Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Growth Tailored Instruction

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The next thing that I want to talk about in this series of Curtis Music Academy podcast is another thing on our differentiator page and you’ve heard us talk about these a lot. There are four things on the differentiator page, we call it the Curtis difference in quote, and these four things are really the principles that we strive for. The things that we try to do every single day. Dave, he makes sure that we’re keeping up and staying true to the things that we believe. So do you different tuner sheet is obviously incredibly important. We like to take time to go through each and every item on the list. 


That way we make sure that we are adhering to it and working to make it better. So the item on our Curtis different differentiator sheet that I want to talk about is growth tailored instruction. Now, I’m sure we have done podcasts on this topic before, but one of the things that I believe Curtis Music Academy does better than any other music school I’ve ever seen is that we make sure each and every one of our lessons is tailored specifically to the students. Want needs and desires. So to kind of explain this, I’m going to tell you an example of the opposite. So the person who says it’s my way or the highway and the opposite of what we’re striving for is and shocked her who is old and they teach you out of the same boring book. 


You’re learning classical music and you sit there and you’re bored. You take lessons for a couple of years cause your mom makes you, you don’t like your instructor cause she makes you learn the same boring stuff and you get burnt out and you stop taking lessons and you never touch a piano again. That is an extreme example probably. But it is something that we constantly strive to not do. So here at courtesy music academy, we make sure that our lessons are not tailored to the want the instructor, but rather they’re tailored to the desires of the students. 


So in that example, the instructor is teaching those classical songs to the student, not because the student wants to learn them or express an interest in them. In fact, the student probably said that they did not want to learn that type of music now. It was because the instructor wanted to teach it, so maybe it was the instructor’s favorite type of music or something that they were trained on. Maybe it was just something that they’ve done so often that it’s the easiest option for them. 


Those are all possible explanations, but the bottom line is that that student did not get the instruction that they wanted simply because the instructor was doing things in their own benefit. Apparently here at Curtis Music Academy, we tried to make our instructors lives a little bit more difficult, so if a student says that they want to learn a song, even if the instructor has never ever heard of that song, you know that they will be learning it by the next lesson and they will have it prepared to teach that student even if they hate it. 


For instance, if someone asked Ron to learn some sort of rap song, Ronald probably not be super excited about it, but you know for a fact that Ron would learn that song incredibly well and he would teach it to the student to the best visibility because that’s what the student wanted to learn and genuinely that is what we care about is the student and their musical desires because we occurred music academy recognize that when a student is taking guitar lessons in Tulsa that they have a ton of musical potential in, all we want to do is tap into that potential and help them become a better musician. We have found throughout the course of each of our instructors taking lessons that when you are forced to learn things you don’t want to learn, you start to hate music altogether and that is the opposite of what we strive to do at Curtis Music Academy. 


We want to make sure that all of our students are having a good time and enjoying their guitar lessons in Tulsa so that they don’t get burned out so quickly. In fact, I do monthly calls to just check in with the student, with their parents, see how they are liking their guitar lessons in Tulsa and making sure that the instructor is still doing a fantastic job teaching that. And throughout these phone calls, I have never gotten a single complaint about our instructors or anything like that. Maybe the parent told me that the student is kind of not as excited about guitar lessons in Tulsa anymore.


 What we do is we sit around as a team and we think we talk about it and we ask ourselves, how can we, how can we make the student excited again? What can we do to get them back into the game? So if that means learning a bunch of new songs, if that means switching instruments, if that means whatever that means, we will do it just for the student to make sure that they are getting the best experience that we can give them because we, how important music is to children and their development and to adults and their general happiness. 


It’s incredibly important and it plays a huge role in people’s lives. So we want to make sure that we are not the reason why someone has stopped taking guitar lessons in Tulsa or doesn’t like music anymore. So in my mind way or the highway example, I pointed to that student getting burnt out because the instructor was only an exclusively teaching the student things that he really didn’t care about and didn’t really want to learn. And that typically tends to lead to burnout because if they’re not enjoying liking what they’re teaching, I mean, I’m sorry, learning, then what is going to make them want to stick with music? They’re probably going to assume that all music is boring like that. And it’s simply just not. So here at Curtis Music Academy, when we are teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa or piano lessons, vocal lessons, we make sure that we tailor it specifically to the desires of the student.