Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Importance of Flashcards

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The next thing that I want to talk about today in this podcast are a nickel for Curtis music Academy and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The next thing that I do on talk about in this article would be the flashcards that we’ve been working on a ton and these kind of slowed down a little bit. We’ve been working, you know, mostly on stuff with Christmas celebration and less on stuff for the flashcards because I already got really had a ton of them a couple of weeks ago. But these flash cards are really incredibly important for us here at Curtis music Academy because they’re important to our students. And here at critics music Academy, what’s important to our students is what is important to us.

So one of the things that we’re doing with these flashcards that we give them to our students, no charge free of cost, just like everything else. You’re at Curtis music Academy, so we don’t charge any of our students for any of the books that they might need. We don’t charge them for any of the resources. We don’t turn to them for sending them videos or writing them music, arranging them songs or anything like that. We don’t charge for any of it because we want it to be free. It could because we care about us setting our students up for success.

Like I talked about before, there’s a lot of music academies who are kind of setting their students up for failure by making sure that they have to pay for all the resources should just be offering. So when music lessons are expensive on their own right, they are very expensive without any additional costs. So it’s kind of crazy to think that the music Academy would charge extra for books in charge extra for anything of that nature. So at Curtis music Academy, we try our best to not charge students for anything beyond the base fee of our guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So if they’re taking half our lesson, yeah, we just charge them for that lesson and that’s it. Nothing else. So this flashcards aren’t, you know, free of cost. But there’s something that we’ve been working a lot on here at Curtis music Academy because they are really, really beneficial to our students, especially our younger students. And I’d be a little bit weird if we gave a bunch of flashcards to grown adults. That’d be a little bit odd. Something we probably shouldn’t do because it’s not as going to be as helpful for them, but who it is helpful for our young students, you know, ages 10 and under, it may be up to 13 or so, or these flash cards are super beneficial if you’re learning notes in taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So the obviously for beginner students with no prior knowledge of music reading sheet music or the specialty that with a piano. So these flash cards are just a bunch of notes and they show exactly what notes and where they are on the staff and what fingers to play them with really. So it starts off when you’ve got a base class and the trouble club, it talks about left hand in the right hand and then it just goes through a ton of different notes. So the first cards, like I talked about, one of them is the G color for the treble clef and it shows that you’re supposed to use your right hand on the treble clef keys in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So on the right side of the piano those are the upper notes. And then we’ve got the base cleft card which is otherwise known as the F Cleff. And you play these with your left hands there on the left side of the piano and they’re all the lower notes. So those are the what the, you know, the basic foundation of these cards is start with those two because we want to point out that you know there’s a difference in the two and the base cloth and the treble clef symbol will determine what fingers you need to play it with.

And what noted actually is. So there we wanted to start with that so that you could look at the rest of the flashcards and know which one was for this. You played with witching and so you move on from the topic inner cards. And the first card that we’ve got is a middle C in trouble clef and middle C and base cloth so you can be played with by their hand. And they are really important for the piano because it shows you, you know, that’s one of the most foundational notes in the very middle of the piano. It’s one that most people start with, especially in a beginner lesson like these are kind of aimed for In taking guitar lessons in Tulsa

So we just got through several notes like that and show the exact notes of that. The student can look these flashcards and get to learn the notes without struggling through bunch of pages and music and things of that nature. So these are definitely aimed for younger students with no background knowledge of the piano at all. No background knowledge of sheet music. Because if you’ve never looked at sheet music before, let’s picture, let’s picture and imagine that you, you know, six or seven years old that you’ve never played the piano before you would ever read music cause you hadn’t really hadn’t real music class but you really excited and you want to learn.

Well, these flashcards are a fantastic way for you to learn because there are very, they allow you to work on your own in guitar lessons in Tulsa. They allow kids to work basically independently of their parents and they allow them to, you know, just sit down and look at every single note that’s on the piano. Maybe not every, because we’re not going through all 80 88 keys. I think there’s 88 keys on the piano or something like that.