Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | The Rise and Fall of Leadership

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In this edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast, we’re going to be talking about this topic of every, how everything rises and falls on leadership. This is a quote made by John Maxwell who is one of the greatest leaders of our time. And so without further ado, we’re going to be discussing how, how is your leadership being honest with where you’re at as a leader to how I can become better in my guitar lessons in Tulsa.


So pleased to select whatever area you choose it. Then third, what actions items are and how they help us to bring dreams to reality. So on this topic of how everything rises and falls on leadership, a quote made by John Maxwell, the greatest leader of our time. Without further ado, here we go. 


How everything rises and falls on leadership. We’re talking about how is our leadership, how can we be better and these specific areas and what are action items and how they can cause us and help us to bring dreams to reality. So everything rises and falls on leadership. This was a quote by John Maxwell. And, without further ado, what, my name is Steven and I am the administrator at Curtis Music Academy also. 


And I’m most proud to say I’m an instructor as my favorite position here at the academy. I teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, beginner piano and even vocal lessons. I love being here at Curtis Music Academy. It is by far one of my favorite places to be in Tulsa. Because I love this environment where you know, people can learn, grow, reach, their goals, experience success in, in areas of, of music and just feels like home because it actually is, it’s actually a home. 


It’s actually a house in downtown Tulsa and we have a lobby area that might look like your living room. We have two rooms where they have pianos with benches and a also guitars that are mounted on the walls and there’s also a chair in there for students. And there is a door and it is just awesome. I love being here. I love the environment. 


We actually have a hospitality area as well where we have, drinks, water, tea or coffee for each parent or student waiting for their students, to finish their lesson time. And it’s just, I just love being here. I love the office. I love everything about this, concept of having guitar lessons in Tulsa in a house. It’s just awesome. And so I love being here. I could be here every single day actually. So, the topics is, you know, how everything rise and falls on leadership. 


We want to first assess where we’re at in our leadership in the first step of growth as you know, is being honest with where we are so that we can, and recognizing that we need help in an area. So we must ask ourselves genuinely, and how is our leadership currently? My leadership, I like to rate on a scale of one to 10, 10 being like the best leader and teacher of guitar lessons in Tulsa in the world. And then one, of course, being like not good at all. Like I can’t lead anyone to the refrigerator type leadership. So, I really, I kind of rate my leadership on a scale of one to 10. I had about a five. I’d say I’m right in the middle. There’s definitely I some areas I see in myself that need areas that need improvement. And I have, you know, ways of which that I go about getting that better. 


And we’ll talk about that as well. My second point is, how could I better myself in said area? When I teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, how could I improve? So leadership is the umbrella and then we have these sub areas of like where, aspects of leadership. So like for instance, I’m a husband, so maybe my leadership as a husband. I’m an instructor and my leadership as a music instructor. I’m an administrator. I’m a worship leader. I’m a on the leadership board of my church. 


I’m a brother, I’m a friend. I am a human being in society. So these are some areas that we could select and become better because every area of our life requires leadership and leadership is simply influence. So each and every time I sit down for guitar lessons in Tulsa, I am influencing someone, for better or for worse. And so let’s just choose one topic. I’m going to choose the topic of being a music instructor. And so I’m asking the question, how could I be better as a music instructor really, begins to cause me to start thinking about strategies to becoming better. 


It helps me also recognize areas of strengths and areas of weaknesses. And so these, there might be areas of weaknesses and areas of strengths in your leadership as an instructor. And I know this isn’t you, but in my experience and from my situation, you know, I could definitely see some strengths in the area of knowledge. I know a lot about the guitar lessons in Tulsa and I feel like any question, most questions that my students ask, I’m able to answer just from my own knowledge of guitar. 


An area of improvement could be timing. I think just being more time conscious of when my lesson starts and when it finishes, you know, and, and making sure that I get all the material that I wanted to say in that 30 minutes slot or the 45 or hour long slide. I have all three areas with all of my students that take guitar lessons in Tulsa


I could do better on time. Well, how could I be better at, you know, just showing and teaching the student in that time slot. And then how can I be better at what was the first point? I guess the first point had to do with, of course, music instructing possible, man, what was it anyways, it’ll come to me. Let’s just talk about area of being on time and having good time being time conscious in the lesson. So one way you could go about, and we’re just gonna use my example, for example to help you in your situation. 


So if I want to be better in the area of time consciousness in my guitar lessons in Tulsa, I will begin to ask a mentor, someone who does lessons way more than I do or has been doing them longer than I do, strategies that they use to have faster and more punctual lessons. I’ve done this and one of my mentors when it comes to guitar lessons in Tulsa, he said in five, begin wrapping up five minutes early. This has simply changed my approach and how well and how punctual I am with my lessons. It’s great. It’s changed everything by simply applying this. I have ended most of my lessons on time from that point on. 


Another area is being more clear and concise with my instruction. I’ve asked my instructor or mentor how to do this better and they gave me feedback and I even came up with some of my own ideas to, to make better and I’ve applied those and they’ve really helped. And to help you, one thing I do is I form an objective and I add a clear objective at that. You want a 2.1 is to clarify the objective for this lesson. 


Second, you want to pinpoint what it is you’re teaching in a three step process. One, you’re gonna teach finger placement. Two, you’re gonna teach all four finger placements together and the three you’re going to teach strumming the entire court. So that’s going to be that three step process. And then the fourth is going to, and this is the topic, the next point is action items. 


These action items help bring dreams to reality. Action items. Are you taking your objective or your goal or your vision? If your vision is to be an accomplished guitar player and to perform at various venues, then you would certainly benefit from guitar lessons in Tulsa. For the lesson and then breaking them down into the steps like we did and then taking action on them. And this will look different from you than it will be in the student for you. Action items look like what you’re gonna be giving, giving the student in the lesson to take home. So handouts and then what that looks like for the student is your action items for them will be what they’re doing throughout the week. 


So for instance, if they’re trying to learn the C chord, you want to teach them, give them a practical, give them practical steps to take with them at home so they can do them at home. Just because a student is with you for 30 minutes in the guitar lessons in Tulsa, it’s important to give them enough resources to be successful as they practice at home. Which, in turn, helps them to become better for when it’s time for the next lesson. So if you want to help teach them a chord and get better at that cord, you want to teach finger placement, you want to teach troubleshooting, which is plucking each finger in the chord individually. And then thirdly, strumming the cord. And you can tell them, teach them. When it comes to storming the court, just do down strokes. One, two, three, four, each number is a downstroke. So that is how you can be better as a leader.