Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Maximizing Effectiveness

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In this topic of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I will be discussing how to maximize the effectiveness of guitar lessons in Tulsa. Now before we jump into this, I’ve been a guitar instructor for almost a year with Curtis music Academy, I would say nearly eight months. So not quite there yet, but we’re moving close and it’s been a blast getting to work for the Curtis music Academy and I will, I wouldn’t work anywhere else. There’s no other music Academy in the world that is greater. And it has been the one of the most fun years of my life as a musician, as a guitar instructor. 


And I can’t wait to do it even more. And so here are a few ways you, we as instructors can maximize the effectiveness of our guitar lessons in Tulsa. First thing I would suggest is that you know, things about guitar guitar lessons in Tulsa to begin with. First that you have guitar knowledge. So first would be knowledge. And second, I would say understanding your student. You know, once you have the knowledge, then you get the student. And so whenever you acquire a student, understand that that student has dreams, has hopes, has goals, and are asking you to help them reach their goals with guitar, they’re expecting you to know how to get them from a to Z. And Z might be a goal such as playing and Madison square garden has a guitar player 


Playing in concert at Madison square garden or simply playing for their family and they’re at their home in the living room. It can be as simple as that. It can be as simple as, you know, playing for a school talent show or a family we’re union or simply for mom or simply for dad or both, or for brother or sister or friends or maybe they just want a music career. You know, you never know what their goal is. And so, you know, understanding your student and what they’re needing to do, they’re wanting to do where they’re wanting to go. 


There’s going to be an incredibly important step after, you know, their goals, begin to, plan, plan. How maybe you, what they need to know. You know, we know that, you know, I would ask the who, what, when, where, and why, you know, we know the who they want you to teach them. They know what they want to accomplish. They may not know why they’re doing it, but they’re doing it maybe because, probably because it’s just cool and it would be fun, right? Fun or cool or sometimes serious. They’re really serious. So fun, cool or serious. 


And then when, you know, when do we want to accomplish these goals? You know, when would it be a year from now? You know, would it be two years from now, six months from now, one month from now, you know, assess the, the time on their goals. Where [inaudible] are they going to be in three, six, 12 months, 18 months, in 24 months, you know, two years. Where are they going to be in set amount of time. And so, and then how, you know, how are we gonna get there? And that’s where you come into play. How are we gonna get there? 


How are we gonna get there? Im your instructor, right? They’re looking to you for the answer. And so one way you can give them that answer is by being prepared always in season, out of season, whether you have a few students, whether you have many students being prepared by growing as an instructor all the time. You want to each week set aside at least one hour where you study music and it’s various forms. Whether that is how bands work, how music theory is always a good choice. And I would seek out the areas of weakness, maybe that you have some areas where you’re not very strong in your guitar skills or in your guitar knowledge and start there, you know, start, start with what you don’t know and solidify what you do know, you know, after you’ve studied what you don’t know.


 And so this will be very big, a very big help. And one way that you can maximize your guitar lessons in Tulsa. We left off on planning, you know, you want to plan. And one way I plan is to, you know, start with the end in mind. You know, where are they wanting to go? And then breaking those goal, that goal down into, you know, as long as they want to be taught, you know, you want to build them correctly. So say they want to learn thunder by imagine dragons. Well we know that the song has chords, it has a strong pattern and it has lyrics. 


And so what need to do is break those down into at least a month and four weeks. They can learn the song completely. So you take the whole song, you break it down. First we want to learn the courts, you know, and then teach them how to maybe chart those courts so that they can continue playing those chords at home without your help. Okay. So I would teach, you know, cord charting first and then teach them the courts after you taught them the courts. I would teach them strum patterns, but simple strum patterns, maybe single strums where you just drum downwards. 


So just Down’s drones and then I’m counting those down trumps as one, two, three, four. And in my knowledge the song is in four, four times. So I know that there are four beats per bar per measure, four beats per bar and 16 beats per measure. And so you break that down. All you’ll have to do is for each court strum four times downwards and just count each time you strummed. That’ll be the easiest way to start learning fender. And then from there you just kind of break down each section of the song. 


You know, you’ve got the, the intro, which is just GNC, then you got the, the pre course, which is GC, E minor D, and then you’ve got the chorus chords. And then of course you have the bridge chords. And so breaking down each one, I would try to knock out two per guitar lessons in Tulsa. Two, you know, which will give you, you know, basically by the fourth week you should be able to knock out the entire song and play it together and then begin perfecting it and the next month after that. And so that’ll kind of help you kind of break down the sections in guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


And then what you can do is just begin after those four weeks of bridge, breaking down the chords and the strum pattern begin to add. Once they’ve kind of gotten down the strum pattern, the simple strum pattern gotten down the chords, I would begin transitions, you know, transitioning, transitioning in time. So I think transitioning and rhythm really come hand in hand. But, I would begin transitioning pre metronome is what we call pre metronome time where you just give them a verbal count as slow as they need it. You want to go at the pace of no mistakes. So, you know, go as slow as one and two and three and four and see how well they can transition from court to court without a consumer consistent and a faster metronome. 


And so that is one way you can help them with that. Lastly, bring it all together. Just kind of, you know, start from, you know, the intro and then work your way down to the bridge. And to do this, I would have a predesigned format of where you’re going to go, such as intro, verse one pre-chorus chorus, verse two, pre-chorus chorus two and then bridge and then chorus, and then end. I would write that down on the sheet of paper that you are having them read the chords from, usually a customized document. When it comes to the Curtis music Academy. As a guitar teacher, I’m going to be printing those out for them. And so you want to have that ready and just to write it in pen or already have it documented in your program through your program on the customized document. Make that part of the customization of guitar lessons in Tulsa. This will ensure that you help your student break down the song.