Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Dress to impress

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In this fifth edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I wanted to talk about dressing to impress. This is by far probably one of my favorite topics because I like to look nice. I like to look like a model. I like to look great. I don’t know about you. I like to smell great. I like for people to appreciate me. Um, one thing is our image guys, people judge by the way things look. So understanding that, what does that mean? As an instructor, we need to look sharp. We need to look professional. We need to look our best. We need to be cleaned up. You know, there’s a lot of different things we’ll go into. Um, first topic I want to go into is understanding the opposite viewpoint. So understanding opposite viewpoint is the exactly the statement I made earlier of, you know, when people, people judge by what they see, that’s the principle. 


People judge by what they see. So if they just buy what they see, if we’re just sharply, what are they? Gonna think of you that you’re sharp, that you’re, that you take your job seriously. So we definitely want to understand the opposite or the student’s viewpoint or the parent’s viewpoint, the other viewpoint that is going to be there. And so, um, it is definitely a uniform universal principle. We all judge by what we see. So if you definitely want to be someone, an instructor that’s taken seriously, that knows what they’re talking about, the first thing is our image and what that looks like and so you can never get a second impression again. You only have one time to leave a good first impression. And we want to make sure guys that you’re looking at great girls, you’re looking great for that occasion, for that lesson, for that first lesson is going to be very paramount. 


So understanding the other person’s viewpoint, the other person’s viewpoint is, is this instructor that is teaching my student or my child credible? Do they take care of themselves? Do they, are they worthy or they are the teacher material? Can they take my students from where they are to where they want to be? That starts with our looks. If we walk in to the lesson, if we approached in a meeting the, the parent, the student the first time, and we’re not in our shirts, wrinkled or pants or wrinkled, we smell a little weird. Um, our hair’s messy. We have overgrowth, we have undergrowth and our beards for men, girls, no makeup on, whatever. Um, then we make it that first barrier, difficult for the parent to develop trust with us. This is part of the developing trust. This is all subconscious. So, um, and sales, the sale is made subconsciously first. 


So you want to give as many, um, preconceived good ideas from the start. So you want to definitely dress and impress. So when it comes to image, you definitely want to make sure that your clothes are clean, that they’re, they’re not just clean, but they are ironed so that they look sharp and crisp. Um, when it comes to shoes, you want to make sure that your shoes are nice, they’re not dirty. Maybe you have shoes and you just need to polish them up a little bit. That would be excellent. So just do that. Um, maybe you need to invest in another pair of shoes. And so maybe taking 50 bucks, 70 bucks to make that impression on a regular basis would be a very good investment. And so, um, those are just a few steps when it comes to, um, so that’s just becoming, starting with the dressing now, hygiene. 


Secondly, making sure that, you know, we’ve brushed your teeth, that we have combed her hair, that, you know, we have put product in our hair. If that’s your thing for women, done your hair makeup, you know, those are aspects that um, and maybe your fingernails, you know, this is this part of the sales process. Actually that’s a salesman always look sharp. So think of this as like, you’re a salesman, but you’re a salesman for yourself. You’re selling yourself, so you don’t want to sell yourself short. You want to sell yourself with long. So, um, having that image down pat, maybe one, one idea is to look at Pinterest boards of what styles you like of clothes you like, of styles of shoes you like, what heritage is you like, um, what makeup looks that you like for women, um, is very, very, very important. Um, and so secondly, um, was hygiene, but the next point is just going to be the universal principle. 


Universal principle of, you know, no one, everyone wants to be around someone who respects themselves. Guys, girls understanding that whenever we dressed to impress, whenever we take care of ourselves, we’re respecting ourselves. So you must respect yourself to get respect. So we want to look our very best guys. Thirdly, we want to dress to impress in the benefits of that. So what are the benefits to dressing and impressing? Well, um, when you dress to impress, your likability is definitely, definitely more solid. You have more credibility, you have more influence. And so by dressing to impress for guitar lessons in Tulsa, you are allowing the parent slash the student to become, to see you as more likable, to see you as more credible, um, that you take yourself seriously, that you take them seriously. It’s not only a respecting of yourself, but it’s a respecting of them. And so it gives you credibility that they automatically take that look that as this guy knows what he’s doing, that he, if he can take himself seriously, he must take these guitar lessons in Tulsa seriously. 


And so that will then produce influence for you in the student together when you’re giving those guitar lessons in Tulsa and influence with you or the parents. And so I’m dressing to impress and developing that habit of looking sharp and each lesson also, um, continuing to provide a positive, encouraging, challenging in a environment for the student to thrive in is going to be paramount. And then my last tip for you guys is to definitely understand the viewpoint of the student and parent. You always want to understand that. And I think as humans, we all understand this, that we want to be around people who take care of and respect themselves. And when you do take care of your image, when you take care of the way your hair is that your clothes are ironed a, when you’re giving guitar lessons in Tulsa that you are definitely producing likeability for yourself. 


 Um, with the students, they begin to like you more. Um, because I like being around you, um, to you’re more credible, uh, just subconsciously you’re more credible. Um, as in sales, we all know that the sale happens subconsciously first before ever even talking about the product. And so you want to give off as many good vibes, as many good, um, subconscious sale points as possible. And we can do that by looking sharp. Um, you know, whether that be or clothes or shoes or hair or face. Um, the way we present ourselves with the way we talk, what we talk about, what we don’t talk about. Those are all aspects that help us to develop credibility with people. And then lastly, your influence is huge. That develops influence. And so you keeping that good attitude with, with the guitar lessons in Tulsa, when things change, when students miss guitar lessons in Tulsa, when they quit guitar lessons in Tulsa, you know, keeping a good attitude is going to be great. 


Not only just for you and the parent or you and the student, but you had boss, you and your friends. Everyone likes to be around someone with a great energy and positivity and good attitude. And so that can definitely be you. I believe that to you. And so those are just principles to use when we’re trying to, um, become the best instructor we can. And so, um, just a little recap. So we’re talking about dressing to impress and the importance of that, um, and the guitar lessons in Tulsa. So the 0.1 was understanding the opposite, the opposite viewpoint of the parent and student second, the universal principle that uh, we all judged by what we see. And so capitalizing on that in the best way possible. Thirdly, we want to dress to impress and the benefits of dressing to impress. And that was likability. So whenever you dress to impress, whenever you, um, look sharp, whenever your clothes or iron, whenever your hairs and you have nice haircut, you have your maintained yourself, people being until just like you automatically a lot better because you take care of yourself, you respect yourself. 


This is a sign that you respect yourself. So if you respect yourself, you’ll definitely, um, respect others and people like that. So likability, credibility. Um, if you take yourself seriously, people think that you can take them seriously or we’ll take what, especially when it comes to guitar lessons in Tulsa, take the guitar lessons in Tulsa seriously. So it produces this level of credibility with you in the parent. And then thirdly, influence, um, you want to be someone that others can look up to. And so when you are respecting yourself, taking care of yourself, um, it’s a sign that you can take care of business. And that is definitely something to look up to and that produces influence.