Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | The Importance of Natural Light

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Today, I’m going to talk about the importance of natural light in both at the studio space and in the waiting area all around. Just the importance of natural light when taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma, here at Curtis Music Academy. So we have a studio house and that is because we love the feeling of being at home. It’d be uncomfortable in our space. So obviously we had the option to choose a more sterile corporate space to teach lessons. We could have taught in a million different places, but we chose to teach out of a house because we really enjoyed the feel of it. And part of that feel, it comes from the importance of designing a space specifically for taking lessons that feels like home. And I’ve said it a million times before, but we have put in a ton of effort to making sure that we have a clean, comfortable, inviting space that allows for the best learning environment for students who are taking music lessons in Tulsa.

So part of the importance of having a clean, comfortable space, one of the things that makes it clean and comfortable is natural light. And our studio space has a ton of windows in it that provide for a ton of natural light. So right when you walk in the door you will be in our lobby area and when you’re in the lobby area to your left, there are two windows that face the front side of the house. We always have those blinds open to let the natural light in for the people who are waiting on their students to take music lessons. So they’re usually people in the waiting room sitting on our comfortable couches, drinking a glass of tea or coffee or water. And we have two windows there to provide a lot of natural light, make them feel comfortable and at home, not in a dark Stephie space and on the wall adjacent to that wall.

So just around the corner there are two more windows that face the house next door and those are just another opportunity to provide natural light and the waiting room area. And it is really important that we provide that natural light in the waiting room area for the parents and siblings of the students who are taking the lessons because natural light makes people feel comfortable, calm and at peace. And honestly it is one of the big factors in why enjoy staying here with us by they enjoy coming to their students lessons because they have a comfortable place to sit where they are surrounded by windows and light and they are very comfortable and natural light as simply just proven to be a stress relieving as it feels more like you’re outside and less in a stuffy, dark studio space. So it alleviates a lot of stress for both the parents and the students.

And oftentimes parents come in here, they had to drive their kid places all day. Now their guitar lessons in Tulsa and honestly would probably rather be at home. But since we have created such a comfortable space, it’s all that natural light flowing in. It allows them to let go of the stress of the day and just sit there relaxing in the fact that their student will be done in half an hour and it’s really great for the parents who are waiting and just as natural light is a stress reliever for the parents, allows them to relax while their student is taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. is also a stress reliever for the students because the students just got back from school most of the time they’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa in the late afternoon, so they’ve been gone from home all day sitting in a dark classroom, learning things they really don’t want to learn about and then they come here and we have fright.

Open space that feels close to home, much more close to home. Then school does and providing that natural light, just gift them relaxation and peace. So they’ve been in school in dark rooms all day and they can come to their lesson and bask in the sunlight as it appears in through the windows. It almost feels like you’re outside. There’s so much natural light in our studio house that it feels like it feels like you’re outside. So not only are there for windows providing natural light in the waiting room area, there are two more windows and the dining room where we have our team meetings with the five gray chairs around on the table. So we have our team meetings at the table and we like to keep the windows open for the team meetings as well because the natural light just makes it feel like an open space.

When something is bright and open you are far more relaxed and our instructors are relaxed and they don’t mind being here after teaching their guitar lessons in Tulsa because they are surrounded by so much light and warmth. So not only other guitar lessons in Tulsa i windows in the waiting room area and in the dining room area, but there are also lots of windows in both of our studio rooms. And this is the most important thing about having natural light is that the natural light is located in the right places and, and just really great that the natural light is in the studio rooms because once again, it allows the students to relax and the instructors to relax, to feel like they’re in a warm space with as little stress and anxiety as possible. So we set out to, when we decided that we wanted a home studio space, we set out to find one that was perfect for teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa and natural light.

It was one of the key things that we looked for. So when we found a space that had two studio rooms with lots of windows and each of them, we decided that it would be perfect for teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa because we knew the sheer importance of natural light and all the windows. So in the second studio room, which is actually a little bit darker than the first one, there are two windows and the two windows. We also like to keep open because the light appears in and it’s close to the piano so the windows are right on the wall adjacent to the piano, farthest from the door and the light just peers in when a student is sitting at the piano and they could look out at the sunshine while they’re taking their lesson, learning all of the fun stuff from their fund instructor and almost feel like they are outside with the sunshine and the instructor as well as really close to the window so they’re able to also pure out and see all the fun things that are happening outside while they are teaching that music lesson.

It just provides a sense of relief and calmness when you can look outside and see the sun shining. It really does work wonders for learning and for teaching especially. So the natural light is really great for the parents as they are waiting in the waiting room area. It’s really great for the students who just got back from me day in dark rooms at school and it’s also great for the instructors who typically get back from their day job and are coming to have fun time at their guitar lessons in Tulsa and they are not at home, but they’re able to be an a space making money and a place that does indeed feel like comp and that natural light. Really just a key component in making sure that the instructors and the parents and the students all feel at home. Even for me, one of the best of my job is coming in to the studio house in the morning and being able to open up all of those windows, turn on all the lights and just see the bright morning light shining through. It really is relaxing for me despite the fact that I’m not typically in the studio rooms or in the waiting room area. It is relaxing to be able to open those windows and watch the light pure end in the morning. It really just is beautiful and calm and relaxing and I know that it has the same effect on the students and their parents.