Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Correcting a Mistake

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How to correct a mistake in a positive way during private guitar lessons in Tulsa. Guitar students make mistakes. It happens. We are human. As young beginners learn how to play guitar and Tulsa, Oklahoma, they might have confusion on how to play individual chords or they might struggle with just moving their finger on to the strings. As you know, beginning guitar students tend to have issues pushing down strength to their full capacity and cords tend to buzz at other music schools. Instructors might get frustrated with their student and encourage them to play more, to push down harder until their fingers bleed on the guitar strings. Well, that’s not the case at Curtis Music Academy. Our instructors of private guitar lessons in Tulsa will not pressure any student to make their fingers raw and for them to be in agony as they are trying to master the guitar. What we will do instead is provide positive feedback and it’s like, Hey, I see that you’re trying to push down the strings to make the g chord.

How about you move your fingers closer to the fret? That looks good, but to play that chord better. Here’s what you could do instead. So by recognizing what the student is doing by recognizing their effort, by recognizing the young beginners on guitars, willingness to try something new. We try to provide our students with instruction that’s going to motivate them to try harder and to practice longer so that they can grow in playing guitar. If your guitar student makes a mistake, it’s okay, everyone makes a mistake. Don’t bring your baggage or your day into the situation. It’s not a big deal in the scheme of things. If a student makes a mistake, the world will go on. Tulsa, Oklahoma will be okay. No tornadoes are going to come out of the sky, praise the Lord. But what we can do is we can address the mistake in a positive way.

Like, Hey, I can see that you are trying to play this note, as you are playing your moving your ring finger to the third string. That’s just an example of a way that a teacher could help a student make a minor adjustment to correct that mistake that was being played typically. Um, what we like the guitar instructors to do it at Curtis Music Academy is to have a student go home and to practice new content. And when they come back to pull out their guitar tabs and to run through the song that they had been practicing for their 30 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa, as they are playing their guitar tab, they will play the song all the way through without having the instructor chime in during the song. If a mistake is made, if a mistake is made, the guitar instructor will take note of the mistake and see if it just happened.

This one instance or if it’s repeating over and over and over and over and over again. If it’s repeating over again, the guitar and structure will first analyze what the issue is. Is it that they’re not close enough to the front? Is The fingering wrong? Did they not change the chords quick enough during the strumming pattern? What was the mistake? So they’ll have to be able to identify the mistake. If it’s a one time mistake, it’s better for the guitar instructor to let the private student during the guitar lessons in Tulsa. Just correct the mistake on their own. More than likely students will recognize and hear that a mistake was made and they will self correct the mistake before the guitar instructor has to say anything. If the mistake is continuing to be repeated. Um, the, throughout the first time playing through the song and the instructor might say something of, hey, how did practice go this week?

And at that time the student might say, Hey, you know, I didn’t have time to practice for my 30 minute lesson or I was unsure about how to play this chord. So I’m trying my best. And more than likely they can identify their mistake before the instructor brings it up during guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s better for the student to recognize a mistake was played, than to have the guitar instructor point it out. This shows that the student is comfortable with their guitar instructor during their private lesson and look to their guitar instructor as a Mentor Guitar teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma and somebody that is willing to, you know, get in to the mud and get, understand what the mistake was, how to combat the mistake and how to overcome the mistake and have victory in the song. So if a student recognizes their mistake first, that is something to be celebrated and our guitar instructors will be like, yes you are correct.

That was a mistake. But here you’re really close to how to actually play it. Let’s try by moving these two fingers and hear the sound different. Okay, great. So let’s practice our muscle memory exercises to solidify and lock in this guitar chord. Um, usually when a mistake is made, it’s identified, then the mistake is corrected during the piece. The student might not play it up to the speed or the tempo of the song because they might be focusing on correcting the mistake. But more times than not, the student is able to correct and identify the mistake within the 30 minute lesson. Again, if you are a guitar instructor, do not be the type of guitar director was like, that sucked, try it again or oh my gosh, I can tell that you did not practice all week and I am so offended that you did not practice guitar this week, get out of my studio.

That is not Curtis Music Academy. We are a family owned and operated business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have lives outside of our profession. We understand that not everybody wants to be a rock star. Not everybody wants to play for their friends. Many people are learning the guitar just to play their favorite songs at home in their room, in private, but other people might want to perform for crowds. So how the student wants to meet their goals will determine how the instructor will correct mistakes. If it is a young novice student, the instructor will, be much more open to mistakes that occur often as opposed to somebody who’s really wanting to perform, live in front of other people. But all in all, mistakes happen. We are human. I’m sure every single guitar instructor has had a moment where they made a mistake while playing live in front of other people in.

The best part is, is that guitar instructors in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy are relatable. And so they can share about times when they made a mistake and they overcame that mistake. Um, and whore, you know, the horrific horror. I was playing live unaccompanied and I blew a song and I messed up so bad I had to start again. And guess what? Life continued and the rest of the night was fine. So mistakes happen and our instructors will help the private guitar students, whether they be young child beginners or even adult beginning guitar students. They’re 30 minute lesson will be tailored to meet the goals of each individual student. And Guitar instructors will recognize that mistakes happen. We’re just human. We can correct the mistake and address the mistake without degrading the student because the student does not own the mistake. The mistake is just something that happens. So guitar instructors be kind to your students.