Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Preparing for Lessons

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So today I want to talk about the importance of preparing for your guitar lessons in Tulsa before you go to teach them. So just as in anything, teaching music lessons, whether the piano lessons or guitar lessons of book club, since all of that requires a ton of effort and preparation. Now the more you teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, the more you teach guitar, piano, or vocal lessons these year, it becomes depart for them. For example, Ron doesn’t really have to prepare much anymore because he has a really good memory and he knows exactly what the students are learning and it’s pretty straight forward. He started teaching them anything that hard.


 That’s not to say he doesn’t have a ton of work to do outside of his guitar lessons in Tulsa because he definitely does. I have seen runs to do list to just definitely full of things, but for the most part his lessons prepared things a lot easier because he’s so used to it by now.So just kind of just system they have to get into in. The more that you do it, the easier it becomes. So guitar lessons and Tulsa, whether it’s vocal lessons or panelists, whatever kind of lesson, it might be just important that you prepare for your lesson. 


So just as anything else it has required a lot of preparation. For example, one way that you can prepare for you guitar lessons in Tulsa is by preparing some materials so you can take notes. When did she think students, for example, if you have a student at four 30 on Monday, take notes to at the lesson, pick notes on what they’re learning, what you taught them and what they’re struggling with. That way on Wednesday, I’m sorry, next Monday, whenever they take lessons again, it’s really easy for you to just to kind of remember what they’re learning. That isn’t one awesome way to do it.


Just to take notes so you can write down exactly what they’re learning and what they find difficult and what you wanted to teach them next time. So prepping like that is really good, but to do it the other way you can prepare for your lessons. Just by thinking back on what you learned while you were in lessons and kind of criticism from there. So talked a ton about our guitar curriculum and we do teach lessons obviously that are goals based. It’s not to say that we don’t have some sort of basic guideline for instructors, so if you get stuck when preparing for your music lessons, whether they’re guitar, vocal or piano, one thing that you can do to prepare is to take a look at this guide that we’ve created.


 One of our instructors has created, it kind of shows you exactly what needs to be accomplished in guitar lessons, no matter how you choose to do it. So for example, then he just orange trim and patterns so you can pick a various song that they like and the type of music that they enjoy and make it make it that song that you teach them different, showing patterns, things of that nature. It’s very flexible. That’s the best part is that you can tailor it to any specifics to goals or desires, but it doesn’t need to be probably something similar to a showman pattern. That way they can start to play songs as they go. So it’s just a nice little guideline to have to look over what you’re teaching guitar lessons because it shows you exactly what the students need to learn, how you can teach it to them in a pretty simple and straight forward manner. 


So that’s one of the awesome things about a little guitar curriculum that we’ve created. We have the same thing for piano. So if you’re burpee for piano lessons for example, you can take a look at the book and see what you want to teach to the next. It doesn’t exactly have to be an order. In fact, it’s usually a little bit more boring if you’re teaching lessons in order. But one of the ways that you can do that just to look through the book, see what you want to teach the next. We also have a master sheet for piano. 


It’s not quite the same as the guitar curriculum cause it does come straight out of the book, but it doesn’t have to be an order. That’s the wonderful thing. While these things are designed sometimes to keep the things in order so that that’s kind of a logical structure of things. It doesn’t have to be that way. Take 10 really wants to let a particular song, but it does the car a little bit of pre knowledge, background knowledge, whatever. You can go ahead and teach them the things that they can need to know before they can play that song. That way they can indeed play the song cause I think that’s something really cool that you can do is if you shouldn’t test, I want to learn this specific song by this artist is one of my favorite songs.


 You can prepare them for that song, but teaching them all the prerequisites. So on piano that might be something like teaching them the chord structure, teaching the different notes that they’re going to have to play in the song and then working in to the melody or something like that. Even if you requires some arranging. But another thing that you can do if you’re grabbing for guitar lessons is kind of go over with that strumming pattern is going to sound like and then focus on the notes more specifically, so that the student will soon be preapred to learn and play the entire song, the song that they want to learn in guitar lessons in Tulsa. That’s why its so awesome to prepare for teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy by checking on the amazing guitar curriculum and instructor guide that we have created so that you will be able to teach your students both the things that they want to learn and the things that they need to learn.