Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Love Where You Learn

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Today, I’m going to talk about the Curtis difference when taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and you guys have heard us ramble on and on and on about the differentiator sheet that we use. But we only use that sheet because it truly is incredibly important. This Curtis different differentiator sheet really just shows what we excel at and how we’re different than other music schools anywhere, not just in the Tulsa area, but I think that it is just really important to have your differences and your values written down in on a paper. So you can be constantly looking at them and striving to both follow them and even just improve on them. So if you have them all written out, then they are always in the back of your mind and you can look at them whenever you need teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


A little bit of motivation. So I know that when we are at our weekly team meetings, we often look back at this list of things that make us different and we ask one another how we are working towards accomplishing these things. And the one I want to talk about today especially is you’ll love where you learn. So at Curtis Music Academy where you’ll be learning through guitar lessons in Tulsa these new skills, we make sure our spaces are comfortable inviting and conducive to optimal learning. That’s what our sheet says. So what this means ultimately is that we have put a ton of intention and effort into making sure that we have a space that is incredibly conducive to learning. 


So I think that what makes us great as a music academy is that we are so different in this regard. I personally have been in a couple different music, like academies taking lessons and such and I can genuinely tell you that our space beats them all bar none. Because these other music academies you walk in and they have concrete floors and ugly posters on the wall. It looks like a din of small children. And at Curtis Music Academy guitar lessons in Tulsa we recognize that when students come to take guitar lessons, Tulsa, they aren’t just limited to being two or three or four or five or six or seven years old. Now we have students of every age ranging from three years old to 70 something years old. So we wanted to make sure that we had a space that reflected that. We couldn’t have a list of rules on the wall as if our students are all incapable of following them. 


But rather we needed a space that was comfortable, warm and inviting, not like a school. So I know I few different music academies have atmospheres that feel like schools you walk in, there’s rules, there are funny little kid posters, um, things that you have to follow. It just doesn’t feel very comfortable. It feels stuffy and kind of cold to be completely honest. But what is so great about Curtis Music Academy guitar lessons in Tulsa is that it feels like home or honestly like a better version of home. So you come in the door and it is a house for one. So it is genuinely comfortable on the inside and you walk in and there are couches, a nice little coffee table. We just have all the amenities of home. So like we’ve talked about before, we have a Keurig to make some coffee. 


We have hot water dispensers so we can make tea to drink while in guitar lessons in Tulsa. We actually have like eight different types of tea for our students in their relatives to make while they’re waiting for lessons. So we put a lot of effort into making it a comfortable and warm space that doesn’t feel like school because like I said previously, a lot of our students are older and they are out of school so why would they want to take lessons in a place that makes them feel like they are 10 years old? Again, that is just a little bit odd and it feels almost insulting to a lot of our older students. 


So we just want to make sure that we are catering to people of all ages. That is one thing that we do that a lot of other music academies don’t do. We make sure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome in our space, not just people of a certain age. So I’m looking at some new properties for our potential future Curtis Music Academy move. And that is just one thing that we are looking for when I am searching online for a space. We want to make sure that it firstly is in the same similar location. We really liked the midtown area. We feel like this is where a lot of our students reside.


 It is pretty close to several different attractions and things, so it’s kind of in the center that takes about 20 minutes to get here from anywhere in Tulsa. So that’s really great. The other thing about midtown area is that all of our instructors except for one attend to the University of Tulsa. So it’s really good for them because our instructors are just half a mile away and in case of an emergency, if one of them is sick, someone else needs to fill in for them, it’s really easy for them to come over to the studio and teach their replacement lesson on the in the worst case scenario. So midtown is just a really great location for Curtis Music Academy for just a variety of reasons.


The next thing that I’m looking for is somewhere that it’s different. We don’t want to be in the same type of building that most music academies are in. We want something that is inviting, exciting and just cool. So a couple of different places on our list are ones maybe in downtown Tulsa. Um, there are not any music academies down there, so it’s a new space for them. Still close to everything. Like midtown is how we want. I’m also just looking for things in a certain square footage. We’re looking between 1,530 500 square feet, but there are just a variety of things on our list that we are looking for that make it a little bit difficult to find a new property. But that is okay because we do love our home studio where we are right now, we are just making sure that we are prepared to expand and buy a bigger property when we keep PR as we keep growing as an academy. 


So every week we get new students who come to take lessons, people cycle in and out, and we just want to make sure that we’re ahead of the curve. That way we don’t run out of space. We already are so incredibly booked that it’s getting a little bit tight in our studio as it is. So we just want to make sure that we are keeping up with it and all that. So what is so different about Curtis Music Academy than anywhere else is simply that you genuinely will love where you learn. So like I sort of mentioned earlier, several of our instructors, in fact actually all of our instructors have taken music lessons their whole life. They’re all musicians that have taken lessons from various academies and places like that. 


And what we did when creating Curtis Music Academy was, I feel like everyone came together and we talked about all of the things that were problematic with our previous lesson academy and wanting to make sure that we remedied those things when creating one of our own. So when you have that much experience in one academy, able to create rules and not rules, but create a comforting space because we know exactly what not to do. We definitely have had plenty of experience in that. So all it was was finding how we can combine all the bad things and make sure that we don’t do any of. So here at Curtis Music Academy, you will love where you learn. You will not feel like you’re in a school. You will not feel like you are trapped. You won’t feel stuffy, but in fact, you will feel like you are at home. That is one of the things that we pride ourselves on, and it is one of the things that we do best.