Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | First $1 Lesson

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Today, I’m going to talk about how to wow our students on the first $1 lesson. So here at Curtis Music Academy, as you might know, since we teach music lessons in Tulsa and guitar lessons in Tulsa, we have $1 lessons for just a dollar. So when a student comes in for the first time ever, they may have taken music lessons at other academies, but if it is there first time taking a lesson with us, we have a special going where we only charged them $1. So that is a pretty cool thing that separates us from most other music academies. That first $1 lesson. But you might think to yourself, well, how does that $1 guitar lessons in Tulsa work?


 How do you make any money if you’re only charging group of $1? Well, here’s the thing, we might only be charging them for $1 for that first lesson, but we do that to get people in the door. So if you know anything about sales, there’s this thing that I believe is called the purple giraffe or something like that. And all it is is a symbol, something that you can drive by and see and it says, oh, that’s cool, I should go in and check that place out because they have something that caught my eye, caught my attention, and made me want to come in. So that is what our $1 lessons serve the purpose of. 


That’s the purpose that they serve is to get people in the door. So when someone sees that we do a music lesson for just $1, that’s pretty appealing and it catches people’s eyes. So we have found at Curtis Music Academy that if we want to get business teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa, we need to have something that catches people’s eye and separates us from everyone else. And that is what that $1 lesson does. It separates Curtis Music Academy and our guitar lessons and Tulsa from everyone else’s guitar lessons and Tulsa.


 So once people come in for that $1 lesson, we just have to make sure that we make a great first impression. Because as with anything in life, it is imperative that you make a good first impression. Sure. So we make a first impression in just a variety of ways. So first and foremost, the first thing that we do is that when people drive up to the house and see our blue door, we open the door wide open and so that they make sure so we get, we can make sure that they know that they are in the right place because when you’re teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa out of a house and not a studio with the big sign out front, it can be a little difficult to find. 


So we want to make sure that we open the door wide so that people know that they’re in the right place and once they walk up to the house, we just greet them with extreme enthusiasm and we have them, we know them by name because we want to make sure that they know that they are welcome and that we are excited to have them here because we genuinely are at Curtis Music Academy. When we are teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa, we are genuinely excited when we get a new student in the door because we want the opportunity to share what we love with everyone else. So that’s what these first lessons allow us to do. And once they come in the door and we are so excited to see them, what we do next is we bring them in and we offer them a nice beverage. So we’ll say, Hi Luke, I’m so glad you came in for your first lesson today. 


We are so excited to have you. Can we offer you something to drink? We’ve got coffee, tea, and water. It’s a really good season to have water because it is just so hot outside that people love to come in and drink a refreshing glass of water before their music lesson, but offering them beverages even though most people say no, it’s just really good, hospitable. It’s a really good, hospitable thing to do and it makes people feel really welcome and comfortable in the space as if it were their own. And that is really what we want is we would just want people to be comfortable here. So after we offered them a beverage, we take them to their the room where they will be taking their first lesson and introduced them to their instructor. 


And that gives them an opportunity just to meet in the same space and be comfortable around their instructor by just being able to sit in there with them and chat about the day. So after they have been introduced to the instructor, they get the opportunity to chat for a little bit before their lesson starts. And I think this really makes a big difference in the students’ lessons. They genuinely need to feel comfortable with the instructor that they have, whether they’re young or old students. They need to be friends with, their instructor needs to be someone that they can count on and someone who’s nice and friendly. 


So we really emphasize that when we are hiring people at Curtis Music Academy, we have nice, friendly instructors who genuinely care about their students both personally, professionally, so someone that they can talk about their day to while also helping them grow. At whatever instrument they’re trying to learn. So when we are teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa, we truly and genuinely value the student and the instructor and we want to make sure that the instructor feels the same way about the students. So after the student arrives for the first $1 lesson and we greet them with enthusiasm, bring them inside, offered them a beverage, let them speak to their instructor. What happens next is the best part of it all 


the lesson itself. So depending on the student’s skill level and how well they know the instrument that they’re learning, that depends on what the, what the student learns in their first lesson is dependent upon what they have learned before, what they know. So if they are an absolute beginner and have never held a guitar before, one of the first things that the instructor is going to do in that $1 lesson, it showed them how to hold a guitar. They will explain to them the strings and how the guitar operates and how to hold it in. The best places to put your fingers is that as first and foremost what you have to learn before you can take actual guitar lessons and Tulsa. But if a student comes to us who has taken guitar lessons for years and they just want to brush up on their skills, obviously we will start with something a little bit more challenging and difficult just to get a feel for where they are in their musical journey. 


So that first lesson is really where we get to know the student and know what their background is, know what they want to learn. So it’s really important that we learn their past in music in their future being where they want to go and what their goals are for taking guitar lessons and Tulsa. Because if we don’t know where the student wants to go, what they want to learn and why they’re taking guitar lessons and Tulsa, then we really don’t know what to teach them. It’s really difficult for us to teach if we don’t know what they want to learn. So we put a big emphasis here at Curtis Music Academy on the students, individual goals and individual learning. It’s a really big deal for us. So that first $1 lesson is great opportunity for us to get to know our students and where the band and what they want to where they want to go. 


So we really try at Curtis Academy to make a great first impression when it comes to first $1 lessons. That first impression is really it really important to us and we pull out all the stops to make sure that it is a great lesson and that we make that first impression on the student, the student’s parent or whoever is with them. Because we want to show first and foremost that we are different than other music schools in Tulsa and that we do things differently. And that is what sets us apart and makes us a really great place to learn. So at Curtis Music Academy, we have lessons for $1. If it’s your first ever guitar lesson and Tulsa, and at that $1 lesson you will really learn all of the basics of the instrument. And everything that you want to learn because we make it our top priority to make sure that we tailor all of our instruction individually to the student.