Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Diligent Doer

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So I just talked a lot about the difference between the diligent dewar and the happier upper, but now I want to do two separate podcasts that talk about the difference in them individually. So I’m going to start this podcast by talking about the diligent doer. And this is truly the Curtis Music Academy in method. It’s what we strive for when teaching our students. We want them to follow this method to a t. That way they can actually be successful in their music lessons because music lessons are an investment. It’s an investment in yourself. So we want to make sure that our students are constantly working towards their goals so that they can get the most out of their investment. 


Like in anything you want to maximize the the investment that you’re making, especially since it is monetary and things of that nature. So I just want to take a couple of minutes to go over to the Curtis Music Academy method. The diligent doer and this diligent doer is truly the life giving pathway to mastering your goals. That’s what this poster in the living room says. It says that by following these steps in doing this exact work, that you will be able to master your goals and to succeed in your music lessons to the fullest extent. 


So I know a lot of people are concerned about, you know, not being able to do music or not having enough experience or something like that. But really the dilligent door method shows that all you need to do to be successful in taking music lessons wherever that might be, is to practice, ask questions, and just work towards your goals. So unless you’re doing, unless you’re not doing that, you will be able to succeed. So it doesn’t matter on your ability necessarily, or your, your skills in music or the experience that you have. 


As long as you’re willing to work towards your goals, you’re going to succeed and taking music lessons and you’re going to get the most out of your investment. So going down the list of dilligent, newer knows what their goals are. So I talked about this a little bit in the last podcast, but the doge and doers is very aware, keenly aware you could say of the goals that they have in taking music lessons so they know exactly why they’re taking music lessons in the first place. They know exactly why they are putting the money towards this goal and they know exactly what they are trying to aim for. So we have some of our students that are aiming to be a professional musician.


 If that’s the case, we want them to be aware of this goal and constantly working towards it. Some of our students on the other hand would rather, they’re only taking music lessons to play a song for loved one or something of that nature. So they on the other hand are going to have to write that one down and be aware of what that goal is so that they can be constantly working towards it. Working at those songs and being motivated to reach those goals. So we have post it notes like I talked about all around Curtis Music Academy that saved the diligent door and we encourage our students to write down their goal. 


The main reason why they’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa on this little sticky note. We want them to be keenly aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. So that way they have a constant and consistent reminder of what they’re doing it, like I mentioned earlier, it really helps you be motivated cause once you know exactly where you’re headed, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to get there. So secondly, the diligent doer oozes uses their week’s lesson to work on their musicality and to work through their problems. 


That means they’re using the most of this lesson. They’re maximizing it to figure out the hard things to work on, the problems that they encountered while practicing at home. So they, when you practice at home, you’re obviously going to run into issues, things that you have trouble mastering. And that’s what your lessons are really for is to help you get to the hard pieces of the music and to purely perfect your musicality. So the diligent doer is practicing frequently and they’re using their guitar lessons in Tulsa in the best of the way so that they can maximize the investment that they are using. 


So next the into our set specific times for practicing each week. So they’re not just kind of hoping they practice when they get the chance for rather they are practicing frequently in our regular schedule. That way they don’t miss it. So we have some students who will set an alarm put on their calendar just to remember and constantly remind them that they need to practice because practicing is the biggest way that you could make the most out of your investment and take guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


It helps you do well at what you’re doing. You cannot be successful if you don’t practice cause it takes a lot of work as does anything. Everything in life requires practice and the diligent do are definitely knows this to be true. So they also ask questions when they get confused. So the diligent dewar is always asking questions for the instructor because when they’re confused, they’re not embarrassed to ask about it because music is confusing at its nature. It’s hard and it takes a lot of work. So you’re bound to be confused at some point. 


And it’s really important that they are willing to speak up and ask questions when they’re lost because you can’t really work towards something or prosper in the future if you aren’t asking questions and aren’t doing things of that nature. So lastly, the diligent do our keeps track of progress and it’s organized with their practice. So the diligent doer is constantly being reminded of their goal and how close they are to reaching it. So it’s a lot easier to stay motivated and stay on top of your work if you know exactly where you’re going in the steps that you’ve taken to get there. 


And also if you’re keeping track of these things, then it’s easy to see where you’ve come from. And that’s really a big motivating factor to this. Truly just the how much you have learned while taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, because it’s really good reminder that you should continue if you see how much you have already learned to awesome way to do that. So they’re organized with their practice as well, meaning they’re always on top of it. They know what they’re practicing, they know what they’re supposed to practice, things of that nature. So the diligence to where really is an awesome method. It’s a really good way for students to look at this and realize the steps that are necessary in an easy comprehensible way to succeeding and music guitar lessons in Tulsa.