Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Lessons Preparation

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It’s really important to prepare for you are guitar or piano lessons because when you show up unprepared for 30 minute guitar lesson, life gets complicated. So here’s the strategy and if you are teaching easy content or what seems to be easy content to you as an instructor, arrive to your lesson about 20 to 30 minutes early, get situated revine yourself in the book or through your notes where your guitar students is starting their lesson from and then, pick up right where you left off. So what I did as a teacher is I play through songs that I asked my student to prepare just so I can get a sense of where they could possibly be at during their 30 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa. That way I can anticipate questions that they might have had while they were practicing or playing strategies.

And from there, what I can do is I can practice through this song and note to myself any areas of concern where I think there might be a rhythm delay or an issue with fingering or positions. So after I have a good sense of where my student might be at during a 30 minute guitar lesson, I will then go ahead and play ahead what will be covered during the 30 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa has. I’m playing through the songs that I’ll be teaching the student, I’m thinking about them and what their prior knowledge or Schema is and how, um, the piece it might relate to them. Any relatable topics, either the title of the songs and maybe it’s similar to another song that we’ve learned together. Um, I’m also thinking about questions that I’m going to ask them as they are sight reading the piece and that way I get my mindset into where the student is before the song starts.

From there, it is also very important to make sure that you have the same curriculum that you’d given your student. Today. I have realized that I have a different edition of a piano book for a piano student. So the songs are different towards the end of the book and I’m not sure how well they line up. I know that certain songs and the second edition of the book had been emitted in new songs have replaced, prior songs and also the order of concepts being taught is a little different. So I went ahead and I prepared through the end of books so that way I know that my student can do.

So I noticed that the panel book is not the current, you know, the book. So I will definitely make note of that and then, replace our backup panel books for future students so that this issue will not happen again. That just requires money and money just grows on trees so we can totally make that happen. Just kidding.

So I’m preparing for a 30 minute piano or guitar lesson is more than just the music itself. So when I walked into the room or I will be teaching the lesson, I’m looking for things, I’m looking at the placement of the chairs. I’m looking at how the previous instructor left the room, which I’m not too thrilled about it was kind of a mess. And if I was running late and we had to just walk in and start the lesson, the room would not be up to our high standards. But that is what is to be expected every Tuesday when I walk into the practice room because it always looks like this.

And that’s just something that we have to do a better job communicating with our instructors about. Our high attention to detail needs to be translated it and all that we do. And so I’m looking at the room making sure it smells nice. I’m making sure the windows are open. I think I’m going to go ahead and start the diffuser and I’ve also made sure that there are creamy mugs and coffee cups because this particular student’s mom and enjoys a cup of coffee during her lesson and I want to make sure that we have everything ready for that as well.

Other things that I’m checking is the bathroom, making sure that it looks pretty on the ball. I’m looking at the floor, which I need to sleep. I’m just thinking about how anyone walking in here would view this space. So I’m trying to come in with I that are not my own fresh set of eyes so I can see all the little details that we need to pay closer attention to as we provide a hospitable environment. So it’s not just the music, it’s also the environment.

Lastly, and the third piece of preparing for a guitar lessons in Tulsa is just yourself. So check your attitude. Do you have a positive attitude? Did something happen on your way over that you just need to leave at the door and positive attitudes go far, far, far way during the 30 minutes, piano and guitar lessons.

Let me talk for a moment about a missed opportunity with a 30 minute piano lesson in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s my missed opportunity. I did not realize that my student was going to get far enough to play a song in her piano book called a joke for you.

And if I would have realized that she would have made it that far in her book, I would have prepared a joke for her. So on the spot. I am not very sunny when it comes to telling jokes because I can’t remember jokes. However, I use situational humor to tell jokes and just to be funny during a guitar lessons in Tulsa. So when it came to reading the title, I hit my head with my hand and it’s like, Oh man, missed opportunity. I should of came up with a joke, didn’t have a joke for. So I said, hey, do you have a joke? The song’s called the joke for you, so I need you to start your lesson with a joke for me. And she said, oh, I don’t have a joke. And her mom said, of course you do. What’s your joke? And she says, as a bar tender, wait, hold on. No, that’s not how it starts. And here was her joke, she is nine. “A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, Hey, I have a drink named after you. And the grasshopper said, you have a drink named Steve?” As hilarious is. That is to me since I am a woman of the age of 32. I asked her, do you even understand what that joke means? And she said not really.

So that basically made the conversation even more funny because here’s a nine year old telling her 32 year old teacher a joke that she doesn’t even understand yet. She knows it’s supposed to be funny. And then I asked her, where did you hear that joke? And she said, Siri. Then her mom looks at me and says, we’re not allowed to have Siri turned on anymore. And they said, Oh really? Because of that joke and she said no, she’s just more annoying than helpful. So as to lessen continued.

I found that at the end cause I was telling her to practice a joke for you like, Hey, next week you need to have a joke for me. Her mom says, well she has a joke notebook. So I’m surprised that she didn’t pull one out from there. It’s like you have a joke notebook and you couldn’t even think of a jail. That’s why jokes are so hard.

It’s way more easy to have situational humor weaved in through a guitar lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So piano teachers and guitar teachers and vocal teachers, kid teachers, adult teachers, trying be funny. Humor makes a lesson light and enjoyable and it gives us student just something to remember. I don’t think that Nora, my student is ever going to remember playing a joke for you. However, what will she take away from the lesson? Like for teachers? Weird or for teacher is super funny and I need to bring back a joke and practice. So if that is practice motivation, oh, I even think of a joke. Oh, a joke for you. I got to practice. Then I have done my job as her piano teacher this week.