Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Staying Organized

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This next topic I wanted to discuss is the topic of staying organized as an instructor. As an example. You know, my experience as being a music instructor is it’s very easy to get disorganized. It’s very easy to have tons and hundreds and thousands of loose leaf sheets of paper laying around your apartment or your house or your workspace and not knowing where the students you left last less left off with the student that you’re going to be having to teach today. It’s very important as instructors that we stay organized and keep things in files or Google drive or any stationary things that we can kind of use as our, as benefits to just stay organized. 


The goal is to know where everything is at at all times and to know where to go whenever you need certain things. That’s the goal of organization. Now with the organization that I want to kind of talk about today, it is going to be about how to kind of create the linear workflow, through your organization. You know, to stay organized, you kinda just need to have designated places where things will go. For instance, and for example, I use a program named to Trello and this program helps me kind of organize each day Monday through Friday.


 Which is when I am having guitar lessons in Tulsa during the week and in these designated days I can create cards that end up stacking over one another and each day this allows me to create as many cards for as many students that I have for that particular day. And so I never, I always know when I have a student, not only do I have this Trello program to kind of help me kind of jot down information about specific students, but I also use a calendar one calendar that my wife and I, we use actually to help us stay organized and know what’s going on. Know what guitar lessons in Tulsa I have planned, no what things she has planned.


It’s just one calendar if you’re married. But if you’re not, most of you aren’t you, just one calendar will help you. And if you’ve got an iPhone or Android, if you go to your calendar, you can set reminders andS and set frequent reminders, which will allow you to repeat every week or once every two weeks or once a month or once a year, once a decade, however often you need it done that is available to you on your smart phone. That is one way you can stay organized. So let’s jump right into it. We want to jot down our tasks for guitar lessons in Tulsawhen it comes to our students, and our, just our music Academy. 


So I would just jot down what’s, what tasks do you have to do pertaining to a student, especially a new student taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. I think this, the new student approach is the best way to kind of start.I would jot down the tasks that need to be accomplished when acquiring one new student, brand new student. These tasks could be, I need to create a card in my Trello app, right? Try a little program after that card. I need to jot down what I’m going to teach them for this guitar lessons in Tulsa. And then lastly, how long is the lesson? Right? And so what you’re going to teach them also, you, you might need to print off a few documents in preparation for the guitar lessons in Tulsa so that you’ll have it ready right? 


Next. You want to organize those tasks in a sequence and which will allow you to kind of see what needs to happen first, second, third, 10th 100th. You don’t want more than really 20 steps. You don’t want really more than 10 steps. Ideally you’d want like a five, three step or a five step process.I think that’s at least what I try to shoot for and it really helps the less steps you have cause it makes it a less time consuming process. Right? And you want to, in this, the goal is to really to create a linear workflow for yourself, which this is definitely going to help you stay organized. 


Ultimately, it’s important to stay organized because we, you’re, we’re gonna get you tons of students, right? You’re going to have tons of students so that you can make more and more money so that you can help make more. And more students happy with you, with the music Academy, with themselves, they can play more songs, do more if you’re more organized. And you can manage more if you, if you’re more organized. So jotting down those tasks that you have from, from the, when they’re brand new student to when they’re an advanced student, kind of just lining all of those, just tasks, everything you can think of.


Just grab a sheet of paper, write down all the tasks you can possibly think of when you get a first student and when they are succeeding really well, and then you want to those tasks in a sequential order. So what’s the first step? Second step, 10 step, 20 step, Hunter step. At the end of the day, you kind of only want a three to five step process, right? And then we want to create a linear workflow. A linear workflow is just something that you do every day or really once a week. Now it’s only something I do once a week. 


This linear workflow and it’s, for me, it’s, I have 21 students and this linear workflow that I have created for myself allows me to knock out and plan all the guitar lessons in Tulsa that I have for the entire week so that I don’t have to every single day plan the lesson before, directly before the lesson and create stress or anxiety in my life or my day.But it just, it makes my life easier. Having this linear workflow, which is written down and I can look at every day and I know I no longer have to worry about what I’m going to be doing for any particular student. So that’s how important this linear workflow is. 


It keeps you kind of sane as an instructor during the week and keeps you from worrying or stressing out about students, about, what’s going on with students. You know what, what did I teach them last? What song did I tell them we were going to learn? What day am I supposed to teach them? This linear workflow is going to help with that. And so you want to kind of put in a sequence what actions, what tasks you’re going to start with. So as we discussed in this Trello app, you would put their name and also maybe the time of their guitar lessons in Tulsa.


We can do that with these, with these cards in this app, the Trello hap, and then jot down what you’re going to be teaching them. I would use something like a three step thing. I like to use the edge method, which is kind of how we choose to use things at do things at Curtis music caddy, how we go to about administering and teaching skill. Right? And, so I would say I would choose an objective or, or a topic for the, for your 30 minute or hour lesson or 45 minutes out lesson and then break it down into maybe three to five steps. Okay. And then after you’ve kind of figured out what you want to teach and breaking it down, putting down how long their lesson is going to be, that’s at least what the sequence is in my Trello app.


 Which I highly suggest or having a file for that particular student.Paper can get very excessive for lack of better words. It can get a lot of, you can just have tons and tons of unnecessary papers. So I like to use digital devices or digital programs to kind of help me keep track of my students taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s something I can update every week and it’s, it’s a, it’s very freeing to not have hundreds and hundreds of loose leaf sheets of paper. Okay.


 And after you’ve created that linear workflow just to boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, five step process or three step or four step or a two step or a one step, which would be awesome, right? Which is nearly impossible, but would be great. You’ve created for yourself a linear workflow, something that you will choose to do once a day, once a week on a particular day, which will help make your life easier, which will help you stay organized with each and every student, which will help you have less stress in your life as an instructor and keep your mind from being cluttered by all the to do’s that you need to do for all of your students.