Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | How To Reach Goals

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing how to reach musical goals. Without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy, for almost a year and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. I’ve enjoyed playing guitar, I’ve enjoyed teaching guitar, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the guitar. I’ve enjoyed the challenges of certain students, the challenges of certain ages. The challenges that I have personally, you know, you know, I sometimes feel like I can’t learn something, but I proved myself wrong almost every single time. And so I hope to prove you wrong every single time with your own ability.

I believe we can do so much and if we just give ourselves time, if we give ourselves a good, you know, specific goal, a measurable goal that can be tracked, that can be broken down, we can set ourselves and achievable goal. Something that is not overarching or huge, too huge to where our mind discounts it. But, you know, achievable. And also that’s something that’s relevant yet time bound, you know, this is all what it takes. These are all the characteristics of setting your goal. I’m gonna teach you how to reach it today. And so without further ado, like I said, my name is Steven.

I’ve been a music teacher for going on five, almost six years now. So I’ve learned a lot from different age groups, from anywhere from five years old to 50 years old and I’ve got a lot to share. And so without further ado, how to reach musical goals. First, first virtue, I would say in reaching your goals is to be patient. You want to have patients, you don’t want to be discouraged, you want to be encouraged, you want to not be anxious, but patient, you want to know that there’s plenty of time to get this done.

There is going to be alerting curve. There will be times where you don’t get it right off the bat. And so be patient with yourself. It requires patients to learn any skill requires patience. Patience requires time. Just understand that there is going to be a time curve. There’s going to be a learning curve, which involves you taking the time to do it right and you know, the second point would just be to break it, those big goals and down into smaller goals. Make sure that, you know, you don’t want to get frustrated with yourself because you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew. You know, you want to cut it up into smaller pieces.

I like to think of a big goal as like a steak, a big 12 ounce steak. Well, if I tried to pick up, you know, poke my fork in the middle of it, lift it to my mouth and tried to eat, deal the whole entire 12 ounce steak all at once, I’d probably choking die. That’s not what I want to happen to us and our musical goals. I don’t want us to give up or die to our dream or die to our desire of or get choked by our desires because we didn’t know how to break them down. So it’s important to, to break those big goals. Those are big dreams into smaller goals and smaller dreams that lead up to the big goals, the big dreams.

And so lastly, you know, we want to celebrate the little wins, you know, along the way, you know, as it’s really important to, you know, when it, when it comes to trying to have fun or trying to stay encouraged, I’m trying to persevere through your goals that you just celebrate the little wins. I actually kind of, this is a requirement of us at the Curtis music Academy is to celebrate the little wins. You know, we’ve set them on a path, on a track to learn what they came here to learn. And we’ve broken down the guitar lessons in Tulsa into smaller steps so that they can begin to really enjoy but not only enjoy but learn all that they can to begin to educate themselves and us educate them and take them on this journey, which will require time.

Which will, we will require effort, which will require learning and unlearning possibly, you know, for our beginner students, it’ll just be learning and patience and being willing to, you know, overcome the little obstacles in the way. And so we do that by celebrating the little wins. As instructors, we want to make sure that our students feel happy, that they enjoy the process. And that’s what this is all about. Enjoying the process. We want to enjoy this process. We want to enjoy our, you know, journey. We want to enjoy the steps along the way, the ways, the, the where the places we stop, the places we take arrests at along the way. We want to be able to sit and enjoy the view. You know, we don’t want to forget and keep our blinders on the entire way. You know, we want to stop and look around in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

You know, me and my wife, we came from Colorado this past weekend. And along the way there were many different sites that we chose to stop and see or, or at least to look out the window and see. You know, we were, we could be so wrapped up in just getting to our destination, we could and, but at the same time we could miss so many golden opportunities along the way. Maybe meeting a few people along the way or getting to, to eat at a great restaurant along the way, you know, or grabbing a few amazing coffee that we didn’t know existed or seeing a, an old country town that we didn’t know existed or was historic or a mountain or a or a plateau.

Getting out and enjoying just the scenery, you know, getting to see a wild horse or getting to see cows, you know, things like that. Things that may seem boring, but getting to see the sunset, you know, in the morning if we, we have to stop and, and take in every once in awhile, every, every so many hours, every so many days, every so many weeks, every so many months we have to take in a breath and just enjoy the journey, enjoy what we’ve learned up to this point where we’ve come, where we’ve come from, you know, it’s in, it’s imperative that we enjoy the journey. Otherwise we’re in this thing alone.

And so as instructors, let’s really, really do our best to enjoy the journey and help our students enjoy the journey through guitar lessons in Tulsa. You know, we’ve already kind of been through some of the journey and we’re just helping them get there ourselves. We’re like a tour guide who’s ran the tour so many times, has done the tour so many times yet chooses, but has a different person that they’re leading each time. We’ll have different perspectives who have different, who want to stop at different spots along the way. Even though you’ve seen it all, you know, help them enjoy the journey cause it’s their very first time. So it’s important to almost act like it’s your very first time going through this with them because it is your fairy first time going through this with this particular student. So enjoy that student while in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Enjoy the, the differences, the nuances, the new fresh perspective that they get with you that they have on music. They may ask questions that you’ve never had asked, asked before. They might play something, a song that you’ve played forever, a different way than you’ve ever played it before. I know that that’s the case with me. I remember and you know, as an example, from my own experience, my own journey with a student, I had been playing Blackbird by the Beatles for many, many years, 10 years. And it wasn’t until the student came along that I saw that they played it slightly different in guitar lessons in Tulsa. Now I choose to add at the two new cores that they threw in there. And I thought I had it figured out. I thought I had the the way down, but I didn’t. And that’s because I was.

And the reason I was okay with that is because I was open to a new idea, a new way of doing something, a new fresh perspective. And that’s exactly what that student was able to help me with. And so it makes, it only makes me a better teacher. It didn’t only makes them a better musician or a better, better singer, a better, you know, student. And so the key here is, you know, we want to, I want to teach you how to, to reach the musical goals. And again, it’s important to be patient, give yourself time to learn, to break down big goals into smaller goals. And lastly, celebrate the little wins and enjoy the journey through taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.