Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Providing Content for Guitar Lessons

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Today, we will be discussing the different resources that Curtis Music Academy provide to our guitar students and how we create documentation of all of the resources available to our students at any given time. One of the things that we explain very thoroughly in our team meetings, which are on Thursdays. we explained that if there is ever a resource that you have to write on a whiteboard or create before your guitar lessons in Tulsa begins, then we need to create a document for that content. And the reason this is so important is because if we are teaching the content of a specific concept to our students and we don’t have a document for that, then we need to create one so that the next student that is interested in learning whatever it is that we have created, they will be able to use the resources that we had previously created. 


So a lot of our students are able to receive content that we had previously created, which is great for them because we have a tangible document where they can take a look at it and see exactly what it is that they will be covering in the lesson that day. Every once in awhile, if the content cannot be created prior to the lesson due to either time constraints or our development team not being available or preoccupied that week, whatever the reason may be. If there is something that our instructors write on a whiteboard for guitar lessons in Tulsa, it is a requirement that they let the team know so that we can create a document for that content in the future. That way the whiteboard would not need to be used. Now we have a whiteboard in our studio so that when situations arise where we need to have a visual description of the content that is being taught, we can provide that to our students that we can have a whiteboard to use for the students. 


Furthermore, even if we have content that is already created, every once in awhile a student will have a question regarding some sort of topic that was not originally planned for that specific lesson and rather than saying, sorry, we are unable to teach you that because I don’t have the material for you. With guitar lessons in Tulsa, we can utilize the whiteboard that is available to our instructors to provide the answer to the question that was received. These are all reasons why it’s very important to have a whiteboard in your studio, even if you have all of the content that you need intangible form. Furthermore, if a student receives a document that has the content that they will be learning for that lesson, they feel more valued. They feel as though that we have prepared for the lesson prior to their arrival.


This is very important for guitar students because a lot of instructors will sit, laid back in their chair and have no idea what to cover for that lesson. And when the student arrives, the instructor might ask, what did we cover in our lesson last time? Or what did we talk about last time? Or even worse, what do you want to learn today? These instructors have no plans for the instruction in that lesson and they’re just hoping that the student will come prepared with what it is that they want to learn so that the instructor doesn’t have to put in any thought at all. Outside of that lesson. And at Curtis Music Academy, we want to provide guitar lessons in Tulsa and all of the resources so that we can come there and you can confidently know that we put in the time and the effort and that we are excited to see you and to see you grow in your ability as a guitarist. So there are many different reasons why resources are available, but that is just a few of them. 


Now when it comes to actually creating content and developing different resources for our guitar students, the best way to make this happen is to create as you go. So if you are the owner of a studio or if you teach guitar lessons in Tulsa at your home, one of the things that you can do to start beginning to create content for your students is to pick one student. That is exactly where you want to be given your curriculum or your content, so this is usually going to be a beginning student or a brand new student for your guitar lessons and then you can begin creating content specifically for that student from scratch. 


Once a week creating a weekly lesson plan for this student while providing him or her resources to be successful throughout the lessons and what you will find is that the content that you create will be in a very formulated plan. 


It will be very easy for you to explain the curriculum and explain the resources that the curriculum is providing because you have created it consistently throughout the course of this students weekly guitar lessons in Tulsa and then furthermore, by the end of the year, assuming this student is a rock star and sticks with it weekly, you will have around 50 different resources for your students to provide them with adequate handouts, adequate, material for them to visually be able to see what it is that the content has been covered. 


This is a great way for you as an instructor to begin creating content. One of the things that is very important to us at Curtis Music Academy as instructors is providing our students with guitar lessons in Tulsa with professional looking content that is the same format and the same type of resources regardless of what it is. So for instance, if we are creating content that is showing our students how to play all of the courts in the key of c, then we will use that exact same resource as a template to show our students the chords in the key of g and using this continuity, it helps our students to feel valued and easily understand the images that are being provided on that page. 


Another thing that we do to really streamline and make sure that our resources are great and fine tuned is we bring up any new resource at our team meeting on Thursdays and we ask our team, how could we make this document better? How could it visually be represented to be understood easier? And furthermore, does this help our students? Is this a resource that is even worth giving out? Would you use this in your guitar lessons in Tulsa? And these are the questions that we ask our instructors. If they’re even going to use the document. And so these are all things that we do for our students is provide them resources to grow as musicians.