Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | A Comfortable Space

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All right. And this edition of the Curtis Academy podcast, I’m going to be talking about how we have a comfortable space for learning guitar.Without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for about 10 months and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. And I’ve also been teaching music for about five to six years now, going on six years actually. And I’ve loved every bit of it. It is the most, one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done in my life. And I cannot wait to just continue to have more and more students and get to teach a lot the rest of my life.

And so without further ado, I’m helping you become a better music instructor, become a better student. Because students are also learners, learners are students, teachers are students. I’d say one of the best and most effective ways of learning is actually teaching. it’s making, you have to understand what it is that you know, and you’re having to also communicate what you know and it’s making sure that you know what you know. And so it’s one of the best ways in my opinion, to learn is to teach.

So without further ado, we’re talking about having a comfortable space for learning guitar. Maybe also why it’s important to have a comfortable space. Maybe what are the effects of not having a comfortable space? So we’re going to get into some of that first with Curtis music Academy. We do have a comfortable space and the reason we’re pretty sure of that is because it’s in a home, much like your home. Not an apartment but an actual house. We’ve got a three bedroom house that we have transformed into a beautiful and super awesome music Academy or music studio.

We’ve got two teaching rooms where we’ve got pianos in both and also guitars mounted on the walls in both. And also there’s doors in case, you know, the other lesson room gets a little noisy. We’ve also got most importantly cameras for each room so that parents feel safe with the door closed. We also had an iPad where the, where the parent can watch the lesson being in, in process as the door is shut that way. That, you know, there is a level of accountability there. It is awesome. I love every bit of it. I love every function of it and it’s, we’re only going to continue to get better.

But the key point is our guitar Academy, our music Academy is held in a house much like yours. And so this gives a, and right off the bat a comfortable feel. It helps people open up to us in ways that they wouldn’t, as if if we were at like a studio or an office building something more commercial. My next point is how we do have a comfortable lobby area, not a lobby like you would see in an office building, but more of like your living room. In this living room. We’ve got a big fireplace. It’s beautiful. It’s very nice with a large mirror above.

And then we’ve also got two very, very plush and comfortable couches with very nice pillows where you can sit down and have a beverage, which is something we also offer our students so that they feel right at home. We will always offer them upon their lessons. All every single week with us, tea, water, coffee and you know, of course all this seasonal drinks as well. Right now we’re in the mid towards the end of autumn going into the winter and we’re, we have hot chocolate and soon probably some other drinks that would be very, very commendable as well.

And so that is another thing that kind of creates that atmosphere and that comfortability where students feel at ease or parents fill out EAs where parents feel like their students can learn at the very, very best because they’re in the very best environment possible. Students also, you notice the difference of how, you know, being in an office building, they’re more uptight. They’re more tense, they’re not as focused, but when they’re at home, when they’re at home, you know, they’re more comfortable. They feel like they’re in their own skin, their own setting. It’s because they are, they’re in a home, they’re in a room where there’s a piano where there’s an instructor where there’s a whiteboard and you can kind of just relax and, and feel right at home while you take a guitar lesson.

That is definitely one of the differentiators between us and many other music schools in our, in the U S so let’s talk about maybe what are the, the pros and cons of having a comfortable space as opposed to not have a comfortable space that’s talking about how it’s not and the cons of not having a comfortable space. You know, in my own experience, I would never play guitar by choice in an office building or take a lesson in an office building or feel most comfortable in a business setting. It’s just, it’s a different atmosphere. It’s a different setting.

And so when, if you don’t have a very comfortable space, you kind of cheat yourself out of half giving the very best experience for your students, for your parents. And so they feel a little bit uptight, you know, they may, might not feel as comfortable for sure. They might not feel as they might be too worried about how they’re sounding like it might be too worried about, you know, there’s a lot of worries. I think there’s a lot of mental stuff going on whenever it comes to being in a more business setting and being in a more of a home and comfortable setting.

Another thing is you can’t, it, it affects you as the instructor makes you a little bit more uptight because the atmosphere is more of a business setting. It’s more of an uptight and think about your appearance, think about, you know, are you being proof, you know, you know, the most upstanding in dress, things like that, you know, not that you have to be in a suit and tie and slacks but, and dress shoes. But you know, that’s kind of that environment, the feel that that environment gives and one of the pros to having a comfortable spaces, you know, you can be casual, more casual, casual, but professional.

We like to call them bro. Fractional very good to be professional. And so meaning like, you know, you’re a coach and your friend and their friend and that’s one of our, actually our core values is being your coach and your friend. And you know, you might not invite a friend to your office building. It’s not necessarily the place for fun. It was kind of awkward even with business parties, you know, as seen on the office episodes on Netflix. And so it’s just really, really awesome to have an environment where you feel at home because you are at home, you feel welcomed and cater to. In hospital hospital you feel most hospitable because you are being most hospitable. You are being offered tea, coffee or water, at the comfort of what’s like your own. You get to sit on a couch, you get to sit in with the students.

Also you get to teach at a more comfortable level, kind of like teaching at home. It’s just a better overall environment in my opinion. And not only is it my opinion, but the opinion of many others, many other students than the other parents and they thoroughly enjoy the environment. It causes them to not feel so tight. It makes them feel like they can maybe leave theirs their student in the, at the studio and then come back 30 minutes later to pick them up as opposed to worrying about who, what random Joe is going to walk into the office building at what time?

You know, only certain people are gonna come into our home designated for guitar lessons. Not a huge office building in a huge tall skyscraper where ma many different types of business businesses being performed. But the comfort is in the peace of mind of the parent that there’s no danger here. We picked the best of the best instructors. We have accountability of our instructors in the rooms we provide and take away every objection possible of why a parent should not be comfortable, why a student should not be comfortable, why they should not stay and take lessons at Curtis music Academy.

And I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it’s very, very important to have a comfortable environment to be intentional about those little pieces of furniture, about, you know, the drinks that, the clothes that you wear. It’s very, it’s all about intentionality. So be intentional with your environment because it will produce.