Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | What We Talked About at the Team Meeting

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So today we’re going to be talking about what did we talk about at our meeting yesterday. And we have weekly meetings with all of our staff members. So whether that be guitar instructors or piano instructors or vocal and checkers or me, the administrative assistant or Ron in Kelly. All of us are there at these meetings. And these meetings are really great team building exercises because we are surrounded by people with lots of fantastic ideas. And when you get lots of people with lots of fantastic ideas together, even better ideas are born. So we have these meetings every single week with all of us there. I think there are probably seven or eight of us usually. And we talk about all kinds of things from the fun things that went on during our week to all of the things that our students have done, all the cool things that they’ve done.

We talk about or student win of the week, which is where we discuss what the best thing a student did this week was. Sometimes we talk about the weather, sometimes we talk about fun things. We like to go over everything that’s happened in our week because we are friends and we just like to talk about things that friends talk about. But on top of that, we also talking about all of the fun business things that there are to talk about. So at our meeting last night, we started off by going over what the best thing in our week was. So Olivia, the piano instructor said that the best thing that happened in her week was that she finished school. So she is finally done with her finals and I, the administrative assistant said the same thing because school is finally over and it’s just fantastic that it is. So we went over the best thing that happened an hour, weeks and then we went around the table and everyone else said with the best thing in their week was as well.

So for Steven, for example, the best thing in his week was he had a good time with the students. And Harley said that the best thing that happened in his week was that he had a good time at work and got a new haircut. And Max said that the best thing and his week was that he got a good grade on his history test, which is great because at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are all very talented people and we all strive to get good grades and do well on all of our exams and those things. So Olivia and I were excited about being done with finals and that was great because that meant that we did well in school and now you’re finally able to move on to the next year. So, we talk about the personal things, the fun things for us because that helps us grow closer to one another.

It helps us learn better about who we are and what we do because when we are friends, we work better as a team. So we think it’s really important here at Curtis Music Academy that we get to know one another on a deeper level than just business. Olivia and I also discussed the fact that we will be in Paris, France at the same time as each other this summer. So who knows, maybe we will team up and do something fun and musical and he all the croissants while were in Paris together. Then after we went over at the fun things that we like to do, the best part of our week highlights as we call it. We went around and we talked about the best student win of the week and when of the week is where each of our instructors will pick the coolest thing. So what we do is we go around the table and we talk about what the best thing that our student did, so how did they kill it during this week?

How did our instruction help them kill it? What did they do to be so awesome? We have so many fantastic students here at Curtis Music Academy, whether that be guitarists in its or piano student or vocal students is always very hard for our instructors to narrow down what, what the best student was, what the coolest thing that happened to them was. This is probably the best part of the meeting because it shows us how well our instructors are doing at teaching their student and how much fun they actually have while teaching Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. Because we get truly do get excited about all of the fun and awesome and amazing things that our students do. And we are stoked at the progress that they make each and every week. So we devote a significant amount of time at our team meetings just to talk about how wonderful and amazing and talented our students are and how much progress they have made sense their last meeting.

So we went around the table again and everyone told their student win of the week. So Steven started, I believe with his Dune at win of the week. And Steven is our awesome, fantastic guitar instructor who does a great job with his students. So it’s no surprise that he had a really awesome student win of the week and his moment was more of a personal moment with a student where he picked a song for them to play it. That really meant a lot to his student Dale. So Dale had the song that they were learning amazing grace. I think Steven picked it out for them to learn and deal had never played it before, but he really was touched by the song and it turns out that it’s his favorite song and it was his dad’s favorite song. So that was really awesome. Steven with able to connect with his student and that way and learn a song that means a lot to students.

Cause that’s really what we’re all about at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma when teaching Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. We are all about personal connections with our students and tailoring our growth and our Guitar Lessons in Tulsa to what student wants. So that’s exactly what Steven did in this lesson with do. He tailored it to what he wanted but he didn’t even know. So it was great. Harley also went Harley the piano instructor talked about his student win of the week and his student went out of the week, was a seven year old student that he has who just absolutely killed at the piano. She was going through things and really quickly and learn the whole song super fast and it was really awesome. For him to see that. And he was really excited to see all that progress in just one week since her last to lesson. So he was really able to gauge where she was at UC Berkeley and how well she was doing.

And it was really awesome for all of us to hear how great she was and how much progress she had made. Max also went around, our pews are guitar instructor and he talked about his student wins of the week and Max’s students also did great this week. They just really made a lot of progress and they started to actually excited about their Guitar Lessons in Tulsa, which is something that we really desire here at curves music academy. We want our students to be excited about what they’re doing, where they’re at and what they’re learning. So we make sure to tailor our Guitar Lessons in Tulsa so that they have a good time while they’re here. And Max said that his students were really starting to have a good time and you could tell that they were really enjoying where they were. And lastly, Olivia Piano Instructor, she talked about her student when another week and her student, when was a young kid, probably eight or so.

And he typically has a begrudging attitude when he comes to his Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. He gropes cause he has to be there because his parents make him. But this week apparently he got really excited to be there. And despite the fact that he always says that he has to be there, he at the end of every lesson says, oh well that was it. That’s all that was fast. Which really means that he has a good time there and enjoys his Guitar Lessons in Tulsa a lot more than he lets on. But this week he did that again. But I, if you could tell that he actually was just really excited to be there and he was happy to be taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa and actually started to enjoy the things that he was learning, which just a fantastic win for the student and for us. And we’re always excited to see whenever our students are excited.

And the last thing we talked about at the meeting was the songs that we’re going to play at our upcoming spring celebration. We are having a big spring celebration outside where all of our students can play. But in addition to our students, our instructors are also going to play songs. So they went over the songs that they were going to play, they played them for us so we could see what, what it was here, how they sounded, and then all of them play a song together just to practice and master the songs that they’re going to play. And it was a really good time. So we have very productive meetings here at Curtis Music Academy. We loved getting to know one another and we are always growing and improving ourselves. And this meeting was no different than the rest of them.