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The next thing that I want to talk about in this podcast is the importance of keeping track of your to do list. So I record music Academy. There are a bunch of people doing a bunch of things and they’re always a ton of moving parts on in terms of tasks and who’s going to be here at what time? Like I talked about the instructor hours list, I wanna make sure I bet the availability, right? We’ve got schedules going out so that all this instructors know when to be here and know what their student’s names are, all that. There’s a ton of administrative logistic capabilities that are required to run this music Academy effectively. 


So I just want to kind of go over a couple of those things just to show you how important these things are. So all of our instructors have Google calendars and we want to make sure that we update that with all of their students, things like that.And then Ron and I both have to do lists around at the to do list that’s very long and it’s good divided up by month and day. So he always knows what he should be working on because there are a million moving parts and a million thinks that he has to do. In addition to just teaching guitar lessons Tulsa like he does, there’s always tasks that he has to do to prepare for a student’s.


 For example, he does a lot of arranging songs for civically for our students, so he has to make sure that he’s able to get those done in the week before the next students lesson. Basically that he has them available for him. He has a very intricate sticky note system over here on the desk with details, all the things that he asked it to you and you also has a big extensive online sheet that talks about what his daily to do lists look like and what all the things he has to balance are. So it’s really important that we keep track of these things. That way we get them done in a timely and efficient manner.


This is one of the ways that the Curtis music Academy is able to work so efficiently and effectively is that we have constant to do lists. Even myself had as the administrative assistant. That’s part time. Even I have a to do list that typically doesn’t have very much on it anymore, but it is still important. It helps me keep track of all the things that I need to do. And in addition to that, we also have a list of things that people can do when they’re here. So some of our instructors have a gap between their guitar lessons Tulsa and instead of just waiting around not doing anything, we’ve created a list of things that are introduced, can do to make sure that they’re being productive and efficient while they’re here and during working hours.


So some of these things are wiping down the table, washing the cups in the sink, watering the plants, greeting the door, dusting things, organizing the magazines, fixing the pillows on the couch and fluffing them, things like that. There are a million things that can be done around here just to make sure that we’re keeping the place up and running and doing so efficiently and effectively to maximize the productivity and the pleasure of our students while the here and the, the productivity of our instructors. Though is also important that we keep track of their availability in terms of when they are teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. 


So it’s really important that we know when this instructor are taking guitar lessons Tulsa  and what the student’s name are. So that one of the big things we can do is introduce ourselves to the students and know them by name. So for example, one of the things that I do when I come into work, as I look at the schedule and I see you who has guitar lessons Tulsa in the next couple of hours so that I can remember their names.That way when they come into Curtis music Academy, if I have to work my way out into the living room or something, I want to be able to say hello and introduce myself in know them by name. Because we do have to access that information.


 It’s just really important that we actually utilize it. So that’s one of the things that we’ve told the other instructors to do is learn other student’s names who are there at the same time that the instructor is teaching because they will inevitably bump into them. And they also important that we open the door and let them come inside so that they don’t feel weird standing outside and we don’t want them to, we want them to make sure that they feel welcome and warm inside. So we want to make sure that they’re able to come inside and know, feel weird about it.


So our instructors really big that they play a role in that by opening the door and welcoming the student in that family in with a smile on their face and letting them come inside and sit on the couch that they can wave their instructed arrive if they’re not there yet. So it is important that the instructor does stop their lesson in order to let that happen. Let the people outside want to make sure that they’re always feeling welcome and cozy. It’s one of the things that’s most important about our comfortable space, but it doesn’t really have to be the space asked you what the people in the space. So it’s still important that our instructors are making everyone feel welcome and things of that nature.


 So looking at the schedule in advance and seeing who has guitar lessons Tulsa done, what time is really critical to helping create the music Academy run smoothly and most efficiently and effectively. So it is incredibly important that everyone here at Curtis music Academy, both Ron and the instructors and me, the administrative assistant, that we all know people’s names that we’re familiar with them and that were friendly faces for them to see when they come into Curtis music Academy. We will never want to feel comforted and welcome when they walk in the door. It’s really important for us to know that even in order to do that. 


So it’s one of the biggest things we can do at Curtis music Academy and to make sure that everything is running efficiently. But like I started with this podcast with, I do want to talk about the importance of our to do list and how organized to keep us. One of the biggest things, so we’re able to do, and just in general, if the student is trying to practice, then they have a lot to do.It’s really important that they also craft some sort of to do lists that they have it all on written down in mind because if it’s out of sight, it’s definitely out of mind. 


But if you have it written down on a to do list, it’s a lot easier to keep track of all the things that you have to do because we’re all busy people, the instructors raw and myself and students all around the world alike. We’re all incredibly busy and there’s a lot to keep up with, but doing to do lists and keeping track of it that way is one of the most effective and efficient ways that you can keep track of the things that you can do and keep your business or your practicing schedule running smoothly.