Guitar lessons in Tulsa | Transitioning Students amongst instructors

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One of the questions that we have received many times is how we go about moving a student from one instructor to another and this situation could happen for a variety of reasons. We have some instructors that have to move out of the town or out of the state and this causes some changes to happen with our student base. Another situation may be that the time conflict is something that is happening and then lastly there may be a situation where an instructor moves on and is ready for the next step in their lives and they’re just looking for a new season. Any one of these things could cause someone to discontinue their guitar lessons in Tulsa with a specific student and one of the ways that we would want this to happen is by providing yeah. And opportunity for A student to be receptive of the upcoming teacher or instructor. In an ideal situation, the replacement instructor would be someone that has a very similar personality. Someone that is good with this specific age group of the student that will be changing teachers. And by doing this it helps make the transition easy because it doesn’t take a long time for the student to enjoy being with that instructor and the student would then be receptive and accepting of what’s going on with all of the changes and best case is that you never have to change and instructor for any one of your students. And this is something that you would want to accomplish throughout the course of giving in and producing a longterm relationship with your students and having the ability to have that friendship and mentorship, friendship with your students is going to help you as you progress throughout.¬†


Being in an instructor. Now, some of your students well reject the change and have no interest in it, which would then cause you to lose that student. They may quit. And this is something that we have seen before. One of our instructors at Curtis Music Academy took a semester to study abroad in Spain and one of the students that connected very well with this instructor was having a great time until he left and by the time he left it was only a matter of three weeks until okay. The student was no longer able to continue taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and because he left, it was a sad situation because he was really excited about learning the guitar and playing the guitar throughout the course of his guitar lessons in Tulsa with our instructor and because he quit, it caused us to have to look for a way to motivate this student to continue playing the guitar even though he was not taking guitar lessons in Tulsa with us anymore. Throughout the course of teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa and as you are academy or your studio grows in the amount of students that you teach, you will find that many students will come and go for various reasons. However, sticking back to the topic of changing instructors, if you have a student that has been committed to your studio for a long time, if there’s a conflict in time scheduling and you have to move around to where you are, a comedy to their schedule or your instructor’s schedule, then it can be a little bit tricky because this student that has been faithful and has received many different opportunities throughout the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and you may have to change the instructor that is teaching them and when this happens, what you want to focus on is the benefits of the change and some students are a little bit more advanced than where a instructor normally teaches and because of this it can cause a little bit of difficulty throughout the course of teaching them. So if you have a student that needs to change instructors with someone who is a little bit more able to teach advanced students, then you could describe the benefits of showing the student what it is that he will be learning. With this new instructor. A lot of times students are excited and ready to go with what they are learning. Okay.¬†


And other times students do not want, do you have a change? So if you have a student that is not interested in changing instructors, then what you can do to accommodate that situation is potentially find a different student that is willing to switching strikers. That way you could fit that student in with his original instructor for the remaining amount of time that he’s taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. So when we do have instructors that have to come in and replace a previous instructor or just give a makeup lesson for a student by having cameras in place to help our students and instructors remember what happened in the guitar lessons in Tulsa. Those are two o’s to help instructors when they have to substitute a lesson or teach a student that they haven’t taught before and understanding where they are in the progress of learning the instrument. So utilizing different technologies to help our students grow as musicians and to minimize the amount of time that is required to move forward with the guitar lessons in Tulsa and to minimize the amount of time that it would take to evaluate where a specific student is at.


¬†Ideally, you would want to go right into that lesson and begin right where they left off so that the progress and the effectiveness of that student will be optimized through their lesson with the new instructor, regardless of who is teaching that student. So if you are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and you are interested in switching instructors or switching the location of your guitar lessons in Tulsa, then feel free to fill out the contact form on our website and we will reach out to you in a short amount of time. And one of our team members will set you up with your very first $1 lesson here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he will have the best experience that you’ve ever had learning an instrument, especially if you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.