Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Your Coach and Your Friend

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Today. I just want to talk about one of the things on our differentiator sheet, and I know that we talk about that sheet a lot, but it really is one of the biggest, best things about Curtis Music Academy because it shows very clearly and very clear words and language, how we are different than everyone else. And I think that as a music academy, if you cannot differentiate yourself from everyone else, then you are not being a proper competitor and you’re probably not sure of who you are as a music academy. But here at Curtis Music Academy we are very much are of who we are. We know what our values and our principles are in all things that we found at our company on and that we instill in our guitar lessons in Tulsa every single day. 


So I just want to go over a couple of those things because I think that it is really critical and it is what everyone should know about our music academy here at Curtis Music Academy. So when you come in to take guitar lessons in Tulsa, what we want to do, first thing is obviously welcome you in the door when you’re here for the first time, get coffee or water or whatever you might want to drink. But the next thing that we do is we go over this Curtis difference sheet and it sometimes has a lot to go over with them, but we really do think that it’s incredibly important because it shows exactly what we do, who we are and why we are doing what we’re doing. 


So we’re not just a music academy that teaches guitar lessons in Tulsa and lets you go home. We are people who invest in your life. We want to be your friend, your coach, team member. We want to work with you throughout the entire process and we want to make that very clear from the first minute of the lesson where you come in the door. So I’m going to go over a couple of the things on this sheet. First one I want to go over in particular is in this podcast is your coach and your friend. So we’ve talked about this a ton before, but at Christmas Academy we genuinely are both your coach and your friend so you don’t come into the studio and we teach you. That’s it. 


We started the music, then you leave and you go home and we tell you what practice blah blah blah. That is not what we do here at Curtis Music Academy. Instead we want to make sure that we are excited to be with you. We talked to you about your day, we ask questions, remember what you’re up to. We want to know actual things about your life in guitar lessons in Tulsa so that we can become closer than just general acquaintances. We want to be your friend Curtis Music Academy. So that’s one of the things that we really do best. We have a ton of praise from parents and students like about how we are good at that.


 So on the sheet says your coach and your friend with excellent instruction that combines discipline and hard work. We make sure to provide you with your helpful support and supportive guidelines to lead to you to your goals. So that kind of clearly describes exactly what we mean when we say your coach and your friend. We want to make sure that we are helping you reach your goals in a friendly, exciting way, but want to make sure that we are not being, so we, we want to be supportive throughout the whole process and give you guidance to lead you to your specific goals. So in comparison to other musicals we have at posted here, here’s what it says, Jekyll and Hyde neither is good. 


So oftentimes other schools will either be a dictator toward you or make sure they’re your best friend leaving you either crying and frustration or working on the same song for three months. So we like to strike an incredible balance that I think a lot of music academies much struggle with. It’s that we don’t just want to be the person who your best friend you chat the whole lesson. All you do is talk about your life and the instructor complaints about their life and tells her whole life story and all that kind of stuff where they don’t do anything but be your best friend. So you’re not actually learning it.


You’re paying good money to be there, but you’re not actually learning music. You’re not making progress. You’re just talking and that is all fine. Well, but you shouldn’t be paying for a music lesson if you’re not actually going to get a music lesson if you’re just going to get time with the front chat. And the other end of the spectrum would be someone who is more of a dictator, slaps your fingers with the ruler. If you make a mistake, it tells you what to do. Doesn’t have any wiggle room bosses you around, acts like your teacher, all that kind of stuff. Ex parental or dictated. 


Really we want to make sure that we don’t reach that far either. So we want to find a nice middle ground, which is where we are at both your coach and your friend. So we’re not just going to be the person who tells you about their life and talks for the whole 30 minute lesson, but we’re also not going to be the person that doesn’t ask you about your life. Doesn’t ask about how you’re doing, what your goals are, what you’re finding enjoyable these days because we actually do care about our students. 


So we want to make sure that we talk to them about their life and get to know them as people because met music is not just one sided. It’s actually a spectrum. We want to make sure that we’re not just teaching you musically, but that we’re able to be almost a mentor to our students or younger students providing good example for them to look up to and be excited about music. So I know a lot of times smaller kids are not quite as excited about music as we would like them to be, probably because their parents are making them come or whenever the reason might be. 


But we want to make sure that we strike a nice middle ground where we are able to teach you music in a really effective way and effective manner. Meaning we make the most of our 30 minute or hour or 45 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa and we want to teach you in a way that is exciting and energetic. Because if we’re not excited about music, how can we expect our students to be excited about music and taking music lessons with us? So whether you come into Curtis Music Academy to take a guitar lesson, a music lesson, a vocal lesson, piano lesson, any of those lessons, we want to make sure that we are both your coach and your friend so that we may show you the way, give you guidance on music and also give you kind of some life.


We just want to be an open person that you can come and talk to hang out with us. We want to make sure that we are friendly with you, get to know you as a person. Cause obviously like I mentioned, music is not just music. We want to make sure that we’re striking a holistic balance between dictator and friend. So we like to do both here at credit music academy. And I think that is one of the best things that we can do for our students is be friendly, excited, and warm and welcome to them while also teaching them a very effective, very efficient music lesson at Curtis Music Academy.