Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Reflecting on My Guitar Lessons

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In this fourth edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast, we’re going to begin discussing healthy reflection and what that means. My name is Steven and I am the administrator at Curtis Music Academy. I give and help organize the office here and I also am the host of most of the podcasts that take place during the week to help us reach more Google searches when it comes to our music school. And also I’m an instructor who teaches beginner piano, mainly acoustic guitar lessons in tulsa and also vocal lessons. 


And so I have a prominent place here at the academy and I love, Love, love, love, love being here at the academy where I can teach and help students grow the topics we’re gonna talk about today. The topic we’re gonna talk about today is healthy reflection. As an instructor. We’re going to talk about how we’re really doing as instructors, how we can involve others into assessing ourselves as we teach guitar lessons in Tulsa. Also, how we can invest in ourselves and how we can develop the right mindset to receiving feedback from others as well. 


So without further ado,  we’re going to talk about how we are really doing as instructors. I think the first step to growth is knowing that you need to grow is understanding that you’re not perfect and that you do make mistakes and that that’s okay. So 0.1, if you’re writing or taking notes is it’s okay if you’re not perfect. How are we really doing as instructors? I like to ask my, I like to be honest with myself because that is humility, being open and honest with where we’re really at. And that is the first step to growth. So, I would challenge you to ask yourself how you’re really doing, how you’re really doing in your guitar lessons in Tulsa. How effective are you in your lessons? How is your knowledge on your instrument currently? Is it where you want it to be? How well do you dress? 


How well is your image going to your instructing academy? How well do others perceive you? Do they perceive you as credible or do they perceive you as someone an attracted that doesn’t really know what they’re doing? You want them to view you as a prominent in a top of the line instructor. And so by you knowing what you’re talking about and you every, and being consistent with that with your students and that your students are growing the fruit of you know, how you begin to grow at home, how you read books, things like that is coming across through your, through your students. And they are becoming and bearing fruit and becoming better as a result is a definite plus so that other people can see that and they can be like, dude, I want to go with this instructor who teaches guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so that’s what you want. 


That’s the type of feedback. That’s the type of talk that you want about yourself as an instructor. So being honest with where you’re really at is the first step of growth. And so assessing that spot, that position is key to becoming an awesome musician, an awesome instructor and awesome person and awesome human being in your life. So, being real with yourself, that is absolutely point number one.


Point two is involving others in the assessment. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean grabbing anyone and everyone to tell you how good or how not so good you are. We need an accurate evaluation of your ability to teach guitar lessons in Tulsa. Your first step here is to seek out three to five people that you can genuinely trust. When I say trust, I mean trust to give you honest and loving and constructive criticism. Effective feedback that builds you and encourages you because these are they going to be the people who really want to see you succeed in life and in whatever endeavors you so pleased to do so involving others. 


When you involve others, you want to choose three to five people who you really trust and know that they love you and have the intention of helping you grow and succeed in life. For me that is my wife. That is my friend, my pastor friend John Coats. That is my friend who now lives in Chicago. I can always ask these, these are three people I’ll get to the other two. These are three people that have been in my life through thick and thin. When I was doing great and I wasn’t doing great and they, they’ve encouraged me throughout the entire time process and they’ve been honest with me and loved me through those things. And so these are the people that I choose to share my life with and share my, my positives and my negatives with other two people are. My current pastor and a friend that I used to work with and finance and the finance industry and his name is Adam. 


And these guys really helped me to stay on the straight and narrow, so to speak. They really helped me become better and see things that I might not see in myself and see potential that I might not see in myself. They can share with me the positives and the negatives of guitar lessons in Tulsa. They can help me see where my strengths are, where I have great opportunity and then my negatives or weaknesses of where I need strengthening or things that I shouldn’t even bother strengthening. Because they are just, it’s okay to not be 100% well rounded or perfect. They teach me to play to my strengths and that when I played to my strengths, I add the most value. As an instructor for guitar lessons in Tulsa, it is vitally important to help others reach your needs as you teach. So you want to involve others as the main point and three to five people that you really, genuinely trust and love and you know that they trust and love you and want you to succeed. 


My advice to you is to play to your strengths in whatever you do, because where your strengths are is where you will add the most value. And then as a tip, you know, our weaknesses is where we connect with each other as human beings. So whenever you share your weaknesses, even as an instructor for guitar lessons in Tulsa, you are opening a door for someone to connect with you and to walk in and build a relationship with you.


My third point is receiving feedback as you teach guitar lessons in Tulsa. And the mindset you need to receive that feedback with. You want to, you never want to go into a session when you’re seeing feedback with a, I don’t want to get better. You don’t want to, you don’t want that mindset. You don’t want a fixed mindset of I’m just going to do this and I’m never going to stop doing this thing because that is not the path to growth. 


The path to growth says there’s gonna be some changes that need to be made along the way. And I’m willing to make those changes as long as it is helpful to others and myself. And so, having a mindset, there’s two types of mindsets that is a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. And at least that’s your approach to this. My approach to this. And so as an example, whenever I go to someone and say, you know, so and so I need your feedback on this. I realize, I remember this is the first step that I’m not great at this and I want to know what ways I can improve. One, I’m displaying humility and the awareness of myself and self-awareness that I am not great, but I want to be better and I’m, I’m seeking help. We all could be better at teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa! If there was a perfect guitar instructor, then many people would be out of jobs. So, if you’re looking for guitar lessons in Tulsa, call us up. We know that it is important having a growth mindset that understands that changes need to be made and I’m willing to make those changes is key. 


A fixed mindset is saying that I’m this way, I’m never going to change. This is the way it is and nothing, my actions will never be different than what they are now. That is a fixed mindset and that is an unhealthy mindset because you will become stagnant and the same person that you are now just ten five, 10 20 years down the line, and that’s, that’s not growth. And if you’re not growing, then you’re not learning. If you’re not learning, then you’re not really contributing to your life or even other’s lives. And so you’re, you become an unhealthy and really pointless person to be around and no one wants to be that. Don’t be a terrible person when you’re teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. Be gentle and kind. 


So let’s grow. Let’s choose to grow. Let’s choose to have a growth mindset. And I want to challenge you when you do find the three to five people who you can trust and who you love and they trust and love you and want you to succeed in life. 


Once you find those individuals, go to them with a growth mindset so that you can become better as a, as a man, as a woman, as a human being, as an instructor, in whatever field or whatever instrument that you’re in so that you can grow and others can grow as well. Remember, when the leader gets better, everyone gets better. You are the leader and some cases in your life. And so you want to constantly be getting better. And leadership just means that you have influence and so you have influence. Use Your influence, through displaying a growth mindset so that you can become better and the others can become better, especially your students as well.