Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Growth Tailored Instruction

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Now, the next thing that I want to talk about is another thing on our differentiator sheet, otherwise known as the Curtis Difference here at Curtis Music Academy. We do talk about this and almost every podcast, but it is really critical to what we do here. And the thing that I want to talk about today is growth, tailored instruction. So it’s actually the second item on a differentiator sheet and it might just be the most important and the most true to who we are at Curtis Music Academy. So this sheet is something that we instill in all of our instructors. 


We show it to all of our new students. It’s actually hanging on the wall in the waiting room, living room area. So it is obviously really incredibly important. And so I’m going to spend lots of time going over all of the elements of it so that we can make very clear how important it is and show you just what we stand for and what our values are here at Curtis Music Academy when you come in to take lessons. So the first thing that I’m going to talk about is growth, tailored instruction. And this essentially just means that we are going to work with all of our students to make sure that we are helping them accomplish their specific goals. 


So we don’t want to do this broad curriculum where we teach everyone the same thing because we recognize that not everyone is the same, if that makes sense. So people have different goals, different reasons why they’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s not a one size fits all model. And we n we definitely definitely realized that courtesy music academy. So what it says here on the sheet is growth tailored instruction. We pride ourselves on getting you to your goals at your pace. Whether you want to be a master or just play for your family reunion, we can help get you there. So like I talked about other people having different goals and different things in mind. 


We’ve had some students who want to be a professional musician, so they want to get paid to play music in crowds. They want to do that for a living, whether they want to lead worship or just be a musician, we can help you do that. We’ve got instructors that are really talented in that area. We’ve got resources and documents and all the things to help you get to your specific goal. So if you don’t want to be a professional musician, for example, we want to make sure that we’re able to give you all of the resources that you might need for that. So we’ll provide you with everything that we can to help get you there. 


We can help you with performance strategies, things like that. And we’ll probably have to spend a lot of time on the fundamentals of music, if that makes sense. So we’ll have to spend a ton of time on theory, probably songwriting, things like that. So we do often that occurred with music academy. It’s a really great thing that we do offer because, because all of our students have different goals and different places that they want to go with their music. So we want to make sure that we are able to tailor it to them. So, for example, like I mentioned, if someone wants to be a professional musician, we’re going to go for a lot of the fundamentals of music and then we’ll probably have to go over songwriting and composition soloing and improvisation, things like that, that we wouldn’t have to go over with the basic student.


 So another end of the spectrum will probably be someone who’s just taking guitar lessons in Tulsa to play a song for their spouse or their boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever that might be. So if they come in and they say, Hey, the only reason that I’m taking guitar lessons in Tulsa because I want to play these two or three specific songs for this person. So the way that we’ll approach that lesson is going to be far different than the way that we’ll approach the professional musician student. So in this, in this case, we’re going to go over probably not a lot of the fundamentals, but essentially just the songs that they want to learn, make sure that we’re giving them practical hands on knowledge that they’re able to use immediately. 


So we don’t want to make them spend months going through the books if they’re only wanting to learn the three or four songs. So it’s obviously incredibly different approaches. We want to make sure that we are able to help our students get to where they’re going. Not by making a one size fits all curriculum for everyone. So on the other end of the spectrum, so we’ve got two columns in the differentiator sheet, the Curtis Music Academy column, and the other music schools column for the other side and the other music schools column. It says my way or the highway, you’ll often be faced with teachers who have a plan and curriculum that they’ve used since they were students who may not change for your goals or needs.


 So we’ve run into this a lot as instructors who take guitar lessons in Tulsa and have for our whole lives, we’ve run into a ton of students who, teachers I should say, who are only teaching the things that they want to teach. They’re not teaching things that tailored to a student’s goals and needs. So it’s just whatever they want to teach. It’s all based on the instructors desires and not the desires of the students. And we do not think that’s right here at Curtis Music Academy. We think that it’s not giving the student what they deserve and what they need because it’s just not fair. 


I don’t think a student should have to pay to take guitar lessons in Tulsa if they’re not wanting the things that they want to learn. They might be learning indeed, but if they’re learning something and they don’t enjoy it, but the students are, I should say, the instructor won’t listen to them. That is just really incredibly unfair and it’s just wrong for the student to have to learn things they don’t want to learn. So at Curtis Music Academy, while there are some things he probably won’t want to learn, like the fundamentals of music and all the boring stuff that is required at the beginning, once we get that past that kind of growth stage, we want to make sure that we’re able to help get you to the place that you want to be. 


So, for example, when I took guitar lessons in Tulsa, I was able to tell them, I just want to learn this song. How can we, how can we learn this song? So they really taught me how to play that. We didn’t go through the book a ton. We instead just focused on the song that I wanted to learn and I could have music academy. We have a ton of resources to help our students. So even if the song that they want to learn is difficult, we’re able to actually arrange a new version of that song that might be to their specific playing level. So while some of their music academies might say, well, sorry, you can’t play this song until you reach step 50 on our master plan here at Curtis Music Academy. We make sure that we are able to provide all of our students with the resources that they need to be successful in where they are. So we want to teach them at their pace and their knowledge and help them get to their goal in those to fit, efficient and effective way.