Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | 2 New Students

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Today, we had a brand new student come in for guitar lessons in Tulsa. They had their first $1 lesson and it was actually a family. We had two daughters come in and they were the sweetest people that I’ve met today and they really did a great job playing the piano. They already had some experience playing the piano. They had taken lessons from a different school here in Tulsa for about six years and they had learned quite a bit already throughout their time taking lessons. One, the older daughter was learning about six, eight times. So she was in, you know, different time signatures and she wasn’t doing a very good job understanding that. And the younger daughter, she was

learning to play her left hand and her right hand at the same time, which was really cool to see somebody effectively utilize both of their hands when that can be something that’s very challenging for beginning students. But one of the things that they had mentioned to me is that they were a little bit frustrated with their school because they felt as though their teachers were very authoritarian and demanding. And the word that they used was stressful. They had a very stressful time going to lessons each week and they had a difficult time being motivated to go to their lessons because of how stressful these teachers were. Which is surprising to me because I don’t understand why a teacher needs to bring stress into a lesson. If you are creating a stressful environment when you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, when you are taking any sort of instrument lessons, it is mind boggling why someone would need or want to create a stressful environment.

I think your lessons should be fun. Here at Curtis Music Academy we believe and firmly take hold in the fact that when you come to your lessons you don’t just enjoy the person. You don’t just enjoy the music. You are in an environment of fun and joy filled experience throughout every progress of the day. So when you come here and you play your song that you were assigned last week, when you play it well, we are going to cheer you on. We are going to congratulate you in guitar lessons in Tulsa. And even if you made a few mistakes, even if you didn’t even have time to practice, well we are going to stand by you and congratulate you for sticking in there and coming to your lesson despite the fact that you didn’t even have time to practice. So there is always something to encourage. There’s always something to find in your students to be happy about.

And so that’s what we really want to focus on is the positive things and not the negative things. There’s always going to be something to correct. There will always be mistakes, there will always be something that you could do better. And if the only thing that you focus on as an instructor in Tulsa is the mistakes, then you have a problem. So that was actually pretty frustrating to me when I heard these girls talking about their instructor here in Tulsa. I think when instructors start to lose sight of the fun, when they lose sight of the joy that is involved in music, then I really believe there’s no reason for them to be teaching anymore because they have lost the love of music. Music is is in general supposed to bring joy. You shouldn’t have to feel burdened in order to get up and play an instrument.

The whole point of playing an instrument is to be able to have fun and enjoy it. So if you’re struggling to enjoy your instrument, and I would question what your teacher is encompassing in their instruction. Another thing that these two girls helped me to become aware of is that there are many curriculums out there for teaching piano. There are many curriculums and when you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, when you’re taking piano lessons, it doesn’t matter. It’s really interesting to me how there’s so many different curriculums and I mean this sincerely. The curriculum that they were taking at the previous school actually, it was really good. They had lots of different things that the kids could be practicing each week. It wasn’t just one song, they weren’t just practicing one thing. They were practicing many things. They were practicing scales. They were talking about music theory. They were talking about different elements of music, which was really interesting to me that that’s something that they were practicing each and every day as they practiced. So to me when they came here and they took their first $1 lesson, I was very humbled that they thought that this would be a better fit for them than somewhere else. I think that the reason they chose us was simply because we want to see you succeed and we are excited when you succeed and it’s very baffling why somebody would not want to see another musician succeed and play well and go through them.

Difficult things and still be excited when they make progress in that. It encourages me to see other students come and take lessons with us and I think that’s great. One of the things that we offered them was a couple drinks we said. I asked them if they wanted tea or coffee or water and an most people decline to take water or tea or coffee, but it is really fun when the parents are able to sit back on the couch, watched their student in the lesson per form and the parent can just sit there, drink their tea, read a book, enjoy the guitar lesson Tulsa without having to worry too much about life. They can just sit there and relax. So that’s really cool. This particular family wasn’t interested in tea, but that’s okay. Usually people decline the first time. However, our administrative assistant was here and she was able to help walk them through the upcoming steps for enrolling at Curtis Music Academy. They were very excited to hear from our administrative assistant. She does a great job communicating. She does a great job introducing herself to our students. So as soon as she walked in the door, she was able to introduce herself here about who these people were and what all they were doing. And it was great to see all of the awesome things that they were experiencing at Curtis Music Academy. So if you are looking for guitar lessons in Tulsa, then I would encourage you to find a school that encourages you to take steps into practicing without making you feel dumb. Look for a place that is going to be excited for you to walk in the door. You should be excited to see your instructor every time that you take a lesson. And that’s one thing that would be very awesome for you to experience as you are starting your adventure in guitar lessons in Tulsa.