Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Diligent Doer and Happy Hoper

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Today, I want to go over again, the thing that I’ve talked about several times before and it’s the diligent doer versus the happy hoper. I’m kind of going off of this one because I’m looking at some sticky notes that we have that say the diligent door and these taking notes serve as a reminder for our students to be a diligent doer and we do this through asking them to write down their number one musical goal. So the reason why they’re taking music lessons in the first place, we found that this kind of helps keep our students motivated and excited to take lessons.


 If you can go back to the thing that you, the reason why you took music lessons in the first place. So I’m going to go into the living room where we’ve got this big poster hanging on the wall and kind of go over the difference in the diligent to her in the happy hoper. Now for one, the happy hoper is someone who just is kind of in the, in the doing the motions of taking music lessons so they don’t really care about mastering something. They’re excited and they want to jump around and do a bunch of new things so they focus on practicing new material, not mastering the previous material that they’re supposed to work on.


 but rather going on to new things, jumping around and never actually mastering one thing at a time so they’re not taking the baby steps that are required to succeed in music lessons, but rather they’re jumping all around and taking a bunch of different steps and going a million different directions. Those are not likely to be as successful now the happy hope. We’re also uses a ton of lessons to work on simple material. That means that they are just using the whole lesson to work on the same material that they’ve been working on as opposed to working on the stuff at home practicing like they’re supposed to and then coming with questions and difficult things. 


That’s the only thing is that the happy Oprah does not typically ask questions. They’re not people that are going to practice things at home and then ask questions about the hard stuff. They’re just going to use the lessons to work on new stuff and set up doing what’s right and asking questions and trying to figure out all the hard things that you can practice at home. So they’re really just organized with their practice. If you can’t tell, they often can’t keep track of it and don’t have a strategic specific time to practice per week.


 On the other hand, the diligent doer is someone who knows what their goals are, so they focusing, they know exactly the reason why they are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa to begin with and everything that they’re doing in the lessons and at home is working towards that one goal and that’s something that really differentiate the two of them is the goal aspect of things and that’s why we have those diversion doers sticky notes is to remind students but done their goal and the reason why they’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa to begin with. That way they can continue to focus on their goal and master the instrument all together because they know exactly what they’re working towards. 


That billboard is not really committed to those goals. They’re really just committed to practicing and playing around and doing a bunch of other things and they can’t really remember why they are taking music lessons to begin with. So it’s really awesome that jury’s able to know their goal. And that being said, they know what to practice so they use their weekly guitar lessons in Tulsa to talk about the hard stuff, the difficulties that they had in practicing. Instead of using it to learn a bunch of new stuff, they use it to ask questions because they are working at home, they’re practicing, they’ve got consistent press practice schedules and things of that nature. And they’re always asking questions when they’re confused. That’s another big difference between the two is that the diligent do or asks questions because they’re not so concerned with learning all the new things. 


And in fact they know the importance of spending the time in guitar lessons in Tulsa to focus on the difficulties in mastering the material as opposed to just learning a bunch of other things. So that’s one of the critical differences between the two. And I think it’s super important that Curtis Music Academy, we remind our students if their goals, because if you’re not reminded of your goals, you’re not likely to persevere when things get hard. So learning music just like anything else is incredibly difficult at times and there are oftentimes what our students are going to struggle and they’re not going to know how to continue and keep up with the music. 


So it’s really important that we allow them to have an opportunity to write down their goals so that they can look at it all the time. For Piano Students, we encourage them to keep the goal on their piano at home, keep it in their notebook so that they can look at it and be reminded of it constantly. Something that’s really important that we do and that anyone can do and taking music lessons so you can keep track of your goals and be constantly working towards them. That way you know exactly where you’re headed. It’s really difficult to persevere and to keep going if you don’t know where you’re headed because you can’t really go anywhere if you don’t have a map. If you don’t know where you’re going. 


So this pathway though, Dillon, into our pathway, helps you to master your goals. It is diligent, it’s hardworking. It takes a lot of effort, that true, but it is really the only way to master your goals and to get really good at the things that you’re trying to be good at. So the diligent doer versus a happy Oprah. It’s a really great example of things that we have at Curtis Music Academy. Some methods that we used to show our students what kind of student they should be in order to succeed at taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. So that Curtis Music Academy way is another differentiator between us and other music schools in the Tulsa area and taking music lessons.