Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Preparing Curriculum for Lessons

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Is it pretty easy way to do it, but it’s really awesome way to prepare for guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s a really easy thing that you can do just to make sure that you’re staying on the right track and always prepping for them in the proper way because it does require a lot of work, especially if you want to teach your guitar students something new. It’s something exciting. You want to keep them on their toes and make sure that teaches them things signing so that they’ll want to two questions even longer. And when you do this, it is really important because it helps keep them motivated and active and definitely want to keep them involved and excited about their lessons so that they continue taking guitar lessons in Tulsa with you here at Curtis music Academy. 


So it’s really awesome that we do that. Prepping is something that’s incredibly important, so of the two way you can prep for your guitar lessons in Tulsa, it’s just by keeping track of them in terms of keeping them either in a calendar or something of that nature. Keeping them, keeping them, I dunno. And a calendar works perfect I think because it allows you to keep track of all of them. Make sure you’re not missing any. For example, some of our instructors have 2030 students and that’s a lot to keep track of, especially when you’ve got other things going on.


 Like school. One of our instructors is in law school and said that she obviously has a ton going on and a lot to keep track of. It’s really important that she does keep track of them via calendar or reds, the mall dance that you can kind of remember and you can take notes on a list of them. So our time sheets have note sections and one of the easy things for instructors to do is just take notes from that sheet because they already have to fill it out anyways. It’s one thing that they can do is just keep down some notes on the sheet so that they know exactly what they learned and they know exactly what the student learned last week and just things that they can teach them in the future to kind of keep track of that in that way.


So it’s really awesome for instructors to keep track of their lessons through preparing and through keeping track of them on a calendar or writing them down, things like that. It’s actually pretty awesome. I think it’s pretty critical to their success as instructors and just make sure that they’re doing well. So that’s how our guitar lessons in Tulsa go so smoothly. I heard his music Academy, I know a lot of times people are like, wow, your lessons go so smoothly. How do you all remember and keep track of it? Well, there are various ways that our instructors are able to keep track of the things that they’re doing, especially by calendars or writing down notes on their lessons so they can always keep track of, you know, what they are doing and what they want to learn, keep track of their student’s goals and wishes and desires. It’s sled.


Just like how in the diligent doer versus happy Oprah. We talk about our students being be like a diligent doer and keeping track of their goals or instructor is also need to keep track of their goals and this keep track of the student’s calls. So there’s two kinds of goals that they need to keep track of their theirs and the students because if they can’t keep track of the student’s goals, then there’s going to be a lot harder for them to forecast where they’re supposed to go in the future. And if you don’t know goals, it’s so much harder just to decide where you’re going to go and who you’re going to teach in the future. 


So it’s a lot easier if our instructors are able to kind of keep track of that and remember those things. That way they know exactly what to teach them later on and how that all is supposed to work. It ‘s just incredibly important that we at Curtis Music Academy when teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa keep track of our students goals and get to know them well enough to do so because it shows the students that we care and it also allows us to just maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our lessons, whether they are guitar lessons vocal lessons or piano lessons. 


So teaching our guitar lessons and Tulsa, whether they’re vocal lessons or piano lessons or guitar lessons, like I mentioned, it’s really important that our instructors prepare properly so that they will succeed at teaching and just show their students at a good time, make sure that they’re keeping track of all the things that they’re going to learn. Because obviously it is difficult to keep track of times. It’s a little bit hard to keep track of every student, especially if you have 20 or 30 like some of our instructors do, but they do a really good job.


 It’s actually a phenomenal how good of a job they do and teaching them and showing them the way and even just keeping track of everything that they’re learning. I don’t know that I would be able to do that. While I’m not an instructor. It seems pretty difficult from the outside to mic. Keep track of everything that everyone is learning. So big props to them. Big parks are instructors for doing all of that. So Curtis music Academy, we do a really fantastic job at keeping track of our student’s goals and our instructors goals. Keep a Jack of all the lessons and making sure that we’re always staying on top of it to give our students the best impression and the best music lessons. Tulsa as possible because that is what we are passionate about at Curtis music Academy and it’s what we do best.