Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | You’ll Love Where You Learn

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Now that I’ve gone over the first two things on a differentiator sheet, I’m now going to go over the third thing on the Curtis difference one sheet. So this sheet, as I’ve said before, kind of differentiates us from every other music academy. It tells us exactly what we stand for, what we believe in, and why we’re teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa to begin with. So this sheet is incredibly important. It’s hung on the wall in the living room. Everyone sees it when they come in because it shows them exactly what we do and why we do it. So I want to spend plenty of time to go over all of the facets and features of the sheet so that you can know exactly what we do stand for here at Curtis Music Academy. 


So the third point on the sheet is you’ll love where you learn. This basically means that the space that we’ve created has been purposefully curated to make sure that it is conducive to learning. It’s comfortable to warm and inviting. So we have actually put a lot of work into this space since we acquired the studio house we have, we were able to kind of work on it from the ground up and design it exactly how we want to to make it extra conducive for learning and so students can have a good time while they’re here. So as opposed to other music spaces.


 This studio house that we have created is an amazing place to take guitar lessons in Tulsa because it is just warm and cozy. It feels like you’re at your house but you’re not. So we often times have people come in, moms, parents, I’m sorry, moms of students that for example, they’ll come in and they’ll say, wow, I’d just love to be here. It’s clean, it’s open, it’s a lot less stressful than my house. And I like to be able to sit on the couch and do work well. My kids are in guitar lessons in Tulsa, so that is one awesome feature of our Studio House that we’ve created is that we do have couches in the living room and they are super comfy. So you get to go in there and sit on the couch. There’s lots of windows, so there’s a ton of natural light and a nice rug out there. It’s really comfortable place just to sit and do some work.


Couches are remarkably comfortable, but it’s really awesome place and people like to sit out there and do awesome stuff. So within our two studio rooms that we have, both of them are really open. They’ve got windows, so there’s plenty of natural light and there’s a couch in one in a chair in another. So in the one with the couch, it’s actually really awesome because parents can go and sit in on, they’re in the lesson room, it’s a really comfortable space. They can sit on the little couch and really enjoy themselves while their student is in a lesson. So that’s one awesome feature of the couch in the second studio room and the first year of your room there’s a big rug. It’s blue and really cozy and there’s tons of windows in that room so the sun shines through. 


It’s a comfortable space to take guitar lessons in Tulsa. What we wanted to design in the studio house was a space that is really conducive to learning and then it’s not distracting, but rather it’s calming and comfortable. We’ve been to a lot of music academies where the walls and floors are concrete. They’re not painted. There’s rules everywhere and it’s just kind of feels stressful. It’s a stressful environment. On the other hand, our Music Academy, our studio rooms look comfortable. They’re warm, they’re inviting. There’s no unruly posters on the walls. There’s no ugly rule signs. It’s more of just a place to come and enjoy yourself. It’s not supposed to be stressful or anxiety inducing, but rather just somewhere that’s comfortable where you feel comfortable learning and being in, sitting before, during, and after your lesson, whether that, the music lesson, I’m sorry, a piano lesson, guitar lesson, vocal lesson, whatever kind of lesson it is.


 We want to make sure that you’re comfortable before, during and after it. So on the sheet it says you’ll love where you learn at Curtis Music Academy where you’ll be learning these new skills. So we make sure our spaces are comfortable inviting and conducive to optimal learning so that just basically describes exactly what we are working towards here at Curtin Music Academy and what I think we have successfully achieved. A place that’s warm and comfortable inviting, conducive to learning because you’re comfortable and relaxed. 


That’s the biggest thing is that when you’re at Curtis Music Academy you are bound to be relaxed and calm. Not anxious about your guitar lessons in Tulsa or nervous about playing but just somewhere where you feel comfortable. You can be yourself, you can be open cause we are going to be your friends as well. Our instructors work tirelessly to be your coach and your friend and we also just have comfortable space. We want to make sure that you’re not anxious or anything like that but rather that you come and have a good time while you learn. On the opposite side of our one sheet, it shows other music schools and this says, I guess we’ll do it here. 


We have found that other music schools throw, they might have talented musicians and have extensive knowledge, do not dedicate thought into their teaching space, hanging in the same plink one 82 poster they got back in high school. So all that really means is that a lot of other music academies don’t put thought into their space. They just teach lessons wherever they have room and try to make it work. Whether that be in somewhat, like I talked about with concrete floors and walls, it’s not very comfortable at all. When I took music lessons, there were weird poachers in the walls and it just did not feel like a comfortable space. It felt weird to be in there and it’s definitely not somewhere that I could relax. So we just found that they’re taking lessons. Our spaces crafted way more thoughtfully than other spaces that we’ve encountered.