Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Team Meetings

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So I have kind of gone through a list of my favorite things about Curtis Music Academy and that mostly being the things that differentiates us from everyone else. Because that’s what we’re really striving to do is just to be different, be a place where students can come and enjoy the music class and then find a passion in music. That same passion that we all have here at Curtis Music Academy. So when someone comes in to take guitar lessons in Tulsa, whether that be vocal lessons or piano lessons or guitar lessons, we want to make sure that we are just as passionate about it with each and every student as we are with one another. We want to make sure that our personal and internal passions show through the work that we do in teaching each and every one of our students throughout their guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


So one way that we share our passions, not just with our students but with one another is through our weekly team meetings. And I’ve talked about these meetings a ton of times before, but I want to go over them again. Probably not even for the last time, but it might seem kind of odd that we have meetings every week and you might be asking, well why are these meetings so important? And that’s what I’m here to discuss with you today. Why these meetings are important in how they help us become even better instructors and even better academy overall. So these meetings we have once a week there every Thursday evening at seven 45 that they usually last until eight 45 or nine. 


So at these meetings we typically have a light snack. So last week we had some chips and also you had some chips and spinach artichoke dip. So that was really awesome. It gave us a nice little snack to have while we were meeting. But at these meetings we go over everything from the week. So I’m looking at the outline for our meeting tonight because today is Thursday. So we will be having another team meeting this evening. And I’m looking at this outline and the first thing I see at the very top is a good news section. So when we do the good news section of our meeting, what we do is we will go around the room starting with whoever’s at the end usually and we’ll say, hey Steven, for example, what was the best thing that happened to you this week? 


And we’ll just go around. This doesn’t have to be music related, it doesn’t have to be work-related, just anything good that happened to us this week. Those kind of provides a way for us to share aspects of our life with one another and just be able to chat with one another about the things that are important to us. So we’ll ask what the good news is for the week and everyone will share that. It’s really good, positive way to start our meeting and after we go over the good new section, what we’ll do next is we will go over the student win of the week. So this obviously applies to everyone but me. So all of the instructors and when you start with one of them and say, Hey Kelly, what was the student? 


One of the week and by student when, if the week we really just mean which student rocked the best, which student did you see the most progress in? Whether that be them killing it out. One of the songs that they’re learning, whether they finally got something they hadn’t quite understood before, whether they had been practicing a ton or just happened to be exceptionally excited this week. We just want to know what was the best thing that happened in all of your guitar lessons in Tulsa for the week. So this is just another positive start to our meeting where we get to know one another and get to know how our week went. 


So after we do the student with the weak section and the good new section where we do all the positive stuff, Braun typically takes over and does a benchmark review of the week. So in this benchmark review of the week, he will typically bring up the amount of first lessons we’ve had in the week, how many first guitar lessons in Tulsa we closed that week, how many first guitar lessons in Tulsa we have next week, et cetera. So we just want to go over all of the positives again, but even the negatives. So if anything bad happened during the week, if someone missed a lesson, 


if a student hadn’t a bad time, whatever it might be, the benchmark review section is a really good place for up that for Rhonda shared details about the company in the Academy with all of us together as opposed to just everyone saying something broad kind of takes over and is able to go over all of the important logistical stuff. So in that benchmark review, like I said, we just won’t talk about the students typically, there also could be scheduling conflicts, scheduling errors that we must fix. So we’ll talk to the instructors then and see who’s available to teach what lesson. After the benchmark review, we will go to the upcoming week. And again, this is a section that just rod does, sir. 


Not everyone, we don’t just go around the table and talk, but Ron will go over what is happening next week. So we’ll talk about the new guitar lessons in Tulsa we’ve got scheduled. We’ll talk about solutions for problems. So this is a good time for instructors to bring up problems that they had during the week, whether that be a student struggling with something or someone consistently being late. And it gives us an opportunity to just talk about that and how we can improve. So this is one of the best, most important parts of our meeting is talking about what was bad in the week and what we can fix. 


Because when there are seven instructors with a ton of music experience sitting around the table, it really gives us an awesome opportunity to talk to one another, put all of our heads together and determine the best course of an action of action for helping the student in whatever they might be struggling with. So I think that the benchmark view and upcoming week really allow us to talk about problems and solutions. In fact, speaking of problems and solutions, the final section on our team meeting outline is identify, discuss and solve.


 So this is just another area that is specifically laid out in our team meeting to talk about problems and solutions. 


So, like I said a minute ago, we have all of our instructors there ready to help one another out in disgust, the problems that we might be facing so that we can come up with a creative solution altogether. So it’s just a really awesome way for us to help other students outside of our own students. So our weekly cleanings are something that really differentiate Curtis music academy from every other music academy, and they do so through giving us an opportunity to help all of our students, not just the ones that we are currently teaching.