Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Ideal Way to Practice the Guitar

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The ideal way to practice as you are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa is to go through and play your content slowly and perfectly. If you cannot play it perfectly, then continue to practice the content slowly until it is perfect. One of the biggest tendencies for beginning students as they are practicing the guitar is to play something as fast as it is supposed to be when you have worked it up slowly. So if you play it very quickly, then what ends up happening is you make lots of mistakes and you end up practicing and reinforcing those mistakes again and again. A lot of times this can be broken as you get better at it and even if you play it quickly, you can fix those problems. However, if you are a beginning student and you practice it quickly and you continue to make mistakes, 


there is a very high likelihood that you could develop the bad habits and never break out of it. So continue to practice slowly all the way until you are able to play it perfectly and then gradually increase the speed of the song or the speed of the lick that you are attempting to accomplish. And by doing that you will be successful in practicing throughout guitar lessons in Tulsa. Another tendency that a lot of guitar students have happened is that they practice using the incorrect fingers in something like a scale. A lot of students will use their pointer and their middle finger to play those notes and they will neglect the ring finger and the pinky finger. And because of this, what ends up happening is they lose the opportunity to strengthen their ring finger and their pinky finger, which are naturally much more weak than the stronger fingers of the index finger and the middle finger. So by practicing major scales and allowing each finger to be used in a steady amount of times, 


then this will allow your fingers to build up the strength that they need to be successful with different songs and different exercises. Now if you are a student that tends to use your index and your middle finger, what I would encourage you to do is actually take a dramatic approach to playing your magic major scales by actually removing your index and your middle finger from the scale entirely and attempt to play any note using only your ring finger or only your pinkie finger. And it will be a very, very large challenge. 


But that is one way that you can slowly and consistently increase the strength in your fingers by playing each one of those scales in each one of those exercises with only your ring finger or only your pinky finger. And this will help a lot, even if you’re just starting out in your guitar lessons in Tulsa. And just like we had mentioned in the beginning of this article, what you would want to do is be given practicing very slowly and as you practice slowly, you will gradually increase your ability and you will find success even if your ring finger and your pinky finger are having a difficult time playing those notes. 


Throughout the course of my own ability to practice. As I was learning to play the guitar, I found that it was very difficult to transition between chords and whenever I would transition between one court to the other, I would have to pause and start up once the transition was over and I was at the other court. And so one thing that you would want to do with chord transitions, if you’re finding that your chords are having a difficult time moving from one part to the other, you can slow down the speed. Ask your guitar instructor that is providing you with guitar lessons in Tulsa to slow down the speed. That way, as you’re practicing the transition, you are able to move from one court to the other without elongating the amount of time that is required, which would usually be just one beat. 


So if you can’t transition from g to C in one beat, then slow down this speed so that each one of your strums is equivalent to the amount of time that it is required for you to be able to transition between those chords. And as you do that, you will find success in your chord transitions. And of course some chords are more difficult to transition than others. But if you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and you find that you are having a difficult time with this, then I would in court I would encourage you to find a guitar teacher in Tulsa. Allow this teacher to help you with everything that is required for you to reach the next step in your success as a guitar instructor or as a guitar student. 


And throughout the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, I realized that some instructors are much more valuable than others. And if this is the case for you, if you are having a difficult time progressing through a instructor that is teaching you and I would encourage you to research different options where you could be successful with your lessons. 


So if you are listening to this article or if you are reading it, I would encourage you to go to our homepage and fill out the form on our website and we would love to schedule your first lesson for just $1. And if you are taking lessons somewhere else, then you could even just get a supplemental lesson for your other instructor by taking one lesson with us and we would love to help you grow in a manner where you would be able to find much progress. Even if it is just a few guitar lessons in Tulsa for 30 minutes at Curtis Music Academy, we would love to make that happen for you. So go ahead and fill out that form and we will show you the easiest way to transition between g and c. We will show you the easiest way to transition between any cord and in fact we will also show you practice techniques for you to be successful in your lessons, whether it’s with us or your current guitar instructor because we want to give all of the resources available to you in that first lesson. 


So if you have interest in going through and finding different ideas for taking lessons, we would love to make that happen for you. Another difficult thing about practicing is the fact that a lot of times we want to practice some of the things that we do really well because it’s much more gratifying to play something that we do well and it’s enjoyable rather than practicing the difficult things like exercises and finger dexterity and scales that will provide us to get better in the long term. So if you are finding that this isn’t the case for you, I would encourage you to work your hardest to make sure that you are practicing all of the techniques that are available to you throughout your guitar lessons in Tulsa.