Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | The Importance of Flooring

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

So I have talked a lot in the past about the importance of having good, clean, bright and open space. But now I want to talk about one of the elements within that clean and open space that we have not talked about yet. And that would be the importance of flooring. Flooring is really important when taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa because flooring kind of sets the stage for the lesson and it makes or breaks a space. So since we have put so much intention in crafting a space that is comfortable and inviting a conducive space for learning, we also put that much effort into making sure that our studio home has the proper flooring. So carpet would be an ideal flooring for taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa because it acts as a buffer and that buffer would limit the amount of sound coming out of the lesson room, the studio room, and it would make sure that the other lesson in the adjacent Studio Room is not bombarded by the sounds of the lesson that’s going on in the first studio room.

So private would be a really good at absorbing that sound. However, carpet is a really difficult to clean. And so what we have decided to do at Curtis Music Academy, what the best thing for us is, is to put hard, we have hardwood floors in the waiting room area in the dining room where we have our team meetings and in both of the studio rooms. So the hardwood floors are a good thing and a bad thing. Harder floors are great because they are very easy to clean. So when someone spills something or water spills, all we have to do is grab a paper towel or um, use the broom to sweep everything up and then we can mop them really easily clean up any mess that might occur. But the downside obviously is that it is a little louder then having carpet. So a sound echoes in the room and um, sometimes spills over into the second lesson rooms so you can kind of hear what’s going on in the first studio.

If you’re in the second studio and you can kind of hear what’s happening in the second studio if you’re in the first studio. So hardwood floors are a blessing and a curse. Now since they are a little louder and they allow the sound to ricochet off of them, we have found that it actually makes it easier for the student to hear themselves play. So they sound louder and with a student’s sounds louder. So when they’re playing the piano or the guitar in their Guitar Lessons in Tulsa and they can hear the sound ricocheting off the walls, that tends to act as a motivating factor for the student because they can hear themselves clearly and loudly and see how awesome they’re doing and how well they have improved over the course of taking their Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. So the hardwood floors might make a little bit of noise to the people and the opposite studio space.

However, they are actually really good for the student who is in the lesson because it allows them to better hear themselves and all of the great notes that they’re playing, whether that be on the guitar or on the piano. So to maximize the benefits of carpet and minimize the downsides of hardwood floors, we have chosen to use a really nice middle ground between the two of them. And that would be keeping the hardwood floors, but putting down rugs. So having the little bit of hardwood floors that remain really allows the student again to still hear themselves very well for their stone. Still kind of ricochets off the walls and they’re surrounded by a wall of the sound that they are creating. But having the rug absorbed some of the sounds so that they affects on the adjacent studio room are minimized. So the rug kind of absorb some of that excess sound we don’t really need.

And then having the hardwood floors allows us to maximize the performance of the student and also allows us to keep our studio space nice and clean. So since the hardwood floors are very easy to clean, it allows us to be more effective at keeping overall studio space claim. Because like I said, if something is spilled, it can be cleaned up in just a matter of minutes as opposed to carpet, carpet, stained carpet could smell weird, but hardwood floors are very easy to clean and take care of and maintain all around. So having the rugs in the studio room is really important because it allows us to both have the benefits of hardwood floors and the benefits of carpet without the downsides of either of them. So it’s really, really great that we have rugs in their addition to the sound benefits of having the rug in the studio room for people who are taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa.

There are also plenty of aesthetic benefits to having rugs in the room for people taking music Guitar Lessons in Tulsa because when they’re in the room taking their music lesson with, they’re very qualified, very awesome instructors. They can easily feel relaxed and at home because hardwood floors are something that you have at home. Also rugs or something that you have at home and add a lot of studio spaces that we have been to through taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa around the Tulsa area. We’ve found that most people do not have hardwood floors or carpet in their studio spaces and we got lucky enough to have both. So our studio spaces have both hardwood floors and rugs to make it the most conducive space for learning because all around it feels like home and it isn’t very comfortable, warm, inviting space that we have created for taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. And we have found that it genuinely does maximize the relaxation of the students, guests and relatives and the students themselves by creating aesthetic pleasure in the studio spaces, they look very nice, clean and professional. And additionally, there are also a lot of physical sound benefits from having hardwood floors and rugs peeing that the student can hear themselves play very well, but that the rug absorbs the excess sound that might travel into the other studio space and disturb the peace in that room while someone is taking a lesson.

But obviously not all of the rooms in our studio house have hardwood floors. The kitchen actually has tile floors. That is okay because those are very easy to clean and none of our guests ever go in the kitchen. So it does not have to be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the studio house. And the office where I spent most of my time here at Curtis Music Academy is carpeted. So also is fine back here because I am basically the only person that spends time here and none of our guests come back here. So there are not a lot of messes that are made back here. So it’s still a really easy to clean, but the rest of the house has hardwood floors with the rugs do maximize the benefits of both flooring choices and to maximize the productivity and ability of the students to learn effectively in this comfortable, warm, inviting studio space that we have created.