Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Joy Through The Rigor

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Now I want to take a second to talk about the last thing on our Curtis Music Academy differentiator sheet. The sheets that I’ve talked to about the Tine in previous podcasts and even before that we call it the Curtis difference and it kind of outlines the difference in Curtis Music Academy and all other music schools. From our personal experience as instructors, we have found out that we know a lot of information about other music schools. It gives us a really great opportunity just to, to kind of see what exactly we wanted to do a critical music academy to make ourselves different from the ones that we had experienced in the past to make ourselves better. 


That’s kind of what you do when you have so many people. We have seven or eight instructors now and all of them have taken professional guitar lessons in Tulsa for a very long time, so they know exactly what it’s like and exactly ways that they can personally improve upon what they knew. So it’s really awesome way for us to show the difference in Curtis Music Academy and other music schools. I know I’ve pointed to it a lot, but now I want to go over the fourth and final thing on the Curtis different sheet, the one that outlines our values and what we stand for. I Curtis Music Academy. 


So the fourth thing on this sheet is joy through the rigor. All this really means is that at Curtis Music Academy, when you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, whether they be guitar lessons in Tulsa or guitar lessons or vocal lessons, songwriting, anything like that, we want to make sure that we show you joy and excitement through the pain. So obviously when you’re learning music, it’s not going to be easy just as anything else requires a ton of work, a ton of practice, and just a ton of effort on any student’s part. So we know that it’s not easy, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you and it through that hardship that you’re going to face. 


Inevitably, we want to praise you and build you up instead of tearing you down. That we have found out a lot of other music schools. So akronist music academy, we value building up our students and helping them grow. We want to have fun with our students and help them get excited about music because like we’ve said a million times, if our instructors are not excited about music that their teaching, then how on earth can we expect our students to be excited about the music as well? So we have to be pumped and excited and ready to teach our students whenever the opportunity presents itself because we want to make sure that they’re having a good time. 


Obviously it is hard, but we want to make sure that we help them in any way that we can. So one of the things that we do is we work with our students closely and build them when they make mistakes. So for example, if a student messes up nine times in a row on this specific note and the part of the song, they’re going to start to feel frustrated and they want to give up. But when they finally get it right, maybe on the 10th 11th 12th try, we will be excited. We will be pumped. Giving them high five isn’t saying how proud we are of them because we know the importance of building people up and showing them that we care about them and that we are being supportive of them and their music efforts


. So we want to show that even when they make mistakes that they are, they don’t have to be perfect to take guitar lessons in Tulsa because no one is perfect and no one is perfect at music. So we want to make sure that we’re showing our students they can take guitar lessons in Tulsa no matter what level they’re at or no matter how hard of a time that they’re having. And I think our students really appreciate this because instead of wanting to give up after they’ve messed up so many times, once they finally get it right and we’re excited for them, I think it gives them the extra motivation and the push that they have to keep going even when they’re bound to make more mistakes as they go. 


We want to make sure that we are being so exciting and so uplifting that they can’t help but feel uplifted as well. We want to be proud of their efforts and show them how proud we are. So that’s one of the best things that we do at critical music academy as opposed to other schools, is that we don’t punish our students for making mistakes. In fact, we praise them when they make mistakes. We praise them when they get things right. They’re way they know that our support isn’t just tied to their performance, but the fact that they’re growing and working on their music skills in general because just because they get one note wrong, it doesn’t mean that they’re not growing musically or working hard towards their goals or continuing to move forward. 


We want to show them that performance is not the only thing that we’re basing our praise on. So we love that. We do that here at Curtis Music Academy. I’m going to go ahead and read you what the sheet says. Under the Curtis Music Academy side, it says joy through the rigor. As you make steady progress, we will celebrate your growth and efforts. We’ll have fun and make sure you enjoy your experience with guitar lessons in Tulsa and performances. So we just want to make sure that our students are having a good time when they’re taking music lessons, want to make sure that they’re having fun and learning at the same time. 


It’s what was something that we really value. Acronyms. Music Academy is the excitement and support aspect of it all. We know how important support is and how much a student’s life can change if someone is just supportive of them and helps them through the hard times that they are inevitably going to face. So opposing the Curtis difference stopped. We’ve got the other music schools section and this side says out of touch, the training is typically lead to a boring recital that is at a hot sweaty church. The purpose of this event will be to show off the star pupil leaving you wanting to leave as quickly as possible. 


So this kind of talks ties in to our celebration that we’ve talked about and how we are certain that we have fun celebrations that showcase the strengths and talents of every single one of our students. Not just one star student who will be down all the rest because it’s not a competition and we want to showcase all of our students and all of the crows and discovery that they have made through our taking music lessons. We want to make sure that we make that a priority and not just the performance aspect of things. We want our students to be confident and have fun and be excited about playing more than we want them to be perfect up on stage. So that just goes along with all the things that I’ve talked about. Now we want to make sure that we are different and that we stayed true to the values that we’ve put forth on this sheet. We want to make sure that we are showing them the joy that they need to see that we’re uplifting them and helping them out, being supportive even when they make a mistake.