gathering of people outside listening to music that these, that their family members have been practicing for the past couple of months and do are even a lot more fun than our typical um, celebrations or concerts because they again are just such a more relaxed environment with just close family and friends. It really feels like a tight knit community when we’re out back singing along to the guitar songs and their little concert that they have going. So Guitar Grill and chill is sincerely one of the coolest things that we do here at critic Music Academy. It is a perfect substitute for taking traditional guitar lessons in Tulsa and we hope to expand it, guitar girl and chill to include maybe piano or even focal guitar lessons in Tulsa.


 So the concept we really have down now, it’s just a matter of maybe potentially expanding it to other instruments that way other people can have a chance to take an awesome group lesson as well. So I really truly enjoy guitar girl Enchile here at Curtis Music Academy, and so do all of the people in it. It’s just a fantastic opportunity to take a slightly different take on guitar lessons in Tulsa.