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If you are a musician in Tulsa or are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and you are looking to find places to perform throughout the Tulsa area, then you may find that it is quite a bit of a challenge to get people to want to listen to you. And the reason for this is because people don’t care about you, nobody cares about you. And this is a big problem if you are a musician because you want people to care about you, you want people to listen to you and to hear how awesome you are because the truth is you are awesome. And that’s why you’re even reading this article. Because if you weren’t awesome, you wouldn’t be spending the time to figure out how to market yourself and how to play music in a venue. So the first thing is that you have to go all hands on deck and you need to go around and contact as many different places as you can imagine that either have live music or places that would be conducive to encouraging live music in that environment.

So what I mean by that is a coffee shop may not have live music, but chances are, unless it Starbucks who would never allow live music, I don’t think, but a local coffee shop, even if they don’t have live music, they would probably be very open to the idea of having live music because they want to support the community, especially if you’re a good musician. So that’s one thing that I would encourage you to do. Go ahead and contact different coffee shops, contact different businesses, find out if they have events that they would like live music. And then the thing is you cannot go somewhere and say, hey, are you looking for live music? Because I charge an arm and a leg, nobody is going to receive that email. Well, or that phone call, ideally it would be a phone call or even in person.

And if you can walk up to a business and have a portfolio of some songs or whatever, that’s great because people are much more willing to look you in the eye and realize you’re not a Weirdo. Then to read the first sentence of an email or even just the subject and then throw it in the trash. So that’s, that’s one thing that you need to be aware of is that not everybody is willing to listen. But if you’re face to face though, there’ll be much more likely to at least give you the time of day as opposed to turning their back on you and walking away, which is what they would likely do in an email. The differences, if you do send an email, you can reach a hundred people instead of one person at one moment. So just be careful about that. So when you contact somebody for the first time, if you’ve never played anywhere, you will have to present yourself as a reason that somebody would want to listen to you and a reason why they would want you to play at their business.

So I’m thinking very specifically about one of our guitar student and this person takes guitar lessons in Tulsa and they were looking to market their band and find different places for them to perform at. And one of the things that’s really neat about this person, he was willing to organize the band, set up practice times and even find places that would let him perform. And he did it for free. He performed at different venues for free. And the reason he said that was he explained that he would be honored to perform for their event for free. However, if you like the music then I would encourage you to pay what you think the music was worth. So he left the door open to receive compensation rather than simply saying, oh yeah, I’ll play for fee for free. Although if they don’t pay, that’s fine because he wasn’t necessarily expecting a huge pay in return for providing music services.

So if you’re interested in looking at places to perform because you’ve been taking guitar lessons in Tulsa for a long time and you have mastered your craft as a guitarist, then I would recommend that you find somewhere that will let you play for free and try to build up the ladder. So as you continue to perform at different venues, you can say, Hey, I have performed at the coffee shop over here. From there I went on to a private event for a business and then from there I went to Keynes ballroom and now were irregular at Cain’s ballroom and using the places that you have previously performed that as a stepping stone to get you to the next place is huge. You can’t just walk up to Keynes ballroom and say, Hey, do you guys need a musician on Tuesday nights? Where have you performed nowhere. They are not going to let you in the door, so be careful about that because you really need to find a way to market yourself in a way that continues to help you grow and get better as a musician throughout the course of your time taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Now if you are in the position where you have people knocking down your door and people are contacting you to perform at their venue, then you can also use that for leverage. If people are coming to you and they are spending time emailing you and trying to figure out what it is that they need to do to get you into their venue to perform. You could either accept and receive whatever money compensation they are willing to give you or you could simply use that as a way to leverage getting a different gig somewhere else and providing that. You would be able to do that. So if that is something that interests you for taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, then go ahead and schedule your first $1 lesson because that is something that everybody would benefit from. Any guitar player will benefit from a first $1 guitar lessons in Tulsa and it is no commitment, there is no long term contract.

And if you show up and just enjoy hearing the opinion of a master player and finding some key steps to get better at your guitar lessons in Tulsa, then that is something that will benefit you. And while you’re looking for venues, we could even talk about different ways to help you get connected in the music industry in Tulsa. And so if you are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa or if you have been a guitar player for many years, then you will certainly benefit from it, from all of the resources that are available to you through Curtis Music Academy, and regardless of your age, whether you’re six years old or 60 years old or 99 years old, you will benefit from all of the resources that are available to you through Kurdish music academy. So set up your first $1 lesson. We’d love to see you and hang out with you for 30 minutes. That’d be great.